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  1. Kabaka Kwana! (I know he's been mentioned before, but he would be awesome.)
  2. HMS Hermione (now finished!)

    That's a great looking scurvy lot. I see some Age of Sigmar stuff in there too, and a pirate ogre as well?
  3. 77134 Hajad Pirate as Zombie

    Looks good!
  4. Sea Ghost: a to-scale pirate ship, Pic heavy

    Very nice! Looks just like the one in the adventure. Any more details on the pirate campaign?
  5. HMS Hermione (now finished!)

    That looks great! Nice work. Do you have a crew for it?
  6. Grot Scuttlings

    8 grot scuttlings.
  7. Tzeentch Pink Horrors

    I have finished the Pink Horrors now.
  8. Those look great! Very realistic.
  9. Lords of Changes

    That is amazing. Wow.
  10. Warhammer Tzeentch Flamers

    I recently finished an exalted flamer and trio of regular (unexalted?) flamers. Enjoy.
  11. Brimstone Horrors

    Thanks! They are now finished:
  12. Brimstone Horrors

    Here are the finished Brimstone Horrors.
  13. Skeleton Army

    Great work!
  14. Dreadmere Fishmonger and Crone

    Very nice.