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  1. There have been a few times where I would have loved a sprue of hands
  2. Cool. I didn't want to get one and find out that "the" piece she wanted wasn't in it. I have to sleep sometime.
  3. Have we gotten confirmed yet that the big pieces are in them?
  4. I'd say 3, with a smudge of 2 thrown in. In most cases the ones I'd want see through would be creatures, but having a decent selection of transparent character minis available would be good. But some just creatures scream a specific color of see through, so having them come already red/blue/green/smoke/etc would be good.
  5. I'm going to have to find out what day exactly they go live so me and the other half can make a drive out to the Reaper store. Ones she might go "that's nice" to online she may just decide to grab if they're in front of her.
  6. Same here. Was going to get just the crypt, but if I can get the whole shebang for 80.......
  7. Here's the ones from that text not already in the system, so they should be all new. (I'm guessing TBA means not out yet) 77320 Galadanoth, Elf Sniper TBA 77321 Giant Cobra TBA 77322 Kassandra Of The Blade TBA 77399 Sigurd, Viking TBA 77400 Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf Hero TBA 77401 Andras, Evil Warrior TBA 77402 Pack Donkey TBA 77403 Dingo, Halfling Rogue TBA 77404 Valandil, Wizard TBA 77405 Aeris, Female Elf Ranger TBA 77406 Boris Mingla, Evil Warlord TBA 77407 Death Dog TBA 77408 Athak, Undead Knight TBA 77409 Flara, Elf Heroine TBA 77410 Foo Dog TBA 77411 Eredain, Mercenary Wizard TBA 77412 Lendil Blackroot, Wizard TBA 77413 Margara, Dwarf Shaman TBA 77414 Halabarad, Cleric TBA 77415 Corim the Kestrel, Gnome Sorcerer TBA 77416 Formorian Giant TBA 77417 Ivar, Dwarf Priest TBA 77418 Xiao Liu, Female Monk TBA 77419 Balthon, Evil Cleric TBA 77420 Aundine, Dark Elf Warrior TBA 77421 Jade Tiger, Monk TBA 77422 War Dog TBA 77423 Sir Malcolm, Templar Lightbringer TBA 77424 Wraith TBA 77425 Lizardman Archer TBA 77426 Lizardman W/Club & Shield TBA 77427 Dungeon Vermin (centipede) TBA 77428 Dungeon Vermin (tick) TBA 77429 Orc Grunt TBA 77430 Orc Slayer (Axe & Shield) TBA 77431 Orc Chopper (2H Axe) TBA 77432 Orc Slicer (Scimitar & Shield) TBA 77433 Yeti Shaman TBA 77434 Yeti Chieftain TBA 77435 Yeti Warrior TBA 77436 Yeti Shredder TBA 77437 Winter Wolf TBA 77438 Jurden, Half Orc Paladin TBA 77439 Vonsalay, Half Orc Wizard TBA 77440 Masumi, Demon Hunter TBA 77441 Ostarzha, Elf Cleric TBA 77442 Torture Equipment 1 TBA 77443 Torture Equipment 2 TBA 77444 Goblin TBA 77445 Goblin B TBA 77446 Werebear TBA 77447 Werecrocodile TBA 77448 Werebat TBA 77449 Invisible Rogue TBA 77450 Invisible Wizard 77451 Invisible Cleric TBA 77452 Invisible Ranger TBA 77453 Invisible Warrior TBA 77454 Ogre Clubber TBA 77455 Ogre Smasher TBA 77456 Ogre Guard TBA 77457 Arsenal TBA 77458 Half-orc Merchant TBA 77459 Elven Blacksmith TBA 77460 Dwarven Butcher TBA 77461 Dwarven Brewer TBA 77462 Halfling Cook TBA 77463 Weregorilla TBA 77464 Werewolf TBA 77465 Wereboar TBA 77466 Armory of Virtue TBA 77467 Rheagar, Male Fighter TBA 77468 Christina, Female Cleric TBA 77469 Brand Oathblood, Barbarian TBA 77470 Elthin Bluesteel, Gunslinger TBA 77471 Tengu (3) TBA 77472 Rogaku, Oni TBA 77473 Kogo, Male Kitsune TBA 77474 Dijoro, Female Kitsune TBA 77475 Armory of vice TBA 77476 Hobgoblin Archer (2) TBA 77477 Hobgoblin Warriors (2) TBA 77478 King Axehelm Of Kragmarr TBA 77479 Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief TBA 77480 Durok, Dwarf Ranger TBA 77481 Gwyddis, Dwarf Valkyrie TBA 77482 Hagar, Dwarven Hero TBA 77483 Armory of the Grave TBA 77484 Mrs. Bones TBA 77485 Mr. Bones TBA 77486 Female Oni TBA 77487 Nazeera Bloodraven TBA 77488 Skara, Female Skoli TBA 77489 Bregan, Valkyrie TBA 77490 Mara Frostblade, Antipaladin TBA 77491 2015 Kickstarter Sophie TBA 77492 Behir TBA 77493 Brain In a Jar TBA 77494 Dire Bear TBA 77495 Saproling Warrior TBA 77496 Eilluvasheth, Succubus Queen TBA 77497 Gremlins (2) TBA 77498 Werearmadillo TBA 77499 Gutrags, Stitch Golem TBA 77500 Lesser Stitch Golems (2) TBA 77501 Minotaur TBA 77502 Jungle Titan TBA 77503 Temple Dragon TBA 77504 Death Star Lilies (2) TBA 77505 Dragon Plant TBA 77506 Kobolds (2) TBA 77507 Bandit Leader TBA 77508 Bandit Bully TBA 77509 Bandit Enforcer TBA 77510 Bandit Knocker TBA 77511 Xiloxoch, Naga TBA 77512 Flesh Golem TBA 77513 Vegypygmy (2) TBA 77514 Iron Golem TBA 77515 Merrow TBA 77516 Dark Young TBA 77517 Cultist (2) TBA 77518 Cultists (2) TBA 77519 Deep Ones (2) TBA 77520 Deep Ones (2) TBA 77521 Gravewailer TBA 77522 Mi-go (2) TBA 77523 C´thulhu Shirine TBA 77524 Gug, Eldritch Horror TBA 77525 Great Obelisk TBA 77526 Graveyard Golem TBA 77527 Graveyard Fence Gate TBA 77528 Graveyard Fence Ruin TBA 77529 Graveyard Fence Ruin TBA 77530 Graveyard Fence Short TBA 77531 Graveyard Fence Post TBA 77532 Graveyard Fence Long TBA 77533 Dread Wolves (2) TBA 77534 Tombstones (3 Points) TBA 77535 Dust King and Crypt TBA 77536 Female Wraith TBA 77537 Grave Minions (2) TBA 77538 Gravestone of Sorrow TBA 77539 Gravestone of Protection TBA 77540 Sarcophagus TBA 77541 Carrion Worm (sue) TBA 77579 Goremaw TBA 77580 Ma'aldrakar TBA 77581 Froghemoth TBA 77586 Hippo TBA 77587 Rhino TBA 77588 Elephant TBA 77589 Gorilla TBA 77590 Dagon TBA 77591 Frost Giant King TBA 77592 Frost Giant Queen TBA 77593 Fire Giant Jailor TBA 77594 Solar, Angel TBA 77613 Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (Huge) TBA 77614 Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King (Huge) TBA 77615 Fire Giant Bodyguard (Huge) TBA 77616 Fire Giant Warrior (Huge) TBA 77617 Dungeon Dressings TBA 77618 Bar TBA 77619 Hangman's Gibbet TBA 77620 Executioner TBA 77621 Water Buffalo TBA 77622 Giraffe TBA 77623 Lion TBA 77624 Altar to Dagon TBA 77625 Kyphrixis (clear) TBA 77626 Closed Chest TBA 77627 Shipwreck Revenant TBA 77628 Coral Golem TBA 77630 Sacrificial Altar TBA 77631 Vorvorlaka TBA 77632 Sarcophagus TBA 77633 Coffin And Corpse TBA 77634 Graveyard Statue TBA 77635 Graveyard Archway TBA 77636 Death Shroud TBA 77637 Obsidian Crypt TBA 77638 Graveyard Column (x2) TBA 77639 Graveyard Altar TBA 77640 Graveyard Entryway TBA 80057 Wild West Wizard Of Oz Tin Man TBA 80058 Wild West Wizard Of Oz Lion TBA 80059 Wild West Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow TBA 80060 Wild West Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch TBA 80061 Wild West Wizard Of Oz Winged Monkey TBA 80062 Wild West Wizard Of Oz Dorothy TBA 80063 Ship Hand TBA 80064 Ship Captain TBA 80065 Physician TBA 80066 Psychologist TBA 80067 Max Graves, Pulp Era Investigator TBA 80068 Victorians (3) TBA 80069 Jane Porter, Victorian Heroine TBA 80070 Pulp Hera Female Pilot TBA 80071 Hillbilly TBA 80072 Antarctic Explorer TBA 80073 Pulp Era Professor TBA 80074 Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer TBA 80075 Camel w/ Pack TBA 80081 Space Mousling Gun Raised TBA 80082 Space Mousling Looking Left TBA 80083 Space Mousling Looking Right TBA 80084 Space Mousling Commander TBA 80085 Space Mousling Heavy TBA 80086 Space Mousling Flamer TBA 89034 Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager TBA 89035 Brotherhood Of The Seal TBA 89036 Reiko, Iconic Ninja TBA 89037 Quinn, Iconic Investigator TBA 89038 Oloch, Iconic Warpriest TBA 89039 Graveknight TBA 89040 Aglanda, Herald Of Razmir TBA 89041 Troll TBA 89042 Red Mantis Assassin TBA 89043 Vagorg, Half Orc Sorcerer TBA 91009 Stone TBA 91010 Hougan TBA 91011 Femme Fatale TBA 91012 Patent Scientist TBA 91013 Occult Detective TBA 91014 Grifter TBA
  8. Fulfilling

    I just saw that and remembered you mentioning it, so was gonna say something, but you were watching!
  9. Pre-launch

    Of course, there could be photos even if it didn't happen........
  10. Yeah, I saw the grid, but it didn't have anything to indicate size (that I saw). But, good enough! :)
  11. Showing my narrow mental math, I hope they show their sizes in inches by then. I keep having to find a converter to figure out their size. :D
  12. Have you no shame? Remember who you're talking to....
  13. So you aren't changing it, just making it different.......
  14. Fulfilling

    She has it going on. Now it's stuck in my ear....darn you!!!!!
  15. Fulfilling

    I edit these things with a program on my mac called iMovie. the background music and effects are provided by the template. I can't even change the music or the fonts or anything. I have no idea what music it selected, but that it was included with the software. That's the Supernatural theme from the iMovie trailers.