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  1. I'm not aware of any specific rule prohibiting the use of FedEX. I think USPS is used just for the benefits of the flat rate box.
  2. Clearman

    Post to Australia: How long is too long?

    I don't have much experience sending thing out to foreign countries, but when I have purchases shipped in, delivery takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks on average. I've had packages from the UK in as little as a week. I've had other packages from Spain take 6. This has been my experience with standard post. Express courier packages only take 2-3 days. I currently have a package coming from the UK that the US post office has been transporting back and forth between two different facilities for the past 4 days...
  3. Clearman

    Confrontation: Classic

    I blame Napoleon.
  4. Clearman

    Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cave Bear!

    Happy birthday!!
  5. Clearman

    03866 Bryn Half Elf Rogue

    I rely heavily on a washes of Blond Shadow, and try to use the side of my brush to oh-so-lightly catch the raised edges of strands.
  6. Clearman

    03866 Bryn Half Elf Rogue

    I like the purple stripe, but can't tell is the rest is supposed to be a dark or light blond, or even white... I never been very successful with white hair so I feel you.
  7. Clearman

    Help with blending? (Not reaper mini)

    +1 for Kujo painting and Kuro Cleanbrush. Painting black is also a /little/ easier if you use something other than just black. Like a really dark blue, or a really dark purple. Gives you the ability to go darker in the creases by adding pure black, and gives some you more options for highlighting than besides grey.
  8. Clearman

    What are the beads on Stieg Brinegrog?

    Looking at the pics on the Reaper Store and Inspiration Gallery, to me they look just like strings of beads to me.
  9. Clearman

    Fox Critter group pictures (heavy pics)

    These are all great, but I feel compelled to make a joke swapping the word 'fox' for a certain four-letter obscenity. something like, "I can't give a fox, because they're clearly all here". Yes? No?
  10. Love this. Even if this was just a regular old swampy black dragon, it looks like it has molting thing going on. Black dragon hires party to find cure for skin ailment... There's a quest for ya.
  11. Clearman


    Happy birthday!!
  12. Clearman


    Happy birthday!!
  13. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Imars !

    Happy Birthday!!
  14. Clearman

    Happy Birthday dyne-laike !

    Happy birthday!!