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  1. Live

    If that had a catfish mouth and whiskers, yes.
  2. Live

    I'm envisioning a giant fish w/ spider legs, or a spider w/ a fish tail.
  3. I want to see pics of whatever you end up using that 'half of hair net' for...
  4. Store/Distributors also lie because the fear people with just go to the online store for everything. There is truth to this, but I see it driven more by service delivered, not product availability.
  5. So do I. Not that I would tell the wife that...
  6. Am I bad to say that I like original sculpts better? Especially those that have been coming out of the last couple Bones and other mini Kickstarters.
  7. I want another box...
  8. Awesome technique. Great work
  9. Package sent to @Talae. Should be received in the next couple days.
  10. Very cool. Love the colors and shading.
  11. Lead oxidizes to a white powder (lead rot), eventually destroying the model. I forget the physics of what causes the oxidation to start, but it's not good
  12. To be fair, there's not really that much dialog to quote...
  13. I remember Treasure of the Four Crowns. I don't remember much of the plot, but I do remember going to see it. Hawk the Slayer needs to be added to the list. Plenty of cringe worthy moments, but a good late 70s/early 80s fantasy flik.