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  1. Live

    And, there's your Baba Yaga.....
  2. Apparently us "locals" aren't real. :D
  3. Live

    Gnome dragons?
  4. Live

    I may end up getting them, just for the fun factor, but if so they'll get painted to look like the ones of the old D&D red box dice. (White crayon numbers and all)
  5. Live

    Unless they are detachable on the fly maybe
  6. Live

    Nah, then he'll be spending his time on ReaperCon
  7. Live

    Yeah, or leather face
  8. Live

    I feel so slow, I'm in the 700's.. but I'm in!!
  9. It has worked at their retail store, so I'd imagine so.
  10. Adding on to my previous ones: Female versions of many of the male figures, especially warriors. Full armor and helms, not formfitting show off the body poses and so forth. Were-insects. Thessalhydra Kytons/Chain Demons Undead others as mentioned above (Giants, Orcs, etc,) Zombies, skeletons, yada yadda Maenads Selkies Phouka Huldra Clockwork versions of other creatures (dogs, horses, etc)

  12. Pre-launch

    I vaguely remember something like that being said around the case as well.
  13. Pre-launch

    At Reapercon last year, the sample in the case was standing quite well on it's own as is. No clue on the inside.
  14. Pre-launch

    Actually, I think the one to her right in the picture is that dragon......
  15. There have been a few times where I would have loved a sprue of hands