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  1. That is utterly stunning work. You are a brilliant artist! I love the diaphanous clothing especially!
  2. I am jealous of everyone who got to see the eclipse. It was very cloudy where I am in Florida so basically it was already dark and cool, and then it got a little darker but we couldn't even see the sun so it was sad. I definitely want to try and make it to an area under the path of totality for the next one in 2024.
  3. Wow, that is a great first attempt at OSL. I think you did a spot on job! Well done!
  4. It's too early for theoretical archaeological thought....damn you Lewis Binford. Context: Classes start tomorrow and I already have a billion pages of reading to do. One class is on theoretical archaeological thought. Archaeologists apparently suffer from massive inferiority complexes and like to write very, very, very, very, very long articles articles, utilizing esoteric and overly bloated language to say simple things like "we dig stuff up." English is not my first language and I am spending as much time reading as I am looking up words in the dictionary.
  5. Funded

    I don't know if this question has been asked or answered in another location but I am curious as to why/how Bones minis are "expensive to produce" and yet are so inexpensive? I mean I get the mass production of PVC products allow for cost efficiency, but what aspect is expensive? Is it the molding process? Is it the design phase? This is just pure interest, not a commentary or anything.
  6. I think you did a phenomenal job. Your tabletop is my current idea of "display worthy". I think it came out exceptionally well I feel the same way as you. Since I don't play with 99% of mine (i did finally paint one as my PC in my current Pathfinder game), I seek "perfection" and i too wish to make my paint jobs "worthy" of the model. Especially the metal ones I bought recently. I have one that I primed, started and was instantly disgusted with and stripped it because the results were not matching the vision I had in my head. Poor Ishara Snowfinch sits primed and waiting for me to feel confident enough to paint.
  7. I absolutely adore cats and melt around them...which if you actually saw me in person is utterly ridiculous because I am am slightly under 2 meters tall, have a large beard and very broad. I love cats.....But that cat is about to steal your soul for your diner.
  8. Looks amazing! Your "table top" work is extremely good!
  9. Preparing for the semester. All day...both days...and then into Monday. YAY!!! Seriously...that makes me truly happy. So glad to be back in school!
  10. That movie is like the Brother that no one wants to acknowledge because he was arrested for selling meth to minors. Can't argue that...but dang it, EVERY line in that movie is extremely quotable...
  11. My head almost exploded...what on earth is there NOT to love about this film?!?!?!?! I may be a little biased here, I do actually have an original film poster in pristine condition, framed and mounted in my home-office. I may be able to recite the dialog for every scene verbatim, start to finish. I may have had (and still might) have a crush on Sandahl Bergman.
  12. Bones 3

    That is a LOT of amazing colours! It looks really beautiful! Great job!
  13. Wow that is incredibly vibrant and utterly stunning!
  14. A very common question...and one you will literally hear a hundred different opinions about. Most people will probably say they can work with either, many have a preference as to which kind, some are proponents of the "If it ain't metal, it's crap" school of thought. I started painting myself with the Bones minis and I have also now worked with metal minis. I do think that metal offers crisper details like you said and since my main goal in painting is "display quality", I at this point do slightly prefer metal minis. Personally I think Bones plastic is a great way to start painting since they're very inexpensive and you can experiment and learn before investing more time and money. The larger Bones minis do hold their details more and are way less expensive so I wouldn't hesitate buying a large plastic mini (like the crazy over-sized dragons that are very popular among the forumites). Many people here paint on to "table top" quality however and thus the Bones plastic is the PERFECT medium for them. They don't worry about details as much as others and the plastic offers them an opportunity to get way more for their money. There have been postings comparing identically painted plastic and metal minis and some artists have the skills to make anything look stunning and most couldn't tell the difference. A lot of us just move back and forth, especially if there are minis that are produced solely in either plastic or metal at this point and we love the sculpt. In the end, it comes down to your wants, needs and means as a painter. Don't agonize over it; you don't have to "pick a side". (Seriously, because I REALLY did when I first started painting and it was pointless) Just enjoy painting and your own preferences will evolve as your skills do.
  15. Speed Paint: 3-5 hours max. It is a "I need a NPC and this will do" scenario. Base coat, washes, a little highlighting and dry-brushing. (I.e. My latest posting) Table-top: Varies in time, can take days or weeks. You put a lot of work into it to look good, but you don't go crazy worrying about the most minute details. Maybe do something with the base, probably not. Covered in varnish and most likely Bones. Show Quality: What I aspire to whenever I paint, but have not yet achieved. Every last detail is agonized over. It is a labor of extreme love and commitment. The whole reason I paint in the first place.