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  1. The NMM is amazing! I like the freehand on the pants too! I tried NMM and failed miserably my first attempt but yours came out so professional!
  2. It has been a really rough couple of days, physically and mentally. I want to paint so badly and I just can't. I hope everyone is well and happy.
  3. Awwww I like it! It say's "I don't give a flock". I'd wear it...I mean not unless I got paid to but frankly speaking it'd take some serious guts to wear matter who you are. I personally have no shame.
  4. I only slept 2 hours last night and did a killer workout this morning. Now that I am at work, sitting at my desk, I am falling asleep. I have a bag of ice sitting on my head to try and keep me awake.
  5. Morning everyone, hope you are all off to a good day. I started working out again this morning and over did it a bit, but it feels good to start getting active again! I also got a new Fitbit Blaze over the weekend which is amazing!
  6. I don't have the light! My set up is in a very dark, dark, dark, windowless area....aka....the closet. We don't have much space in the apartment so in order to allow me a private space, we converted one of the large closets into an office. It's a sizeable closet, but there is terrible lighting. My lamp was the sole source of light really. Some may think that me being in a closet is sad, but honestly I love it. I feel very secure in small spaces
  7. Because my lamp exploded I can't head may explode from pure boredom!!!!!
  8. Power surge? We had a power fluctuation for several minutes and it just went "POP!" when the last surge came. Either that or malevolent spirits which decided that I wasn't going to be painting anymore today...
  9. Just finished another mini, but had to link it for nudity. I don't think I will every understand the America fear of nudity. Now I have to buy a new desk-lamp because mine exploded this afternoon. That was very scary. My wife is going to strangle me for spending more money, but I absolutely cannot live or work without a desk lamp.
  10. Hello all, Here is my most recent work. As part of my June goals, I am trying to paint more non-human creatures. I actually really like this mini, the photos I took don't capture the highlighting I did for her hair however. I tried to do some basing stuff, that straw grass material is horrible to work with and I am not thrilled with the result. I don't know if it worked, but I felt the little shrubs and the tall grass added a little something to the mini. The front and sides are linked for nudity. I would like real criticism please. I really want to improve and I think I did somewhat with this mini especially in the eyes and face.
  11. I love the grime effect you did around the face! I wouldn't have thought of leaving her eyes clean because she was wearing goggles. Amazing!
  12. I never really understood the appeal of the campy Batman from the 60's, but I understand and truly appreciate any person who can act a complete fool, yet keep a straight face. I don't know why, but it seems like he never took himself too seriously, which in my opinion is the sign of a great person. Life is too serious to take seriously. Hvíla í friði
  13. lol I like how about Household 6?
  14. What is SWMBO? I swear I try really hard to keep up with all the American idioms I encounter. I have a very long list and I try and incorporate them in speech so I remember them but it seems like every day I encounter a new one!!
  15. Might I ask what does your husband do? I am just curious as I personally would love a university teaching job. I know that it is not for everyone, but I LOVE teaching! I taught two classes this last year and they were my favorite part of the week!