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  1. That bone color armor looks fantastic, and that model is stunningly complicated... they're approaching Malafaux levels of tiny bits and pieces.
  2. In the interest of getting the right leg on him attached, I ended up painting most of the front bottom half to done! Also did a lot with the skin, though... I might try to smooth it out a bit more.
  3. Morland, got his basecoats! going to go with that deep bruisey purple for a base on the skin since all three are supposed to look... not quite right, so well see how it goes.
  4. I've had it be pretty hit and miss depending on the marker. Granite is done aside from a little touch up! I may have 1-2 more figures and a goalpost to add to the team soon, then I'll probably branch out to another team!
  5. Wrecker is complete and like Chisel, it was a joy to paint, with great sculpted textures. All that's left is granite, and, once I get done building it I'll return to this thread with their goal.
  6. Yup! Morland is 1/3 of the Devils Shadow Mutineers unit. They had my eye from concept art, I've just taken... way too long to get to painting them.
  7. Thanks! A whole unit would look crazy. Thanks! I arrived on the stone edges back in warmachine, and really took a liking to it for gaming pieces to make them look like they're a part of a game. I wanted them to look like chess pieces when I started out, and I think that's still an image that appeals to me. And chisel is done! Wrecker will be next, with granite following up the tail. Chisel was a great mini to paint, beautiful face and the sculpt just makes the work easy.
  8. And, we're back. Next up is another pirate from the Mutineers, Morland. This guy should be fun, though I need to look up his canon scheme, it has some really cool touches.
  9. Thanks Xherman! Mallet done, Chisel is up and Wrecker is on deck, though chisel is... already half done because I started painting same colors across multiple figures. Like her pants, vest and orange accents are pretty much ready.
  10. I'm going to second Kuro on the army painter washes. Soft tone is incredibly useful.
  11. I love that green... and am a bit jealous as I'd love to have a Perceval to paint but the figure has remained out of reach so far. Don't be scared of the hair, that sort of detail loves washes and has well defined high points to accent for highlights from what I can see. Great job so far.
  12. Thank you for the tip! I actually usually use a fine point marker like an 005 Sakura pen for the eyes, it's my last step so it won't show up until the mini is done since the ink will run if it gets wet and isn't sealed. I'll have to take another angle on harmony, her eyes do look a bit odd at that angle,and I added a wash to her base to clean it up.
  13. Honour done! Harmony in progress, blue pants, skin and white shirt are done, everything else still is in progress, and starting in on Mallet now, with his skin.
  14. I was slowly drawn in by some of the minis, but the style of game is what caught my attention. It took a while for a full team to catch my attention enough to decide to buy in.As for the minis The newest ones in metal are particularly good. You'll likely notice a difference in detail and clarity between these and Chisel or Granite, the newer two models.