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  1. Chris - Another great report. I hope to get mine posted soon. Knabe
  2. I finally got around to completing my report from game 6 of our 2017 Frostgrave campaign: Into the Library
  3. Another good looking game. Looking forward to the report. Knabe
  4. Nice start. Look forward to future posts. Knabe
  5. Thanks for the remarks I-Thumb. I saw the Adventuring Kids set and thought, "Oooh, I gotta have 'em"; so I wrote the young apprentice story line back in the first game report. The Familiar spell doesn't require models but it makes for a good excuse to place the figures on the table. Knabe
  6. Pippin, Thanks for the kind comments. I was hoping to get an easy kill for my Captain, Nigel so he could get some more points. I was all glad I managed the Transpose until Chaffarn's controller looked at me and smirked "You know that's my possessed treasure hunter". Then I must have picked up Chris' dice because my to fight rolls were abysmal. I was really sweating the survival roll for Nigel at the end of the game. Knabe
  7. Hello all, Here's Bemis' report from our last campaign game: Rise of the Undead This was a great game (as usual).
  8. Thanks for the kind remarks all. InvisThumb - I didn't even think to grab a pic of my "runes", the letters were W F U K and I think Y. So other than the obvious vulgar that was disallowed, I had no luck trying to make anything that was a real word. Knabe
  9. Well I see I beat David to the punch...or post Here's Bemis' report from our last campaign game: Herding Rangifers Hope you enjoy it. Knabe
  10. Permanent alliances would be frowned upon. We haven't had any so far. The temporary alliances/truces occurred during the last campaign also. I didn't report on them since they didn't affect Knabe. The alliance thing last game was a spur of the moment thing for Chaffarn and Missy as they realized most of the treasure they could reach was in my area. And they knew they may have to fight each other if they took anything away from me. Fortunately, the Captain and a couple others managed to hold the line just long enough to allow Bemis to scurry off with 5 treasures. Since where we set up each game continually changes, alliances come and go based on mutual need and trust - and usually involve lower level wizards. The only other time there was a ot of cooperation was during the harder scenarios with lots of frost giants and the dragon invasion where the focus was less on other warbands and more on the creatures. Between Bemis and Quail, its not an alliance of helping each other, rather its a non-binding Sigilist thing to hinder all the others. Being weak on offensive-like spells, there is a need to level the playing field a bit. And even though Chaffarn made a move against Bemis this time out, he still responded to suggestions to cast Call of Storm multiple times. Why take spells like Draining Word and Call of Storm if you're not going to use them? Thanks for the kind remarks about my game report. Bemis (aka Knabe)
  11. Hello - I have finally gotten around to completing my game report - Wagon's Ho! Thanks for looking. Knabe
  12. Great use of my trash. Of course now I'll have to keep that stuff for myself Knabe
  13. Darkmeer, Thanks for the kind words. I too have browsed through various blog reports looking for ideas. Knabe
  14. Well, slacker that I am, I finally got around to completing my account of our last Frostgrave Campaign Game: Icecapades Hope you enjoy it even though is is not as well written as Chris' but far better that David's Hahahahahaha...just kidding David. Knabe