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  1. Box of Goodwill - Question

    Well, I will try to spread the word a bit to see if someone else is interested...
  2. Box of Goodwill - Question

    How many new partecipants are needed to start another one?
  3. Any news regarding a new edition of Box of Goodwill in EU?
  4. Box of Goodwill - Question

    Any news regarding a new Box of Goodwill in EU?
  5. I'm interested in joining in again. Last time it was a lot of fun for me. I live in Italy.
  6. Box of Goodwill US/UK/EU edition

    Any chance to jump in on the EU side? I live in Italy and joined the last BoG European Exchange, and it was really fun!
  7. Yes, I also understood this... That's why I was asking about the box. I was ready to take another round of Exchange :)
  8. Hi everyone... any news about the box? Where is it now?
  9. Just throw in them Painted, it will be easier for the people choosing them decide if strip or just repaint (or retouch) them.
  10. The 'middle' guy is a Warzone Nepharite I put in the box. I can confirm it's really heayy, good old metal from Target Games, unfortunately now OOP.
  11. NIce loot, Spirit of Madness. Glad to see that some of the stuff I put in found a new home.
  12. Nice loot, Xherman. I recognize the resin female necromancer and the female soviet girl, and I'm glad someone found useful the twigs.
  13. Parcel sent to Xherman1964 this morning. Weight 1,981 kg out of 2,000 kg. If you need tracking number, please let me know (it was sent via Registered Mail).
  14. Received address from Xherman. Parcel ready to be closed and shipped, next week. WOW, that's really GREAT and FUN!