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  1. Howdy, Who's swoopin' down to scratch a poor mouseling... Kev! P.S. Everyone knows it's Windy
  2. Howdy, I'm getting something... Kev! P.S. Sooth, I say!
  3. Howdy, Ready to carve... Kev! P.S. Hammer time!
  4. Howdy, Old school... Kev! P.S. Too cool...
  5. Howdy, Something stirs at the waters edge... Kev! P.S. Gurgle...
  6. Howdy, Sh!t's on fire, yo!... Kev! P.S. This is fine...
  7. Howdy, Some enchanted evening? Kev!
  8. Howdy, Fee Fi Foe Fum... Kev!
  9. Howdy, Heh heh, Yukon! Kev!
  10. Howdy, Finally... Thanks, Kev! P.S. I'm converted
  11. Howdy, I've had these since "Into the Breeding Pits" came out... Forsooth, Kev! P.S. Abracadabra!
  12. Howdy, Another Frostgrave Apprentice... Still learning, Kev! P.S. Ever been turned into a toad?