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  1. It is such a soothing show. Everyone is so pleasant and it is so nice compared to American competitions. Nothing against those, it's sometimes nice though to just have a nice calm experience. I have started painting in spurts of 30 mins to an hour, first production I have had in months. I am in the process of converting my work area to serve as a paint area as well. I have a really big desk.
  2. Very beautiful work. It is so jovial and endearing!
  3. Last August, when I started my PhD Program...I thought doing my MA was tough. How is it going? Well...One year down...4 to 6 more to go! My goal is to finish before 40.
  4. These are so amazing. All your work is. Your gaming group is lucky to have you!
  5. I finished my paper. 47 pages of brutal agony. I am delirious with sleep deprivation. Now I shall dance.
  6. I just picked up two packs of the pre-primed minis released by WizKids. They seem nice, but I am not fully convinced. Frankly the only reason I bought them was because I was able to find a mini that is perfect for a pathfinder game, it looks just like I imagine my pc. Plus I always feel guilty going into my FLGS and not purchasing something. It is such an amazing store, run by a woman who is so super passionate about gaming so I feel compelled to support it as much as I can. There are two major game stores where I live. One is basically a lightless dungeon with a very unfriendly staff, but it stocks literally every Bones mini, Warmachine and Warhammer model and about a billion other things at a reasonable price. The other one does not keep a lot of mini's or war games in stock, but they will gladly order it for you and it's only about a one or two day turnaround. Most importantly, everyone is very friendly, its bright and clean, and there are games and events going on every day, most importantly to me a huge Warmachine group.... I went off on a very unexpected tangent here....I am sleep deprived and working on a paper that is melting my brain....
  7. I really love the vibrancy of the pinks. I love very colourful mini's and this looks so nice with the pink and white over the black!
  8. I don't think there is anything wrong with your work! It looks good for such an early attempt. I Pochi makes a great point, we are always our own worst critics. Don't doubt yourself!
  9. I have been working on a paper for my last class this semester, 12 - 15 hours a day, for the last 3 days. My brain is melting. I don't know if that is the purpose of this threat, but I just read several posts about cows and bad puns so I'm utterly convinced this is the place for me tonight.
  10. I understand you here. My wife watches TV shows about 600 pound people and drug addicts. I feel like I will get sick sometimes just sitting in the same room when she watches these things! I need my desk or else I would do the same as you.
  11. Wow....mind blown! Is that picture real? Because that makes so much sense...
  12. They look like they'll be fun to do. You have such a beautiful and unique quality to your painting and I'm sure you'll bring that vibrancy to these guys!
  13. Stick Around! Really beautiful work. Love the detail.
  14. WOW that is stunning work! You have incredible skill and I hope that I can achieve that level someday!
  15. Kilts or any fashion style of clothing that completely negates the need for pants. I HATE pants....unless they are sweatpants. The greatest part about living in Florida currently is that I can wear shorts everyday. Even when it is "cold" here, I can wear shorts. Pants are a cruel device meant to subjugate humanity.