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  1. Howdy, Last one I swear... More game pieces to come, Kev! P.s. Khaki triad on the belly!
  2. Howdy, Deadlands Noir... More Noir por favor, Kev!
  3. Howdy, Game pieces... More Dungeon Saga to come, Kev!
  4. Howdy, How may I serve you? More Acheson Creations to come, Kev!
  5. Howdy, Deep Ones... Ribit, Kev!
  6. Howdy, Come get some... Last of the Barrow Wardens, Kev!
  7. Howdy, I have come for your lubricant! Click to zoom, Kev!
  8. Howdy, Entombed treasure you wish to see, then vanquish you must the Wardens three! Click to zoom, Kev!
  9. Howdy, Lead you to R'lyeh I will! Click to zoom, Kev!
  10. Howdy, Ain't too much badder than the wings of the clown.... Click to zoom, Kev!
  11. Howdy, You want fries with that? Order up, Kev!
  12. Kev!'s 03635: Cabin Boy

    Howdy, Beyond the oasis, towards the green glow.... I can read a map, Kev!
  13. Howdy, Looters, beware! Danke, Kev! P.S. Click, if you dare...
  14. Howdy, What was that... Did you hear something? Cheers, Kev! P.S. Click, if you dare...
  15. Howdy, I really like this sculpt... Spasibo, Kev! P.S. Click, if you dare...