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  1. Pre-launch

    I'm in for the wolf and bunnies. Not sure about those other masked things on pumpkins.
  2. I've seen videos for them, specifically for making grass tufts. If I recall, it was a metal screen strainer wired with a battery pack and button. Positive went to strainer, negative went to a metal plate.
  3. Leaving house in next 30-ish minutes, then 3 hour drive to Dallas. Here's to hoping rush hour traffic is not too bad.
  4. That is actually pretty cool, but my goodness does it ever make a mess
  5. What? No shout outs for a plushie old man @TheAuldGrump, or a mean cave bear, @Grumpy Cave Bear, or even a magic eight ball??
  6. This is a great example piece. When I mentioned that the Angron example had highlights in "wrong" places, I see something similar on the back of this figure. The shoulder piece (opposite sword arm), and at the top on the rear of the breastplate both have the highlights at the top. Shouldn't these be lower, or do these surfaces slope in toward the waist and underneath?
  7. Happy Birthday!!
  8. I like these type of hats, but don't own any personally. I especially like the hats with the knitted beards. It would be cool to see a Cthulhu hat + tentacle beard.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Hopefully in person (I think this is a ReaperCon entry, yes?).
  10. Cool. This was exactly what I was looking for, but... This tells me I have been putting highlights in the wrong place. I wonder if there is similar content in a printable format. On the painted example (Angron), the highlight placement is confusing in places. He does point out a couple examples of where he did not follow the rules discussed, but to my confused eye, there appear to be others. I also need to do some research into placement of my light source. I typically use a single light source. Does anyone use multiple lights sources (other than OSL)?
  11. This one is ready for conversion...