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  1. Tough to go here. I am a person divided. The fantasy side of me wants to create the magnificence of the Melnibone's Imryrr, the Dreaming City and its inhabitants along with a cast of characters from the Young Kingdoms. The gamer in me wants rules and terrain to go with the different books. I'm torn on whether it should be more RPG focused, skirmish or if there should be army size conflict... as all exist in the books. Perhaps one that incorporates all three in its campaigns. Because it would be more complicated that way... The other, Sci-Fi side of me wants to do a set of Treasure Planet miniatures and ships... this would work better as an RPG set... as well as for movie reference.
  2. I'm beginning to suspect I am. Bufo the Buttered? *** licks lips *** I mean, Froggy the Great Tasting *** smacks lips *** ... *** Looks around the dimly lit cavern *** Oh... oops... sorry, thought I was dreaming...
  3. *** Slinks in and plops down on the rug *** Goooood morning.... *** Yawns... sniffs coffee... dozes off in the spot of sunshine ***
  4. Jeepers! Now THAT's a ranger! Very cool work. Can't wait to see the elevation / stairs come into play... *** Looks at clock *** Go! Go! Go!
  5. I'm not sure luck will cover it... you crazy man... straight up crazy... but Good Luck anyway!
  6. Wow... just saw they had posted signs that GenCon tickets were sold out...
  7. My all time favorite hot drink is campfire coffee. Of course, you have to get to elevation (I like the Rockies, but any old mountain will do)... preferably in an old beat up jeep (because the view on the windy, dirt mountain roads is more enjoyable when you can lean out over a cliff). Then you pull out the 1960s era tall tin coffee pot, throw the grounds in the bottom and put it on top of the campfire. Get a nice clean-looking stick from the near vicinity and put it across the top so that the pot doesn't boil over. Enjoy the view for a bit in the crisp cold morning and in a bit pour some of the boiling brew into your own tin cup. I will never turn down coffee in such circumstances. In junior high and high school I lived 4 hours from such beverages (though still in Texas). I now live all the way across Texas from those mountains and experiences and I find I drink regular coffee much less often.
  8. Normally I'm not a proponent of having glitterbombs cross out of the forums and into real lives, but this is tempting. *** Crosses paws and looks up reflectively *** Nah, probably better not, but it can certainly make you want to. And no... you can't go all Drow on him... Hey! Get back here! Waiiiittttt.... *** Chases Drow into underground tunnel ***
  9. My brother was cutting up cedar limbs to use for a project for his wife. I figured I might as well grab a few just in case I might could turn them into bases or platforms for miniatures. I have several sizes and several heights, but when I started looking I was not finding much on integrating something like this into a base. Lots of things for already prepared woods, but not many ideas on fresher wood. Now, most of these limbs were dropped from trees, so, not exactly full of sap: I am thinking I would need sealer but wasn't sure how that would interact when trying to get a miniature to adhere, or should I strictly use the taller ones as a plinth of some kind that the completed miniature sits on? Thoughts? Ideas? Practical experience? Also need to find the best way to handle the bark (leave it, clear it, etc.).
  10. Fulfilling

    One of these days I'll get a tracking number...
  11. Live

    Aha! So is 09317 Moon Moon Blue??? Bryan's mysteriously awesome paint?!? And then I see we have the converting Grey... 09316 Froggy Grey...
  12. Oh... yeah! That totally counts. I had to replace a tire to get my vehicle registration through... so I guess that counted for me as well!
  13. WHAT?!? Heresy!!!
  14. Yay!!! Oh... wait.... so if those of us driving aren't buying plane tickets... it's not real yet?!?
  15. Oh yay... get to go work on my Mother-In-Law's computer tonight. In spite of all known blocking programs and reputable antivirus, I'm sure she managed to slip free a pop-up and infect her system... again... I. am. over. joyed. Ok, to be honest, I'm channeling my inner Marvin (not forumite... from Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the movie).
  16. Picked up a Wave 1, $1 Bones IV Pledge Level and transferred my money! Not sure why I even looked, but... I won't complain...
  17. Maybe he could hold your phone for you so you could see the video and Ma'al at the same time... Then you could re-watch Dragon movies with extra... immersion?
  18. Who needs a TV? You have a metallic Ma'al Drakar!!!
  19. At least Prime isn't Do or Die anymore. The Once Per Year thing was a bit brutal. But month to month can make it bearable sometimes (like when the Prime renewal would happen just as the Bones IV Kickstarter ends... I'll switch it back over to Yearly after ReaperCon is over... heh heh... oh wait... Christmas... I mean, February. Yes, February!).
  20. Live

    Because.... we all forgotted...
  21. Live

    So many memories... and some I'll still watch even though they aren't as great as they once were. Krull is still probably my favorite Suck Fairy bait. Because the idea of the glaive (which caused me all kinds of trouble when I got into D&D) was amazing. That's what I like about those movies though. Not the acting. Not the scenery. The ideas that took me to different places in my youth. Yes. Krull. Really. Great show if you watched it at the right time in your life. Doesn't mean most aspects of it weren't terrible. But it fired my imagination. And GoT may have production values, but I'll still never watch it... because I could never sit down with my family and watch it. I guess in the end, I still fall for movies that make my imagination take off, regardless of whether other people like it or whether it is popular or never will be.
  22. Live

    Wow... there is so much I just don't know about that happened in the misty vapors of Yester-Reaper... Emperor Elric would call them Battle-Barges, but you call the Dragons to assist with the ships, not turn them into one. That's how you get the Mad Ship traders, or worse...
  23. Speed Paint: It's a Myth! There is no such beast in the wild that I have ever encountered. Tabletop: Where I should have stopped an hour ago. Show Quality: I'll get there soon... I've just got to fix this paint spot and I need to think of something else to add to the base and figure out a color for it and ... and ... and...
  24. When I was at the new gamestore in town this weekend, I took pictures of all the times of things. Looking at them later I realized that there is a "Learn to Paint Warhammer 40K" from 3-5 every Third Saturday. So, I may or may not have 4 space marines in my hands before the weekend. Of course, when I first was looking, it was Fantasy and I have some Skaven and High Elves, but as it all disappeared along with the forums shortly after I bought that box, I tabled it and looked elsewhere. But, having a chance to build a community has me looking at SciFi and from what I have been reading, it seems like New Warhammer 40K is a good time to jump in. Worst case, I paint a few space marines and learn enough to know whether I really want Raven Guard or something different and never play anything. Best case, I find a few people interested in playing complex games and slowly build out an army. And if I trade in my Magic cards again for store credit and happen to get miniatures back, that's a bonus in my book.
  25. After finding out we had a LGS for the first time in many years, I took my student worker downtown and entered into a Standard Showdown tonight. Three rounds of Swiss, no cut ten players. Proceeded to go 0-2 three times in a row. Go me! As I still primarily have Amonkhet cards, it was to be expected. Still got a Showdown pack. Never played against total strangers before, so that was interesting.