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  1. Minis we would like to see

    I would love to see an oversized weapon pack. Things like swords for ogres and the like.
  2. First timer's surprises

    It was my first con, too, and I have to say how much I loved the community. As someone who went without knowing anyone else there it was nice to be able to just pick a table and make friends in minutes. Not every fan-dom works that way so it's important to count this particular blessing. I don't think I heard one unsupportive comment in my time there. Lastly, OneBoot was wonderful (I was in her TMM class).
  3. Ogress Bones III

    Good job. Personally, I had to struggle not to practice doing sheer cloth on mine. Wife thought that joke might wear thin before too long.
  4. Minis we would like to see

    Putting in a vote for Rakshasas (well, one, really, not often I need multiples of them). Also, dark fairies. Things like Queen Mab.
  5. Dragonlance Thanoi suggestions

    60mm would be a bit on the large side. I like the sea lion suggestion and I have a pile of orcs that get no where near enough love (no orcs in Dragonlance, sadly). I can probably start tinkering with those suggestions. Thank you kindly.
  6. I run a Dragonlance game and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to make a Thanoi (walrus man). Walrus men are not especially popular and I've only ever found the one model ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/380679scale is more than a little large, but it otherwise fits the bill). So, does anyone have an idea for what model I might take as a base and how I might modify it to serve my needs? I'm not much of a sculptor but I'm happy to cut and glue things.