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  1. I remove flash both before and during painting. No matter how much time I spend up front, it supprises me how much I miss and have to take care of after it's primed. I also really only go through the effort with metal and resin.
  2. Very cool.
  3. For Orcs, I would use the Dusky Skin triad for grey skin. If you want a green-grey skin, try out the Ghoul/Moldy/Bloodless Skin triad For Kobold, I use the Clotted red triad for dark kobold skin, and the Lava Orange triad for bright skin.
  4. I'm very happy you liked it. Feel free to post a pic. I took some to do a Show Off, but they are still on my camera and I will be out of town for the week.
  5. Happy birthday!!
  6. Hey everyone. I'm going to be in San Diego this week for work. I'll have all my evenings free and wanted to check out the local game shops. Which one are best for miniatures and hobby related stuff?
  7. A very dapper fellow. Nice work.
  8. Nice.
  9. Nice work on all of them. But I can't resist saying: KHAAAAND!
  10. Live

    If that had a catfish mouth and whiskers, yes.
  11. Live

    I'm envisioning a giant fish w/ spider legs, or a spider w/ a fish tail.
  12. I want to see pics of whatever you end up using that 'half of hair net' for...
  13. Store/Distributors also lie because the fear people with just go to the online store for everything. There is truth to this, but I see it driven more by service delivered, not product availability.
  14. So do I. Not that I would tell the wife that...