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  1. Howdy, Some people call it a sling blade... Kev!
  2. Howdy, The fish of the day is... Kev!
  3. Howdy, Another Gnoll Variant... Kev!
  4. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77171: Stone Golem

    Howdy, Stoned... Kev!
  5. Howdy, I hope no one is offended... Kev!
  6. Howdy, Lil' kitty... Kev! P.S. Too tiny!
  7. Howdy, Leatherface... Kev!
  8. Howdy, Last of this group of kobolds... Kev!
  9. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77333: Mountain Troll

    Howdy, My first use of the new light box... Kev!
  10. Howdy, Last of the skirmishers... Kev!
  11. Howdy, Out of the breeding pits... Kev! P.S. Good Golly Miss Gnolly?
  12. Howdy, Come closer... I might be able to cut you a deal! I advise reading the fine print, Kev!
  13. Howdy, Does this look slimy to you..? Don't get any on you, Kev!
  14. Howdy, As this contest has got me to paint a mini, by the simple act of submitting my entry, I have already won! Thank you, Kev! P.S. First pics in my new light box!
  15. Howdy, Join the Crusade! Donations accepted, Kev!
  16. Howdy, Defend the faith! For the cause, Kev!
  17. Howdy, Small crate, large barrel... Boogieman, Kev!
  18. Howdy, Small barrel, large crate... Braaaiiins, Kev!
  19. Howdy, I hope I am doing this right... For the LadyStorm Contest, Kev!
  20. Howdy, What can I say, I was on a roll... Kev!
  21. Howdy, Oh, look he's got a sword... Kev!
  22. Howdy, And then there's this guy... Have you heard about his lord and saviour, Razmir? Kev!
  23. Howdy, Apparently, Day 10 was very productive... Kev!
  24. Howdy, OW166 is supposed to have a model "Modesta", but this guy came instead... Villagers, what you gonna do, Kev!