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  1. Clearman

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    I remember there being a Doom mod that replaced all the creature sprites with Barney.
  2. Clearman

    clear-coating bones

    RMS Brush-on as well, but I spray it on with my airbrush. My models don't see game play.
  3. Clearman

    Help - Looking for Gorilla Minis

    @Bruunwald for the Win!!! It was Lucid Eye. But my description was a little off... The are more Chimpanzees than Gorillas. Much thanks to the hive mind for the help. I've been following them on Facebook because I like their Toon Realms line.
  4. Clearman

    Help - Looking for Gorilla Minis

    I do remember the picture I saw was non-Reaper, but I liking that Carnivorous Ape. It could work. It was a group shot that had multiple poses. Blood Bowl team maybe?
  5. Clearman

    Help - Looking for Gorilla Minis

    Too bad they are out of production. These would have worked, but I'm 50% confident these were a new/yet to be release line. #secondguessing Maybe it was a KickStarter...
  6. I saw a picture of a group of gorilla-men minis. I think it might have been on Facebook, but don't quite remember. The models had a Victorian-era/Zulu feel. Some had spears, some had clubs. Some were wearing leather breast plates, others did not have any armor. I'm pretty sure they were 28mm scale. Has anyone seen anything like this?
  7. I backed, but then canceled. I really liked the first Dante's Inferno kickstarter - one of my MSP Open entries was from that campaign. I ultimately decided that there were too many other campaigns that I wanted to be. :-(
  8. It could be an interesting thought experiment to explore prerequisite classes in the form of a Reapercon official curriculum under to ReaperCon U moniker . This curriculum could cover start with basic skills and theory, and tier up through advanced techniques. Maybe even include a certificate of completion. Not sure if any con ready does this. I can also envision aligning the curriculum to the MSP Open in some way.
  9. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Celianailo

    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday, Tripleh5133!

    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday TheAuldGrump

    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday Knighthart !

    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday Inarah

    Happy birthday!!
  14. The average time each person on the circuit has the box is 4-6 days plus shipping between. My guess would that it will be after 10/3 before Roonis in a position to send.
  15. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Unit04

    Happy Birthday!!