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  1. I don't know. I still have at least 4-5 years of school to go through. I will worry about the move costs when I know where I will have to move. Ideally it will be for a well paying job. Until then, I shall acquire minis as I see fit...even if my wife does not!
  2. That is absolutely stunning work! You have done a marvelous job and the details are astounding!
  3. I think I would be around a 17 on most occasions. If I am under severe stress, the number would plummet to 10 . In my youth, I was much more impatient, mostly with other people's foolishness, but now I am getting too old to be so bothered. Life is too short to stress about the little things.
  4. This is the kind of wisdom which is much needed in the world today. This weekend has been utterly unproductive, and today I did virtually nothing but relax. I know some of you may be envious, but I am frankly disgusted with my lack of activity.
  5. Suddenly, I feel infinitely more happy about my "large" collection (25-30) of minis I have not painted. I feel like this could happen to me, but my wife is a stern and fiscally responsible woman. She will be very mad at me if she sees me getting too many minis.
  6. Thank you, I really do appreciate the praise! It is indeed a hard plastic model. I removed some lines, but I also know that I am the kind of person who will obsess over the "perfection" of my work and that would include the removal of lines. I also know that I'd inevitably screw it up and leave a giant scar on the face of the mini. Ill get there one day, but since this mini is mainly for table play, I am less concerned.
  7. Thank you! Trust me, the mold lines are driving me crazy! I tried really hard to take care of what I could but I know that I'd wind up destroying more of the mini by going crazy on the mold lines. Thanks! I did, it took a lot of care to try and deal with all those gaps! I am glad to know I am not the only one who has this issue with this particular mini. As far as the menofix, I just took my time and REALLY focused my shaky hands as best I could! I had planned on going today to play, but had to skip it to do some family things. Believe it or not, the white didn't go on that thick! This particular mini had some really shallow features that looked like the should have been more pronounced. Especially on the main armor plate. There is a mold line that literally runs through the miniscule menofix on the top of his shoulder pads that I tried to remove, but actually cut out part of the feature. I have not painted too many minis yet, but this one had the worst mold lines out of any I have seen yet.
  8. Thank you for the advice, flesh tones are difficult to me. It is the bones version.
  9. I love your work! I have the minis from this set in metal. I have had them for years now but never painted them. They were my first exposure to mins. I just actually primed one to get ready to paint so I hope my work turns out as nice as yours! I love the GW LOTR minis, the only physical product they make that I like!
  10. Amazing work! What movie are you thinking of? I haven't been able to figure out where I may have seen someone like that.
  11. Beautiful work! Welcome to the forum, everyone here is really awesome and helpful. I too am a huge fan of are apparently many here. Maybe there is some genetic link between people who like purple and the desire to paint minis? Personally I enjoy the solitude. I prefer being alone most times and enjoy the moments I have to be not stressed. Keep posting your work! You'll get lots of feedback.
  12. Good evening all, I started a WIP yesterday for a new project, but felt like I needed to finish this particular project before I continued with the new one. I want to be very clear about this mini; I hate it. I really hate this mini. It was a pain to work on, has caused me grief and I just wanted to get it done so that I could play this week. I am not that pleased with how it has turned out, but I am starting to develop the "good enough" mentality. This mini has TERRIBLE mold lines and weak details. The little blue accoutrements were that obscure on the model before it was even primed. I am certain that in the hands of a greater capable artist, it would have been much nicer. The only reason I am even posting it here is because I spent so much time on it, I need some sort of affirmation of the work. I also, like a fool, didn't seal this mini before I did the base. I have a bad feeling that when I do apply sealant, something will go wrong, like it has for every step of this mini. Please let me know your honest opinions and any suggestions
  13. beautiful work! The eyes are very creepy!
  14. Not much honestly. During the school year I am either exhausted from a long stressful week or have work to do. Now that it is summer, it is a little too hot for me outside and I feel less desire for outdoor excitement. My wife also works on the weekends so we don't have much time to do things together which is really unfortunate. I try and just relax and enjoy the activities that I enjoy. That can mean anything from playing videogames or painting inside all day or going out and enjoying nature. Frankly, I expect to hibernate for the summer and I will emerge once more when it is not a sweltering 40 degrees outside.
  15. Pre-launch

    I can understand this thinking. I feel the same way a bit. A friend of mine (who introduced me to Reaper) backed Bones III and he has waited a long time for them. He doesn't care about the wait, but he is more situated as I am. He's got a home, career and family and is not going anywhere any time soon. I, on the other hand, have 4-5 more years of my PhD and then who knows. Will I still be interested in painting in 2 years? I can't imagine not being, but you never know! I have a dissertation to write after all! I am certainly very interested in Bones 4, and pretty sure I will invest, but I will also consider what's being offered and what minis I am interested in. I also want to make it clear that I am a huge Reaper fan, their customer service was excellent and I love the paints and the minis. It is certain that, even if I don't back the kickstarter, Reaper is certainly going to get my money. Especially as the minis from Bones 3 are made available to retail!