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  1. Sharkbelly

    Painting a Kraken - Step By Step

    Wow. Ridiculously good.
  2. Sharkbelly

    Three More Warhammer Heroes

    I added three more heroes to my warband/adventuring party. Bretonnian Paladin Imperial Noble Warrior Priest
  3. Sharkbelly

    Tzeentch Forces

    Those are awesome! Great use of color scheme. Well done!
  4. Sharkbelly

    Invisible Hobbit

    I remember seeing a couple of those. They are very cool, but your hobbit does the whole idea credit. Nicely done!
  5. Sharkbelly

    The Kraken

    I think you're right. I have a few things I can add. The trick is, this model will probably be disassembled when I take it home this summer.
  6. Sharkbelly

    The Kraken

    Just about finished.
  7. Sharkbelly

    Kev!'s 77187: Tiik Champion (Redux)

    Great job!
  8. Sharkbelly

    The Kraken

    Painted some of the details on the ship.
  9. Sharkbelly

    The Kraken

    I finished a few more tentacles last night. I'm hoping that by this evening, it will be finished.
  10. Sharkbelly

    Kraken Help Needed

    I tried regluing it, and it seems to be holding for now. I have my pin vice ready to go, though! Thanks for the tips, everyone.
  11. Sharkbelly

    77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    That's amazing. You can see the hundreds of hours put into it.
  12. Sharkbelly

    The Kraken

    Thanks! That's what I'm hoping for! Any CR 23 creature ought to look a little scary.
  13. Sharkbelly

    The Kraken

    Thanks! I stayed home sick from work yesterday, so I got a lot done:
  14. Sharkbelly

    Kraken Help Needed

    I'll try that. Thanks!
  15. Those look great! The Bret archers are old favorites of mine, and you've really made them look nice.