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  1. I don't get too worried, since Reaper's maybe an hour away. It likely spends more time travelling to the main hub around here than anything else.
  2. So does mine, but I'm figuring it's just the fact I chose cheap mail over tracking
  3. Gah.. had my order ready and waiting for the other half's gift list she gave me. Then just before I'm ready to pull the trigger I'm looking and the price is lower. Doh!! One of them's already gone out of stock. Durn air elementals..... :)
  4. They soitenly are....
  5. Charley

    ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Are you adding your level to the roll? :D
  6. Charley

    Reapercon Admission Tickets/Badges

    Ok. Was hoping you meant, for example, that someone could get the VIP perk pack, but not necessarily the full package with meals.
  7. Charley

    Reapercon Admission Tickets/Badges

    What do you mean by "individual items"? (Since I slacked and neglected to purchase online before it closed, next time I'll pay attention to the fact the purchases end early)
  8. Came __that__ close to making a crack about Bryan... but he'd get back at me come ReaperCon.....
  9. Well, there's a nice add-on....... mustgofastermustgofaster....
  10. Edit... Nope, mathed it wrong, so it's not AS good a deal, but it's still cheaper than normal
  11. These patterns are different from what is on their website, so maybe it's new ones they haven't released yet. But their usual ones are 20 of one pattern for about $27... so this gives you a variety at a little under half price for the number. (If I mathed it right) Didn't Bones 3 have some stuff from another vendor too?
  12. From their website-- "2" x 2" & over a quarter of an inch thick Dungeon Tiles"
  13. True, but more may have figured it out this time... or be using it... Or they could all just be lurking in the weeds waiting for the last day.......... like a landshark
  14. I'm thinking that the average pledge level may also be due to a greater number of people realizing they can add later instead of all up front. How many more may have just done a dollar and left it for later... when they'll add xx amount every so often to the PM.
  15. Mine negates some minis I look at mainly because "No, I don't want to fight those".