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  1. sorry to forget that forum rules. i change the pic
  2. well, just a shot of the paintjob in progress :
  3. The painting is started now.... A picture of the job will follow soon !
  4. nervisfr

    Werebear (as a Panda)

    Excellent idea ! Great work of conversion by paint job only !
  5. and now the picture ! the victim is a Greek slinger from Redoubt Ent
  6. Hey guys, For the wargame rules "Of God And Mortals" , i have to create an Amazonian yeti like ; The Mapinguari ; A cross over between a one-eyed Bigfoot and a giant sloth with a second jaw in the belly. like that : As i have the yeti in stock........he became my version of the beast Cheers Eric
  7. nervisfr

    Aard Paints Reaper Bones Yeti x12 (4 Bigfoot, 8 Yeti)

    Great ! Yeti as bigfoot is a good idea ! I'm a great adept of unconventional use of figurines....i have turn off some yetis as preshistoric hominids . Cheers Eric
  8. nervisfr

    03767: Nemesra as "Jezebel"

    she is a beauty.......the girl and the figurine Well done and very imaginative!
  9. nervisfr

    Boar Demon

    Great work ! like the paint choice
  10. nervisfr

    Clint's Collection

    as promised you, i link this topic to my new blog's page edition about a Golem conversion : right here guys (and girls ?) cheers Eric
  11. nervisfr

    77256: Brass Bull

    Great ! excellent brass rendering
  12. nervisfr

    Mouseling druid as Fromage (cheesomancer)

    What a lovely little Creature
  13. nervisfr

    Clint's Collection

    Thank you Clint for your kind answer. welcome home. Eric
  14. nervisfr

    Purple Worm

    Thank you guys. the work is very easy to complete and don't need a very high level of skill. the painting is based on drybrush technic with acrylic colors. the big one was undercoated with black but received a blue color on his back before the purple paint is applicated. That give a different final color from the small ones. Eric