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  1. 80023: Horace 'Action' Jackson (Bones Version)

    I did some more work on this Mystery Men: Disco Boys project. This game is going to be played at Gencon and Tacticon and both are coming up fast. Of course those Disco Boys need a sweet ride! I found a site that has paper templates for old cars and found a van on there. I just added the art on the side of the van in Photoshop, printed it out to my mini's scale, cut and glued that sucka together. I think I'm gonna do a couple more vans. Oh and I did the map of the Disco Boys Hangout in Photoshop. You can see Reaper's 50179: Ebony Foxx, Modern Heroine standing next to the van. The rest of the Disco Girls are rebased Heroclix with afros I put on their heads with green stuff and stipple them and repainted. Can you dig it?
  2. 03383: Vampire Spawn

  3. Reaper miniatures Stone giant (Marble skin)

    Thumbs up! The skin looks great.
  4. Bones Minotaur conversion [77013]

    WOW! Fantastic work!
  5. 80023: Horace 'Action' Jackson (Bones Version)

    Got another Horace done this weekend. I have about 2-3 more I still need to paint up for complete gang of Disco Boys.
  6. Trailer Park Scenery

    Yeah I love that mini. I ran this 1970's League game some where around 5-6 times already and Kolchak always gets played. There's a lot of love for that old TV show.
  7. Hellcat

    That's hot! Great job!
  8. Papa Golem's Pizza

    hahaha thats great!
  9. Ral Partha female reporter

    Looks great!
  10. Trailer Park Scenery

    Oh okay...sorry about that didn't know that violated that rule. Won't happen again :)
  11. Your minis and conversions are so great! Great job.
  12. Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast

  13. 89008: Feiya, Iconic Witch (Bones version)

    This is some beautiful work. Well done.
  14. 80023: Horace 'Action' Jackson (Bones Version)

    Thanks...now to paint more!