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  1. Howdy,


      Again, I need to thank everyone for their encouragement and support. I have reached another milestone in my journey. 


    I could not do it without you,


  2. Kev!

    Kev!'s Nolzur's - Merchant

    Howdy, Need cash now? Kev! P.S. You pays your money and you takes your chances...
  3. Howdy, Nope! Kev! P.S. Nope, nope, nope!
  4. Howdy, Kami of the Evening Flame... Kev! P.S. Heats the water for the washer woman!
  5. Howdy, Kami of the Morning Dew... Kev! P.S. Agitates the water for the washer woman!
  6. Kev!

    Kev!'s Midlam Washer Woman

    Howdy, Nothing clean to wear? Kev! P.S. Mamasan do your laundry!
  7. Kev!

    Kev!'s 89041: Troll

    Howdy, Jazz hands? Kev! P.S. Spirit Fingers!
  8. Thank you to every one who made this possible. This truly could not have happened to me without your support. Still a long way to go before I can ask to join a House, but I shall persevere...

  9. Howdy, All Reaper this week... Kev! P.S. With that pale complexion he had to be tough...
  10. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77456: Ogre Guard

    Howdy, All Reaper this week... Kev! P.S. You must be eternally vigilant with all the vandals about...
  11. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77454: Ogre Clubber

    Howdy, All Reaper this week... Kev! P.S. Hulk smash!
  12. Howdy, All Reaper this week... Kev! P.S. Mesmerized by the sight of a blade seemingly forged from a splintered shard of space/time, the harvest of your soul escapes your notice...
  13. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77146: Mummy Warrior

    Howdy, All Reaper this week... Kev! P.S. Do you have any idea how much embalming fluid stings?
  14. Howdy, All Reaper this week... Kev! P.S. Tales tell of an undying beast that roams these ruins with 3, 6 inch horns...
  15. Kev!

    Kev!'s Frostgrave Soldier

    Howdy, Mostly Reaper this week, but here is the odd man out... Kev! P.S. Look! There they are... what did I tell you?