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    Happy Birthday rgtriplec

    Happy birthday!!
  2. Figured I've been hijacking @Jasper_the_2nd thread enough, so I've started my own. This is part 1 of 6 of the Tower Keep model from the Riders of the Storm Kickstarter. Hot off the printer - kind of. I actually haven't removed it from the print bed yet. Printed at 0.12 layer height with 20% infill. Stands just over 152mm and took a bit over 20 hours to complete. Stay tuned for the remaining segments.
  3. Clearman

    Clearman 3D Prints a Tower

    @Jasper_the_2nd gave me some information on slowing down the travel speed, but I haven't retried that problematic piece yet. I did print a couple other pieces with the slower speeds which came out great, so I'm going to do this last piece when I get home from my work trip. Might also be worth printing with support as well.
  4. Clearman

    Trailblazer Game Stamps

    These are pretty unique. I've seen a lot of digital map making tools, but nothing quite so simple and low tech.
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    Happy Birthday JGroeling

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday wildger

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday Bane Of Humanity

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday skippen

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Clearman 3D Prints a Tower

    Another 10 hours later, the missing portion of my previous print is complete. This is how it looks with both pieces together. Once glued and prepped, you won't even be able to see that line. And here it is with the very top of the tower set in place. Here's hoping I can have success with the one final piece that's been causing so much trouble.
  10. Clearman

    Work Space Lighting

    Optimal would be three sources: overhead, left front, and right front. The would eliminate most shadows from viewing direction.
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    Happy Birthday Suden

    Happy Birthday!!
  12. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Sophie was taken

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday ernieball22

    Happy birthday!!
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    Clearman 3D Prints a Tower

    Yeah, that would be nice. Not sure how easy it would be to implement a lock on the Z-Axis though. If I'm brave enough to try this again, I may try to put a large binder clip under the gantry wheels. I'm just glad I noted the Z-Axis from the display. I just adjusted the Z position in Cura by -172.16mm and re-sliced. It's printing as we speak.
  15. Clearman

    Work Space Lighting

    The lower the wattage the better. It will create less heat. Look for something with a color temperature of 5000K-6500K
  16. Clearman

    Queen of the Damned: Velrath’s Vampires

    I backed. Vampires are not usually my thing, but the sculpts all look great.
  17. Clearman

    Happy Birthday LordDave

    Happy Birthday!!
  18. Clearman

    Work Space Lighting

    I've been using a similar architect lamp w/ florescent daylight bulbs. Daylight bulbs are the best because the will help reduce eye strain. That said, something in my lamp is starting to fail (I can only get 2 of the 3 bulbs to energize), so I'm thinking of investing in some of those flat LED lighting panels.
  19. Clearman

    Happy Birthday 72moonglum

    Happy Birthday!!
  20. Clearman

    Clearman 3D Prints a Tower

    I took a break from my problem child, and moved on to a couple other pieces. The first was a part of a bridge and just something to make sure that all the recent tweaks I made to the printer and slicer profile were working. Then I moved on to tier 3 of the tower. This piece is the biggest of the set, and pretty much consumes the entire print volume. It is intended to sit on top of the one I've been having issues with and will be 206mm when full printed.. This is what it looks like after 80 hours of printing and running out of filament. For the record, I had a replacement spool ready to go. I used the Ender 3 'Change Filament' feature to pause the print and eject the last bit of old filament, but while I was feeding in the new, I bumped the Z-Axis so not the gantry was too low and could not return to it's previous print location. I was able to record the Z-Axis position, so I think I can salvage this by just slicing the bit. It only had ~20mm to go.
  21. Clearman

    New Previews!

    My bad. The two Skeletal Warriors are tagged for April, and are the only ones I looked at. All the rest are tagged for March.
  22. Clearman

    New Previews!

    Looks like they are scheduled for April
  23. Clearman

    A Dragon showed up at my door ! Glitterwolf

    A skeleton walks into a bar. He says, "I'd like a beer, and a mop"
  24. Question: When entries are considered for the manufacturers awards, does the judging panel only consider those that were also chosen for the MSP Open? I.e. If I enter three pieces into the Painters category (1 Chibi, 1 model from Bombshell, and 1 model from Reaper), and the Reaper model is chosen to be judged, is the Chibi and Bombshell entries still open game for the manufacturer awards?
  25. Clearman

    Wood grain on flat surface

    This was just posted to YouTube https://youtu.be/P67oL01urJU