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  1. Live

    Monsters have to save up for Dreadmere too! Murphy's Blessed Schnozzberries, where can we get THAT?!?
  2. Live

    *looks at the Razormouth in Dreadmere pt. 3* weep granah weep ninny bom?
  3. Live

    An artist always leaves a piece of themself in their art. :)
  4. CVN-65 USS Enterprise 1/2400 metal, by Viking Forge
  5. Me neither judging by the stuff that gets posted around here, but what the hey. It's an excuse to paint up a few dragons!
  6. Live

    Pretty much. His habit was to take a muscular athletic male form, give it breasts, and call it good.
  7. Live

    Cat Dragon... Wolf Dragon... Dragon Wolf... Dragon Cat... ...Wolf Cat? Dragon Dragon?
  8. Okay, THAT'S badass. I've never had much interest in Narthrax as a sculpt before(just didn't like the gaping maw), but you've changed my mind!
  9. Live

    So you're saying that when people speak of dressing for the job you want, I should look back. Waaaay back.
  10. Live

    I think I need one of those dragon turtles for starship gaming. Replace that treasure hoard with a space base, then put a few elephants on the turtle's back, then whip up a disk...
  11. I gotta say, 95% of that is the mini. All I did was paint a base of flesh, use a wash to darken the skin tone, then pray that I didn't screw up on the eyes because I didn't have a shade that matched the new skin tone and if I messed up the eyes in any way, there was no fixing it except by stripping the whole thing and starting over. Thanks, everyone! Oh, and orcish slam poetry sounds fun as hell...from a distance. :)
  12. ....I don't think so? Character creation is not my forte, and it's been a while since we started that campaign. It's been a while since we last played for that matter. I need to pester our DM.
  13. In a recent campaign, my character was a dwarven bard...but it was decided he would be tone deaf.My idea of making him a beat-poet was quickly shot down, so I had to think of a different kind of performance. A moment of inspiration, some hacking of bits and attaching of Armorcast laser blasts, and thus was born my dwarf firedancer: "Imma dance!"
  14. Live

    That's how you know they're ninja-ing properly... :)
  15. Live

    Thanks for the info, everyone!