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  1. @OneBoot turning in her Metal Ma’al for the Open!
  2. The new breakfast rate affects all guests... not just us...
  3. Did you miss the prize drawings too?!? And my awesome loot?!?!?!? (And the Treat ribbon! I is now L337!) Oh... and today is Thundercats!
  4. You were thinking of trying to win it twice?!? This never happened... Though, talking with SamuraiJack allowed me to skip out on most of this... and I am glad you can all still look me in the eyes when talking to me this morning. But mostly... this never happened...
  5. Even better when @Corporea is the one that chose your mini above all others! Congrats! Does she know she chose yours yet?
  6. Will try to get more photos tomorrow... especially of Julie’s Cat Dragon!!! Though Bob’s Star Trek inspired entry was inspired, the cat dragon was a great inside joke. And sooo many more...
  7. Sophie Says... put your mini on your nose to paint it... right @Thes Hunter?
  8. Top of the mornin’, y’all!!!
  9. Oh... then I’m out...
  10. Current arrival times at Love Field: Looks like some of you will be early!!
  11. 300 flat flat miles! Good luck... keep those eyes moving
  12. Woot! Sitting in Love Field... if you see me... come say “Hi!”. Traffic was pretty good earlier... GPS was wonky... but all in all... great day so far!
  13. Sooo.... you build the suspense... ... and never drop the other shoe, do you?
  14. Both vehicles filled up (my truck so my bride doesn’t have to). Last bit of laundry in the dryer. Tools and jumper cables moved to the troop transport. Keys swapped. Final clothes and last minute things to pack in the morning. Now... I’m just gonna lie here for a couple of hours trying to go to sleep...
  15. Boss: You can leave early if you want to... Me: *** chair spins in the dust trail leading out to the parking lot ***
  16. ama

    Don't forget the Rake! Of course, we have to tackle-pounce really well, but the Rake is where the damage is at (version dependent, of course). Yeah... I don't think he looked up Michael Cthulhu yet... trust me... you'll know when he does...
  17. ama

    According to Ub3r? Or according to the pack? *** Smile shows off gleaming foot long teeth *** We get a lot of work done without axes, but... that's not how He views it...
  18. ama

    Wow... just lost a few minutes in Axe Pron!!! That dude is legit!!! Oh... ooops.... Uhm... question.... hmmmm.... What blood looks... oh... nope... I know the answer to that... What metal do you .... bah... you don't care as long as it severs heads... Uhm.... What is glittery and rushing up behind you?!?!? *** Ducks out of the way ***
  19. I shouldn't have had Dr. Pepper at lunch. As if the excitement hasn't built to unacceptable levels, I added moar caffeine and sugar to the mix. And I'm stuck at a desk staring at a screen and ping ponging all over the forums.....
  20. Nice! Use someone else's post to Page yourself! I like your style!
  21. ama

    A good small axe should do: Though, fangs and claws work too... for the Giant Skullz!!! Do you have fangs and claws?
  22. ama

    Ooooh... Tricksy are you? *** Grrrr *** Curses! Again!
  23. Check the Jello Mold!!!
  24. From the volunteer sheets I saw, there will be someone at the Registration desk until 9 pm. Shouldn't be a problem. Of course, MightyReaperKanjiraBryan can veto that at any point...