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  1. Seeing this mini inspired me to break out my copy of Mass Effect on my PC lol. Thanks for reminding me I own it still!
  2. I just saw the June mini! I cannot wait for Wednesday! I have been waiting weeks to put in an order to see what this next mini is and I couldn't be happier! As much as I liked May's, I am not a fan of the rogue. But this one is soooo very much what I would love to paint! And the display colours and painting are stunning!
  3. They all look really great! What is Guide Ball? Who makes this minis?
  4. Looks absolutely stunning! The colours are so vivid and beautiful and your skill is amazing!
  5. I love the purple! Looks phenomenal!
  6. Looks great! I too just recently finished up the Layer Up LTP kit and I was so happy with all the skills I learned from it. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
  7. This is beautifully done! I love the effect on her visor! She was always my favorite as well and I kept her in my party all the time!
  8. I know this might be a dead issue at this point but I figure I'd throw in my discovery. Alpha Precision Abrasives makes very fine, disposable sanding files that I found to be utterly phenomenal cleaning the mold lines off of my most recent mini. I got the 240/320 Grit Professional Hobby Sanding Files from my local Hobby Lobby. They have a very flexible foam structure inside them so the bend around corners and into crevices really easily. I am simply dipping them into some water then sanding down the lines and I have been astonished with how well it works! I have not damaged ANY of the details and have made most of the lines virtually disappear. On a few I needed to cut them down with an exacto knife a little before the sanding. This really worked well for me and since it is such a superfine grain of sanding paper, it does not damage the mini like metal files might. If anyone else tries it, please let me know! I know that I have found the only way I will be prepping my Bones minis from now on!
  9. I really cant wait to see this! I was utterly unimpressed with the quality of Hero Forge minis which I have seen but yours look like they are very nicely made. I cant wait to see you apply your skills to them!
  10. Absolutely stunning work! Is the armor true metallic or non-metallic? It's done so masterfully in either case, I genuinely cannot tell.
  11. I don't know what you mean by manouvers but be safe whatever it may be!
  12. That's is really scary stuff. We had a serial killer once in Iceland, but that was in the 16th century. We don't even have murders very often. There was one recently which really shocked the whole country. It is hard to fully understand honestly.
  13. Wow that is very scary stuff! I hope they find the terrible person who has done this!
  14. Thank you, that was actually the one thing I really felt like the camera didn't capture. There is actually a decent amount of contrasting highlights on the hair, especially at the front there. I think my mini might have had a poor casting because the level difference between the hairline and the skin was virtually non-existent. I had to really force that distinction using sharp contrasting shadows and highlights. Before that, it looked like she was wearing a babushka! Thank you so much! My hands shake terribly in all honesty! I was in a bad accident several years ago and sustained neurological damage and now my hands shake a lot. But I have learned to work with that and use the trembling while painting in short spurts and to dab-paint on really small details.