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  1. That's the one. Is the card available anywhere other than facebook?
  2. A Texan near a thermostat he isn't paying for is a terrifying power.
  3. You came here through that?!? You're braver than I thought.
  4. So this, only more metal.
  5. It sounds like Pacific Rim crossed with Clerks. I would watch the hell out of that movie.
  6. Already live in the area, no traveling to do. Still can't make it until Friday. Getting twitchy.
  7. Mine are the black and purple Ebonwrath, bronze Shadow Dragon, purple Dracolisk, and red Red Dragon Hatchling.
  8. Very nice! I love those spots! I wish I could access it, it'd be great to see the whole contest, and see just how well/badly mine did.
  9. So, how'd the contest go?
  10. I won't be at the tourney, but I'm planning to be at the CAV game for most of Friday.
  11. Finally got the Sweet 'n Low glued to my CAVs, so that entry is done. Debating trying out OSL for the first time on a Battletech Kodiak. Staring at Ogrethulhu and wondering if that would end up in Painter's, Ordnance, or should be put away before it starts staring back. Also wondering if it'd be worth it to finish up a squadron of BFG cruisers, or if this is just spamming entries.
  12. Will the results be posted here on the forum for those who can't see in the Book?
  13. Currently putting the finishing touches on some entries, namely a squad or CAVs. Glad my order of decals arrived in time to use them. Just gotta get them on, and then try and replicate my accidental success some time back in making ice...
  14. Any ideas for ogres? My current thought is to find a nice-looking demon, and leave/hack the wings off. Same approach with a succubus minis to make a desire demon.
  15. Title pretty much says it all. What Bones minis would you recommend for building up a decent selection of Dragon Age PCs, NPCs, opponents, and monsters? I imagine humans elves and dwarves are easy enough, but are there any suggestions for setting-specific things such as Qunari, Darkspawn, and anything else I've forgotten? Thanks!