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  1. Boxer Dog Bust as my pet Brutus. By Glitterwolf

    This is fantastic. Great miniature, great model for it and a great translation across! Every time I look though, I keep thinking 'Brutus looks like a color reversed Phantom of the Opera with the way his mask is shaped.' XD
  2. Infinity: Panoceana to Full

    She's another model I'm really excited to paint! I hadn't actually ever expected to get her but a friend that plays Morats wanted Anyat, the morat charachter that comes with Bipandra and Angus, and then gifted them to me, but she is overall a fantastic mini. Angus is a funny one like that... (in the rules demonstrations in the rule book angus tends to be the charachter that gets blown up... shot... etc.) The line is great and especially over the last few years has taken some great strides. Thank you for your encouragement!
  3. Absolutely try new stuff. That's the best way to figure out a technique you've heard about... or just find your own way to do a thing. The windscreen has a cool sunset reflection effect on it by my eye, and looks pretty great. A quick thing to add to make the rest of the bike pop more, if you'd like, would be some deep shades in some recesses, when I was helping a friend with this box set I used some blue and brown ink to add a deeper green between the parts that added some nice dimensions and separation to the bike. Also, nice job on the goggle lenses!
  4. Infinity: Panoceana to Full

    I literally chose it for looks, pretty much before I knew what the unit did. I was pleasantly surprised when I read it's stats. The model is so pretty.
  5. Infinity: Panoceana to Full

    Well, now that we've reached 300 points in Nomads, the Icestorm Panoceana might need a little help! Cue the reenforcements! And here they are! From left to right: Crusader Brethren with an HMG, Crusader Brethren with a Combi-Rifle, Hexa Sniper, Fusilier Indigo Bipandra, Fusilier Angus. First up will be the Hexa!
  6. Infinity: Nomads up to Full

    Thank you! Painting the orange has been the ongoing process, but I'm really happy with what I've got worked out on it now. And speaking of now... I have completed the full 300 points, when you combine this team with the Icestorm Nomads, since the Bandit is done! She might be my favorite figure for design in the group as well, except the ponytail that I cut off and replaced with green stuff loose hair. Thank you everyone for commenting and watching and encouraging me along on this! I'm far from done with infinity though... in fact there's that whole other army in the Ice storm box to fill out... and the Beyond Ice Storm box to add as well to it.
  7. Infinity: Nomads up to Full

    Thank you! I finished up the Zondcat! She's all ready to heal/repair. She broke off the base several times... I ended up pinning her down with a staple. And the only one left (for now) from Nomads... The Bandit. She's all one piece, so hopefully I can bring her together pretty fast!
  8. Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain

    Your progress is amazing, and that figure is fantastic. Your blends continue to astound me... And one other thing... you're the only one that does display pieces... for now. ;)
  9. Infinity: Nomads up to Full

    Tomcat With DEP, now all ready! And the final pair... the Zondcat and Bandit Hacker, now very WIP. ...the Zondcat backpack is a bit off... side effect of painting in parts. :P
  10. Infinity: Nomads up to Full

    Tomcat Engineer is all done, progress on the final 3 is moving along. The Bandit finally gets to the paint table!
  11. Infinity: Nomads up to Full

    Warcor is done! and a shot with his buddy drone. Tomcats are now getting basecoats, and have complete bases. Just a little more to go!
  12. Just got Beyond IceStorm and Beyond Redveil for Infinity, an I'm pretty happy because I got the preorder exclusives!
  13. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    I really like the red bolter with the blue, for its contrast, but I would also second chaoshead, and suggest taking a look at black, especially if you think the red is too cartoony. Don't worry about too much red though really, there's a creativity 'rule' called rule of three, that basically states that things accented in 3 ways tend to stand out more, but also look more appealing as a pattern. (I'm stating this really generally, but yeah, using a spot color 3 times accents it better than 2... it's a wierd brain thing.)
  14. Well now we know why it was called 'massive' XP. Nice start, it will be neat to see what it all looks like together!