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  1. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Hello, Here is Bemis' report of the final game of the 2017 campaign season: Frostgrave Game 12 - Christmas in the Frozen City Hope you enjoy the read and thanks for looking. Knabe
  2. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    You got yours completed before me again....or should I say as usual. Great report. Knabe
  3. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Bemis finally finished writing his about his latest adventure in Felstad: Death of the Lich Lord Hope you find it to be an enjoyable read. Knabe
  4. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Here is Knabe's report from our 10th Frostgrave campaign game for 2017: The Bone Wheel Goes Round and Round Thanks for reading. Knabe
  5. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Well I finally finished the report from our September game The Cauldrons. My apologies for the late posting. Knabe
  6. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    Thanks for posting Chris. Looking forward to playing when it's released. Knabe
  7. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Thanks for the kind comments. The Bailey/Again story was fun to write up. I had the benefit of reading Quails report and then editing mine to link up. And the damage to Agarn's hat was a grievous blow....He likes that hat. Bemis was fighting at an advantage, he was receiving +2 support for all his fights in addition to his own +8 fight giving him +10. And I rolled well for a change. One game I swear I was rolling Chris' die. And I echo Chris' comments about level of experience reducing casualties, although there have been games that had lots of losses, they didn't belong to the two of us who write reports. I'll try and get summaries from the other warbands next game for comparison. Again, thanks for reading and commenting. Knabe
  8. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    In record time, here's Bemis' report from last Saturday's campaign game: Who Closed the Door? It includes the events surrounding Bailey's unprovoked attack upon a helpless young apprentice. Enjoy. -Knabe
  9. Branna's Brigands-A Frostgrave Campaign

    Nice reports Pippin. Look forward to reading more of them. Knabe
  10. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Thanks Pippin, I try make my reports entertaining. Yes, Bemis was able to secure more than his share of the treasures. He was quite pleased. Especially given his lack of offensively oriented spells. Although some claim that Draining Word is offensive enough. Knabe
  11. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Okay, Okay....I finally overcame my writer's block and present my meager report of the 7th game of the 2d campaign for your reading enjoyment (hopefully). A Long Reach
  12. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Chris - Another great report. I hope to get mine posted soon. Knabe
  13. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    I finally got around to completing my report from game 6 of our 2017 Frostgrave campaign: Into the Library
  14. Knarthex Host's Frostgrave 2017

    Another good looking game. Looking forward to the report. Knabe
  15. Knarthex Host's Frostgrave 2017

    Nice start. Look forward to future posts. Knabe