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  1. Another update. Nearly done!
  2. Nice work.
  3. Update!
  4. Here are a few more pictures.
  5. Wow! The models look good and the tavern is fantastic!
  6. The detail on the bones version is really quite good.
  7. I am starting a WIP for these two giants. While distinctly different, I want to use some colors to tie them together. Here they are primed and with a base coat for the skin tones.
  8. And here it is with the rocks picked out and the tentacles attached.
  9. Wow! Great job!
  10. Fearsome!
  11. Nice! The wings look great!
  12. Another way to keep them tight is to use elastic. Games of War now ships black elastic string with their ship models to use for rigging.
  13. Those look great!
  14. Looks good!
  15. That's a cool idea. I'll have to see what I can dig up... I made a base for the critter, flocked the edges, and painted the sand.