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    Happy Birthday SisterMaryNapalm

    Happy birthday!!
  2. Clearman

    1620 Cat Dragon

    OLJ was big at my house in the early eighties and I remember seeing this at the theater. Didn't really know what was going on until later though. In hindsight, the soundtrack is its only saving grace...
  3. I received a sample red, blue, yellow and silver in a Loot Crate box. I was pleased with the results when I played around with them, but haven't pulled the trigger on getting more. Are there any domestic suppliers, or do all orders come from overseas?
  4. I haven't tried anything new in a while. I've been pretty set with my favorites of Reaper and Scale 75. However, I have been wanting to try some more Warcolors, as well as the new Kimera Kolors line.
  5. This can't come soon enough. Though I'm surprised is isn't being developed for Disney's streaming service.
  6. Clearman

    Caravan to Reapercon 2019

    Funny. Though my mind went towards Oregon Trail. Hopefully no one dies of dysentery.
  7. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Lostbug

    Happy Birthday!!
  8. Clearman

    Happy Birthday CAVBOSS

    Happy Birthday!!
  9. Clearman

    Happy Birthday starwarsgeek

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. Clearman

    Doom minis reissued

    This is pretty cool news, but they're asking a pretty steep premium. Too rich for my blood.
  11. Clearman

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Secret Sophie package away.
  12. Clearman

    Greebo Alastoran (Chaos/Khorne) football team

    I will be in the very last batch. :-(
  13. Clearman

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    I have a PDF version of from last year, but that probably doesn't help you much.
  14. Clearman


    Any specific date for the resin release?
  15. Clearman

    80's Kids

    Don't see too many side-ponies or giant hair bows these days...
  16. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Argentee

    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday HornedTurtle

    Happy birthday!!
  18. Clearman

    Happy Birthday paintybeard

    Happy birthday!!
  19. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Randomdawning

    Happy birthday!!
  20. Clearman

    Confrontation: Classic

    Save them for the next Box of Goodwill.
  21. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Vytau

    Happy Birthday!!
  22. Clearman

    Happy Birthday HenryRequiem

    Happy Birthday!!
  23. The Stroopwafels I have been able to source here in the US look pretty much like what is pictured above. They are a yummy sandwich of waffle-y like soft cookies with caramel in the middle. Sometimes they are coated with chocolate. Others may be able to define them better, but it's definitely worth tracking some down. I've been getting mine at a store called World Market, which stocks a lot of internationally imported food products. I prefer the mini Stroopwafels over the regular. So much more satisfying to pop them in my mouth whole.
  24. And here's what I pulled... Reaper P-65 Large Earth Elemental Reaper Bones Goroloth Rackham Confrontation Master Sulfer, the Gnome Eater Rackham Confrontation Unknown Wolfen Rackham Confrontation Sered, Templar Commander Kabuki Deh'ly Lah