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  1. I like how growtix shows my booked classes in my schedule and on the class listing, however it doesn't do it for all of them. I did purchase my classes in two separate transactions. The orders appear to be fully paid and completed. Hopefully it's just another glitch, but let me know if I should be worried.
  2. Mnemonic

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Yes, do NOT just rent RHPS and watch at home. Your first time HAS to be in a theater.
  3. Mnemonic

    One Take on the Classes

    It would be awesome for some classes if there was a camera setup so the miniature being painted by the instructor could be enlarged and easily seen by all. It would be easier to follow step by step techniques.
  4. Mnemonic

    Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    Completely unofficial and entirely unaffiliated poker is a great idea! I just hope at the next con we can find some monopoly type money that we can play with for fun.
  5. Mnemonic

    So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I was in his Base Camp class and heard him mention it was probably his last Reapercon. It was something about the class sizes where when he signed up when it was 6 or so. Then later it became 10 and later 12 seats. Sounded like he preferred the smaller sizes where it was easier to go into deeper levels of detail. I am absolutely hopeful he comes back next year though! Hey Michael! Thanks for letting me hang with you and you buddy over the con... (stalker!)
  6. Mnemonic

    One Take on the Classes

    Great idea, I just hope there isn't a fire code that prevents it.
  7. Mnemonic

    Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    However that [trading in Reaperbucks for store credit] would be a great way to entice folks to return the poker chips. The paper money can be excluded.
  8. Mnemonic

    Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    I asked Bryan about the reaperbuck calculation shown on the Reapercon website and he confirmed it was not correctly calculating. So don't go off those amounts as they are way too high. But I agree, it is hard for a single person to afford much in the auction. By my calculations, 8 classes, VIP and swag bag, and 4 meals will net you around 1,300 bucks. You get more if you play games, wear a costume or reapercon t-shirts. The best bet is to pool in with your table and split a paint set or a set of miniatures. I too was a little disappointing in how items were bulked up, which drove the prices higher than the average guy could afford. (Whoever got that Star Wars Armada set got one heck of a deal!) However I do see that auctioning 1 brush at a time would be a very tedious.
  9. Mnemonic

    One Take on the Classes

    I totally agree that the layout this year was better than last year. I really really appreciated moving the games to the complete opposite side of the floor. But thanks to a many a loud concert, loud cars, and semi-occasional ear/sinus issues my hearing is less than optimal. I suspect I am not the only one, either. It's OK when conversing in a normal environment, but any external noise becomes competition for my limited fidelity. So anything that can be done to reduce external noise is definitely appreciated. I would love to see if any thicker material could be used for the curtains, if only for the main "wall" between the merchants and the classes.
  10. Mnemonic

    What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I like the ergonomics suggestion, but think it may be tough to fill 2 hours. Maybe such a class can also cover ideas on how to organize a paint station, suggestions on what kit you need (segmented by general skill level), and other handy tools of the trade (covering various products, web tools/resources). I also like the idea of a class devoted to special effects. Aryanun said it best: simulated rain, drool, water puddles, Spanish Moss hanging from branches, rusted/corroded metal, acid puddles, blood spatter, using LEDs, fire/lava effects... I do know that Michelle has a blood and gore class, so I'd eliminate that overlap. Another idea is to offer a few more instances of the most popular classes if possible. Hopefully the data is available someplace, but if a class sold out 20 minutes after registration opened then that is what I'm targeting. I'm sure there are many that would appreciate the added flexibility of taking a highly desired class in 2 or 3 possible timeslots.
  11. Mnemonic

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    I am interested in the Bones 4 kickstarter, but I really only want the "Paint Set B" add on. I have way too many mini's to paint as it is! So do I just put my self down as the $1 backer option and expect to pay 18 bucks + shipping? Does that also mean I have to wait until Feb 2019 to receive?
  12. Mnemonic

    Book or Crash?

    I thought the limit was 8 classes (per ticket), not 12. However I have no idea how well this is enforced. But you can pay for them with paypal or credit card well in advance. I'd be pissed if that happens. I'm paying 40 bucks a class, it gets full, and John Doe gets to squeeze in presumably for free? I hope not.
  13. Mnemonic

    Sophie Says

    Sophie says: "Chuck your neighbors mini across the room." Sophie says: "Paintbrushes no longer allowed. Paint only using your eyelashes."
  14. Mnemonic

    Reapercon classes

    Last year I had the same problem, but luckily so did the GM too. We took a break to grab food and brought it back to the table. Not sure if that was frowned upon, but we were hungry! So hopefully you get the same deal. Backup options are to give your ticket away, or just excuse yourself for 15 minutes to scarf!
  15. Mnemonic

    Reapercon classes

    I'm happy to avoid the bug from last year that prevented me from adding classes to my cart. I was able to get the classes I wanted, but my friends and I were caught by some sticker shock. 40 bucks per class! Last year I believe it maxed out at 25 per class, with many less than that.