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  1. Baldur8762

    Female Elven Ranger from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Beautifully done!
  2. Baldur8762

    Ancient Skeleton horde (photo heavy)

    Those look amazing! Those green eyes look like they are really glowing. The patina on the bronze also looks fantastic
  3. Baldur8762

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    There are a lot of people on the forum having some really crappy days. I just want say that i am praying for all those who are troubled and suffering.
  4. Baldur8762

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Im going to rant. I finished the last book of a very long fantasy series this morning and i dont know how i feel about it. I think im disappointed, but i dont know. The whole thing felt anticlimactic and rushed. So many plot threads were just abandoned or quickly wrapped up. I invested tons of time on over a dozen books and the ending did not fit the overall tone of the series. Its going to slowly drive me crazy.
  5. Baldur8762

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Skluuppo, an accidentally racist gnome theif. My occasionally poor English resulted in an awkward scenario and my group just won't let me live it down.
  6. Baldur8762

    Spring Exchange - Brand Oathblood

    I looooove that tattoo art!
  7. Baldur8762

    For old time's sake: a Crusader.

    Looks great! Well done!
  8. Purchased Conan: Exiles for the PS4. It is way better than I expected it to be. If you like adventure survival games, this one is fantastic. I am already seriously addicted.
  9. Baldur8762

    CMON Expo Instructors Speed Painting

    I'm so envious that those only took 90 minutes. It' take me 90 days to reach that level of work.
  10. Baldur8762

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    I never had a name for it until now but this is my exact sentiment. I have only painted one metal mini because i want to be "good enough" to paint those. The Bones ones i am less afraid of painting because they're less expensive. Don't ask me how i rationalize this in my brain. This forum has proven that rational thought has very little to do with mini painting.
  11. Baldur8762

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    ALL of them. I usually need to work up the nerve to paint the ones i purchased because they were aesthetically pleasing.
  12. Baldur8762

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Reading stupid pulp novels, listening to heavy metal, playing video games, watching MST3K. I'd like to say painting, but I don't remember what that's like...
  13. Baldur8762


    Wow those look amazing! I love the classic green for the Orc and I think the yellow is great.
  14. Baldur8762

    Reaper Core and Layer Up Set

    Very nice work, welcome to the forum and welcome back to the hobby!
  15. Baldur8762

    77299: Female Antipaladin

    Outstanding work! Love the shield!