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  1. 01620 Cat Dragon Promo Figure

    Wow those are amazing. Utterly stunning work!
  2. 02035: Gwendalyn the Healer

    Looking good! I too struggle with the eyes, but i have gotten better, and the last mini i painted had really nice, realistic(ish) looking eyes. I found too that a larger brush with a fine point is much more useful. Shame i found that out after buying super small ones. They dry out instantly in my climate. I havent used a #2 though, maybe i should try.
  3. Burnaboyz GW orkz

    Those look great! Super colourful and well detailed.
  4. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    My wife encourages it, so long as I don't spend too much money. She has only once made a comment about the collection of unpainted minis. I want her to try to paint as well, and she is keen to, but most of the time we are both too tired (i haven't painted in months now). Two of my friends are into it; one participated in Bones III, but he is capricious and I think he has moved on to another hobby and has not even touched the minis...I am secretly hoping to get them from him at some point Most people are impressed with the fact I paint such small things, and while they are sincere, they clearly do not match my enthusiasm.
  5. Zombicide Modern Abomination

    I think it looks amazing! It's very detailed for tabletop too! I think the blood effect looks great!
  6. Ape-X

    Wow that is a crazy mini! Beautifully done.
  7. General Drake: 50147

    Very impressive work!
  8. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Hangikjöt. it is a holiday staple. It's not overly exotic, but It brings back warm memories of happy times with my family.
  9. Fire giant jailor with suspect OSL

    I think this is a phenomenal piece. I love the NMM especially. I don't see the OSL though, I don't mean to be rude, I just am not sure where it is.
  10. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Best advice: Get Kolinsky Sable brushes and to "just keep painting" (which I haven't actually done due to academic demands) All the advice has been incredibly useful, but those two were the best bits for me.
  11. Bloodbowl The Banane Stadium

    That is beyond amazing. I love all the little puns! Phenomenal work.
  12. Ral Partha Female elf thief

    Beautiful work. Love the hues of purple.
  13. Grenadier Bugbear

    Great work on such a reliquary of a mini! That is somehow infinitely more terrifying than what Bugbears look like now. It looks like a monster that's a half a meter tall, runs run around your basement, and bite your ankles whenever you go down to do the laundry.
  14. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    While I have absolutely no clue as to the validity of your statements, numbers are scary to me and thus I must accept it as fact simply out of fear that my Basic School Maths teacher will somehow know . She was very scary. At the same time, I prefer to believe I am special, and often choose to ignore empirical data, in favor of my own perceptions of the world