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  1. Howdy, Stripped and re-painted... Strange Magic, Kev!
  2. Howdy, More fungus... Kev!
  3. Howdy, I tried some anime eyes... Kev!
  4. Howdy, Some ReaperCon swag action... Who's a good boy?, Kev!
  5. Howdy, Blessings upon you all this day... Kev!
  6. Howdy, A Reaper fungus for your delection... Kev!
  7. Thanks to everyone for the support and inspiration!

  8. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77513: Vegypygmy #1

    Howdy, Kev!
  9. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77497: Gremlins

    Howdy, Four... uh... mites... Grimlins, Kev!
  10. Howdy, This turned out to be a rough sculpt... Kev! P.S. Sing it baby!
  11. Howdy, Here is the little girl to go with the bucket boy... Kev!
  12. Kev!

    Reaper Con 2018 photo thread

    Howdy, I did the Paint by Die Roll... Palomino Gold - Skin Pale Lichen - Leather Mint Green - Metal Carnage Red - Wood Rosy Highlights - Fur/Hair Blush Pink - Accents Sunset Purple - Cloth Also allowed were Nightmare Black, Gray, White, and Brown Liner... After a thin wash of Brown Liner to bring out the details, I base coated the metal and leather in Nightmare Black, and the rest of the model in Carnage Red. Then I highlighted with the rolled colors for each area. Finally another thin wash of Brown Liner at the buzzer... Kev!
  13. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77161: Ghost King

    Howdy, He rules over everyone in the end... Kev!