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  1. I'd like to splash out on: Assorted bandits/ruffians More mindflayer bathalian sculpts More half-dragons/dragonborn More hellborn Skeleton warriors from other races (dwarves especially)
  2. I ordered my Grim Reaper from Miniature Heroes, so hopefully the remaining 11 will be available from there as well.
  3. I think he's my favourite of the two as well (which is a shame, as I was playing the other!). I really enjoyed making such different characters from the same base mini. Definitely something I could stand to try again...
  4. We attacked a hag (pro-tip: don't do this) and he got blasted with lightning. Through the power of DM magic (and the fact that we had another session booked), he was returned to life with the curse of turning into a skeleton at night and being able to walk through walls! The downside being that things like Turn Undead would work on him, which sadly we never got to see! We were playing Curse of Strahd, so it fit right in.
  5. Thanks Xherman! It was somewhat experimental, but the Bones plastic is very easy to mod, which made it fairly easy.
  6. Thanks! I just need to find a way to shoehorn them into a game... Mwahahaha!!
  7. Thanks
  8. A double act! These were done for a D&D Adventurers' League game at UK Games Expo - Korozîl the trickster cleric (left), and Aazîl the swashbuckler (right) - twin tiefling brothers. For Korozîl, I chopped off the wizard staff and drilled out the left hand. The crossbow was a Mirliton spare, with the bulky string replaced with some guitar string. For Aazîl, I chopped both hands off(!) and replaced them with the hands from a 77022 Michelle. I also chopped the curved blades off those swords and replaced them with cut down metal blades from Mirliton. The scabbards (also Mirliton) had to be filed a bit to get them to fit together crossed over; their straps are narrow masking tape. Paints were enamels over Vallejo acrylic primer. This was my first proper attempt at NMM on the swords, and I'm reasonably pleased with how they turned out. The skintones were interesting - I'm not sure how long it took to get the chests right! I wanted to do something more with the bases but ran out of time before the Games Expo, so just gave them some paint and static grass. All in all, I'm very proud of these two! And the D&D game was great (Korozîl died horribly and ended up slightly undead)!
  9. These were fairly straightforward - primed with Vallejo acrylic grey, then airbrushed with an enamel light grey. I gave them a wash with a thinned black oil paint, then some thinned green enamel to make them look a little mossy. He's behind you! Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.
  10. Thanks Xherman :) It took a few goes to get it how I wanted it! Thanks! They were kind of lightly drybrushed to try to keep them a little haphazard and not too bold.
  11. I'm enjoying getting used to my newly made lightbox, going through the various minis I've recently painted. This was primed with Vallejo acrylic grey and painted with Humbrol enamels. I had a go at OSL and I'm not completely disappointed with how it turned out! Thanks for looking!
  12. Behold! This is the Bones version of the Eye Beast, primed with Vallejo acrylic grey, then painted with (mostly) Humbrol enamels. Good practice for painting eyes Thanks for looking!
  13. Yes, enamels can get a bit smelly; acrylics are definitely healthier to breathe around! I've never been too concerned with having painted hands though! Yep! I've found the tins to vary quite a lot in terms of drying out - if you're careful about resealing them properly, they can last for ages (I'm pretty sure I've still got some rarely used colours that are 15-20 years old!), but certain colours seem to dry out faster than others. Also, I think as Humbrol have changed their formulas over the years, some have been more susceptible to this than others (although I have zero scientific proof of this!).
  14. Thanks! The plates were painted in dark grey, then drybrushed with steel. The chainmail is black, drybrushed with steel. The whole thing was given a blast with a Klear/flat mix to give it a consistent finish. Thanks Kuro. I've had lots of practice on fiddly 1/72 scale cockpits Ha, I used to think the same about acrylics! But I think I'd just used terrible ones; I'm starting to build a collection of them now... I grew up using enamel paints, so I've got to know them pretty well. They're kind of second nature to me now. That said, now that I've started using the Reaper acrylics, I may start replacing my enamels with acrylics when I need to. I'll be mixing and matching both for a while to come though! Thank you! I've been lurking for a little while; seems like a great community, and I've already learned loads from reading the WIP threads.
  15. Thanks folks :-) Link removed. I hadn't seen that in the rules - thanks!