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  1. Pre-launch

    I'm not much into Fantasy Football, but Greebo makes great models.
  2. I've been buying paint every month as my vehicle to get the anniversary mini.
  3. The above is a good list, but I'm not the best source. I'm on a quest to have at least one bottle of each color...
  4. This morning. Two separate occasions.
  5. I hadn't heard that. Babylon 5 was a favorite show in the '90s. Sad day.
  6. This is cool. Reminds me of Gamera, that flying kaiju turtle.
  7. Very cool. Live the fire.
  8. I should have stuck with goblin math.
  9. Not sure how/why I overlooked this thread. I guess better late that never. I first joined the forum not quite a year ago. According to my profile, date of registration was 7/4/2016. Must have been a slow day waiting for holiday festivities. My real world name is David. I'll let you work out my last name. It seems that I wasn't in a creative mood when I registered. The 'h' must remain a mystery. The first time I put brush to paint was 1988 when I took a painting class at a local convention. Our group has started picking up figures, mostly Ral Partha Battletech and Grenadier Fantasy, but hadn't yet started to paint. I wasn't even planning on taking the class. That was the beginning. For the next two years I pretty much fumbled along; I knew how to base coat and dry brush and that was about it. Access to a community back then wasn't nearly as easy as it is today, so skills never really progressed. And then real life butted in. School, career, family. Fast forward 25 years. I picked up the hobby again in late 2010 when I bought a Reaper LtPK. This changed everything, but I didn't really have a lot of time to dedicate to the hobby, and I was a slow painter. For the next 3-4 years, I was lucky to finish 5 models a year and I was buying way more models that I could paint. It wasn't until ~2015 that I decided to put real focus on improving my skills. I picked up the rest of the LtPKs, but 2015-2016 was slow progress. The primary reason I joined the forum because I decided to attend ReaperCon16. I used all 8 of my allotted class slots last year. Combine that with the tips I've picked up here, things have been coming together nicely. I try to paint at least an hour every day, and most days I successful.
  10. That's not depressing at all...
  11. Interesting. Could you elaborate on the construction? Kind of looks like balsa wood with talus glued down, but can't fully tell.
  12. I've only ever seen instructions that have said to spray at a 45 degree from top. Spraying from underneath would defeat the purpose as that would eliminate the shadow of the darker primer.
  13. Happy Birthday!!
  14. I have, some have worked as advertised, others not so much. I haven't actually bought anything "As Seen on TV" for a while, mostly because I detest the Infomercial so much. Impulse buys such as this have been replaced by the As Seen On TV section at Walmart and occasionally the ads that Facebook injects into my feed. My latest purchase was a roll-on stamper used to redact information from documents. It worked, but only moderately so. I will say my favorite product has been the water balloon filler that fills 50 balloons at once. Image if board games, miniatures, and other hobby products were sold this way...
  15. Get that guy an oil can!