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  1. removing greenstuff

    I use Vaseline or Burt's Bees Chap stick
  2. 01605: Tristan Loremistress

    I think it looks pretty good. Can't tell where you had trouble anyway.
  3. 01605: Tristan Loremistress

    I think it looks pretty good. Can't tell where you had trouble anyway.
  4. 01606: Darius the Blue

    Maybe he's really just sad? Maybe he's really just sad?
  5. removing greenstuff

    I'd try something like a toothpick, or plastic dental pick. It might be rigid enough to work up the putty, but soft enough not to damage the mold. If the putty is still not cured, use more putty to dab it up. The putty will stick to itself.
  6. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I learned as a child, and a bicycle was my main mode of transport until my I was 15. I had a friend who was a year older, so out bikes became stationary when he turned 16 and obtained his license. Funny story - we lived in a valley, and frequently needed to ride up an down hills. Being the eighties, I had longer hair. When speeding down hill, the wind in my face would push the hair in my face up and back, but my hair never wanted to return to its previous position when we reached the bottom.
  7. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Learned to swim can be subjective. I did take lessons as a child...in a pool. This means I will be able to survive all encounters in water up to my neck. I have not been required to test my skill when I would not be able to touch the bottom.
  8. Happy Birthday Paintdawg !

    Happy birthday!!
  9. Happy Birthday Ultrasquid !!!

    Happy birthday!!
  10. Happy Birthday rgtriplec !

    Happy Birthday!!
  11. Taking 'If it fit, it ships" to a new extreme.
  12. It's had to tell in picture #1 and #3, but in the center pic, her left eye appears to be rotated more to the outside.
  13. Probably, but the way the lens in installed in this phone is poor as well. The protective plastic cover is flush with the back face of the phone, so as it sits on a table or whatever, it has gotten incredibly scratched over the years. It won't focus unless I'm right on top of things.