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  1. Fulfilling

    I just saw that and remembered you mentioning it, so was gonna say something, but you were watching!
  2. Pre-launch

    Of course, there could be photos even if it didn't happen........
  3. Yeah, I saw the grid, but it didn't have anything to indicate size (that I saw). But, good enough! :)
  4. Showing my narrow mental math, I hope they show their sizes in inches by then. I keep having to find a converter to figure out their size. :D
  5. Have you no shame? Remember who you're talking to....
  6. So you aren't changing it, just making it different.......
  7. Fulfilling

    She has it going on. Now it's stuck in my ear....darn you!!!!!
  8. Fulfilling

    I edit these things with a program on my mac called iMovie. the background music and effects are provided by the template. I can't even change the music or the fonts or anything. I have no idea what music it selected, but that it was included with the software. That's the Supernatural theme from the iMovie trailers.
  9. I second that.. virtually... My voice won't go that high in reality.
  10. Something like the Desert Thing mini, only bigger. And some wagons/carts.
  11. Nice grain on it... but chocolate is bad for dogs.. :)
  12. More bald male and females... (Hey, I'm going to be spending a lot of time with Shoanti NPC's in the next few months for my game.....) :)
  13. There were one or two classes that did have multiple sessions, but mostly some of the sculpting and convert ones I think. Maybe if the classes were all moved together on one side and the games to the other, with the vendors and open area between them, it might help the noise level.
  14. 7.5 is me. :D
  15. I believe there were Painter and Sculptor ones as well. (For Julie, Bob, Gene, etc)