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  1. Thanks everyone! Progress! Finished another Koala and the legs of the Remote. Base coats still going on the body and fins. Next up and new to the table, a Warcor! And I got the basecoats on his drone mostly done. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
  2. I've gotten the impression in some cases that there's not a lot of mold line cleaning going on for that quick an assembly (entire box in 3 hours). Yours looks great, have fun with a great halloweeney figure.
  3. So first off, the really in progress part, the second koala, the Sputnik remote and the drone for the Warcor. I'm still picking out what color goes where on the Sputnik remote and the Warcor drone, my main accent color on the drone will be yellow, with maybe some blue or green to set it apart from the main forces I'll be running. And I completed a Koala and the reverend custodier!
  4. Thank you! Basecoati g continues and orange has arrived on the first koala. I also finished the white on the reverend! Just need to do belts and straps and a little accent and cleanup work!
  5. Starting to get into the details on the reverend! And basecoats on the Remote and it's Koala buddies. Finished the drone base.
  6. Well fortunately there's 3 ships of Nomads, each with their own flavor, so whether you love Koalas...or don't there's a pretty great range of looksto pull from (true for most factions except aleph really). Not- quite deadpool and criminal shocktroopers? Corregidor. Bio-modded troops that reference superhero looks? Bakunin. Awesome looking mechs? Really a game wide thing now. Hackers galore? Everyone, but probably Tunguska once they release them. I like them because they scratch my usual aim for a 'mercenary' faction and have such a wide variety of units... at least until they make Mercs playable.
  7. Depending on what you do with the wings, maybe just bringing the red to a brighter stage would make the contrast stronger? I do like the sort of oiled silver there, and the gold going a bit used looking as well.
  8. Finally an update, but just a small one. 3 and 3/4 bases done, basecoats and a little actual work in progress on the Reverend.
  9. I promised him, so here he is, Gorman DiWulfe, in the basecoats. This is actually the second time I've painted him, the first was a green version quite a few years back, but this time I'll be working on a Gorman to match my purple paint scheme!
  10. Hello all! After getting the Icestorm set all squared away I did end up filling out my roster to a full ITS capable army for Infinity, and now I need to paint them to completion so I can play! I'm starting with the Nomads first, mainly since one of the models I'm using to fill out the army is an infinity figure I've owned since before the current edition. So here's the gang all together, and from left to right we have: Tomcat Engineer, Zondcat, Tomcat with DEP, Warcor, Reverend Custodier, Lunokhod Sputnik Remote, 2 CrazyKoalas, and a Bandit Hacker. And speaking of the first Infinity figure, that would be the reverend Custodier. Her priming job is the worst I've ever done, and I cleaned it up, so how see how painting her goes, but she's all base coated and first in line.
  11. I think just getting some of the skin base on the ridge around the eyes will help them pop out a lot. I really like that skin base tone, by the way.
  12. Morland is done! I took a few risks on him and I think he turned out allright.. Tattoos were a thing to try and think of a way, so hopefully they came out looking mostly right. Next up is Gorman d'Wulfe probably...
  13. IIRC the trolls were some of the first of the PVC plastics out the gate, and were some of the most awkward for moldlines, from what I recall. I'm working through the mk II circle half of the two player starter and that has had some less than ideal lines as well, so I'd like to get a hold of a styrene mini from them to see how it works out. Just gotta have something come our for the factions I collect. These look pretty cool, I really like the dirty metal effect and you've done very good there. I'm looking forward to seeing the cloth/leather done to see the overall look.
  14. Hurray! Nice grey fur, and I'm interested in the huge eyes on that thing... those have some potential.