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  1. Awesome. Very realistic looking water.
  2. I play nothing. Little time and I don't hang out at the FLGS like I used to. What would I play? I wouldn't say I'm partial to any one particular game. I'm curious about Warlord and CAV, but again, little time.
  3. Nice work. They look like they're ready to cause some trouble.
  4. Great concept.
  5. Fulfilling

    The race is on. Go!
  6. Fulfilling

    There needs to be some kind of pool to identify the date when the first backer painted Bones 3 model will be posted to the forum.
  7. I think he turned out great. The freehand on the cloak is really cool.
  8. Gives new meaning to the phrase Biting Cold! Great work.
  9. Fulfilling

    I forgot these were in route! Hopefully they arrive in TX soon. That lion was one of the main reasons I backed this project.
  10. Nice work!
  11. Great work on such a fun peice
  12. Quite amazing. Makes me a bit envious. I tend to buy these larger pieces on impulse and the GF9 models have been few and far between when I've been looking.
  13. Great work. I like the red. Sometimes simple and straight forward is just the way to go.
  14. Fulfilling

    Thank you for the reply. I double checked the address in the pledge manager and it is correct. Would it be helpful if I PM some screenshots?