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  1. Clearman

    Fat Wyvern (Conversion)

    Cool conversion. Reminds me of the Gronkle from the "How to Train Your Dragon" franchise.
  2. Clearman

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Perfect! I'll be sure to say hi.
  3. Clearman

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Ladystorm also needs a button... For my sake anyway.
  4. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Sanael!

    Happy birthday!!
  5. I quit for pretty much the same reason. WoW was taking up way too much time. I started at a time I was traveling almost every weekday, but when the travel stopped, my time on Wow began to interfere.
  6. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Klarg1!

    Happy birthday!!
  7. Clearman

    Getting To Know You August

    I am the God of procrastination. I'd be a dick God, but only when I get around to it.
  8. Clearman

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I have actually been looking at buttons, pins, and shirts with an eight-ball logo. Haven't been able to find something I liked well enough to pull the trigger. This looks perfect.
  9. Clearman

    Using Bark for Basing

    My logic would say before baking so the heat can take out the added moisture. Open top being corrected. Also, if you have extra, maybe share the wealth?
  10. Clearman


    I was going to say too much neck as well, at least compared to the 2nd reference pic.
  11. Clearman

    FitzBones: Gnome Wizard

    Number of coats needed for low opacity colors really depends on the color you are painting over. But, however many coats it took, I think you nailed it. I really like the free hand as well.
  12. Clearman

    Getting To Know You August

    If you haven't stumbled across the Saturday morning cartoon Theme-song compilation vids on YouTube, I would encourage it. Really fills that nostalgia hole without the need to track everything down. I even discovered a few that I had not heard of because they were not carried on our local channels.
  13. Clearman

    Equus Erectus Sapiens

    did you do anything special to center things on the poker chip?
  14. Clearman

    Equus Erectus Sapiens

    What is the base construction? Looks like a 30mm round-lipped base on a poker chip?
  15. Clearman

    Getting To Know You August

    Favorite shows growing up: Transformers Thundercats G I Joe He-Man All 80's animation. I've watched them all since and still enjoy them all, though He-Mann hold up the least, and I get bitter when I think about the modern interpretations of Transformers. I will say I probably enjoyed the 2014(?) adaptation of Thundercats more than the original.
  16. Clearman

    Midlam Miniatures - The Village of the Witches

    Backed for both the witches and villagers
  17. Clearman

    Equus Erectus Sapiens

    This is awesome. Looks like those horse masks that freak out the staff at drive thru windows.
  18. Clearman


    I find it interesting that Fantization has preview of yet to be released Reaper models posted.
  19. Clearman

    The Caravan by JoeK Minis

    Who can't resist three dwarves riding a pig with there owl and chicken buddies.
  20. Clearman

    Getting To Know You August

    ^^ So much this. I've gotten to where I enjoy the eye rolls I get from the wife and kids...
  21. Clearman

    Help me Reaper Forum, you're my only hope

    These? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bottles/sku-down/08702
  22. Clearman

    Painting Textures

    Google Wappellious
  23. Clearman

    Mouse Paints for Reapercon (Kind of)

    If you look directly down at the top of the model, what you see can also be use to guide where highlight could be placed.
  24. Clearman

    Mouse Paints for Reapercon (Kind of)

    Assuming the light source is meant to be directly overhead, the only places that I would personally increase highlights would be at the top of her hips. I'd be interested in hearing other guidance for light placement..