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  1. Hello all, Originally, I had not planned on doing a WIP because I didn't want everyone laughing at my ineptitude. But how else will I learn? Tonight I started the lady Isabeau Laroche. What spurred me to do this WIP honestly was my attempts at eyes for this. I think came out VERY well, especially the right one. The left will look better once I fix the hair that is supposed to be covering part of her face. I attempted the Bette Davis method, which came out better than I expected. I also painted all her visible skin, although I am not completely satisfied with the shades and highlights. The picture tonight isn't that good but I assure you it does look a little better in person. I wanted to do a slightly fair-skin for her, so if anyone has any recommendations I would appreciate it. I think though that I will improve as I go. My biggest issue thus far was some drying on the brush that left paint strokes on a section of the face. I need to start being more conscious of the lack of humidity in my home.
  2. That is phenomenal work! I am amazed at the intricacies and the details you created! So beautiful!
  3. Another update: This mini is becoming both a source of pride and frustration. There are some aspects of this which I am really pleased with, others not as much. The most frustrating aspect of the mini right now are the accoutrements which lack definition on the shoulders and my inability to paint the colour yellow. On the other hand, I think the highlights on the gloves came out really well and I am exceedingly pleased with the galdrat√°kn I did freedhand on her shield. She will be ready to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies by tomorrow evening I believe.
  4. They Both look great!
  5. Looks amazing! As someone who just attempted to do NMM, I can tell you it is not easy to master. For the mini I am currently working on I had to go back over with TMM to save it. But I did learn a lot! The key I have been told is knowing how to blend layers. Looks like you have got that covered so you'll do better than I did!
  6. Wow that looks fantastic! I love the green and you made the leather look so realistic!
  7. That's is some beautiful work Darius. I am still very new to painting and I have learned so much, but I think my skills aren't quite there yet. But I feel confident that they can and one day will be.
  8. WOW! That is so freaking awesome! I cannot wait to see this!
  9. There is only one ship that matters!
  10. I hope it all works out! I am glad to hear that he is doing better! It does feel good to just get it all out. I feel like here is the perfect place for it honestly. We can maintain anonymity but yet I feel like everyone are friends.
  11. People actually eat Spam? I thought it was something saved solely for surviving a nuclear holocaust...
  12. Travel. I would host, but honestly I don't like the invasion of my sanctuary. I can control things better at someone else place and I can leave if I am not having fun or if things are awkward (don't ask). Also, if my depression makes it difficult for me to leave the house, which can happen, I only need to tell one person and not ruin everyone's time. I try to make it so people don't rely on me for things lol. It is not that I am unreliable, it's just that I don't want the added burden.
  13. Ah, see there was something lost in translation for me there. Especially on a forum dedicated to minis. Still sounds like a great vacation! Me too! As much as I love to travel there is something very appealing about being able to stay home and relax. When I was younger (and single ), I used to take a whole week off every year during the height of winter and just spend it relaxing in my apartment, reading, sleeping, playing games and eating noodles. It was my hibernation week! be young again lol.
  14. Fulfilling

    I honestly cannot imagine painting that giant dragon without an airbrush! As amazing as the statue is, I don't personally want a "mini" of that size. Maybe one day, but it personally does not appeal to me. It would take me a year or more to finish it!
  15. Everyone here seems to be very supporting and it is nice to just let it all out without concerns of judgments Do you mean you took a vacation just to paint minis?! I would think that a rainy day was the perfect day for that! Paint, Paint , Paint!
  16. I have been using a product on my computer called OneNote. I will admit that I forget sometimes to actually record exactly what I did, but mostly that is because that if I am mixing paints, it is not always clear how much of what I am mixing. But base coats I do record, this way if I like the result, I know what to start with. I find that the rest of my colours are mixed to fit the moment of painting. The fun part of One Note is that I can also catalog my photos, notes and everything else on one page. It's pretty useful I think.
  17. I am not nearly as skilled as many around here, but for my own work so far I have found that when doing my final highlighting, I like to brighten my paint a little more than the rest. I have been using a dab of pure white to just raise the colour a bit and since it is only used on the extreme edges I think it makes it pop. I also think that lining the mini's (I am using Reaper Brown Liner) really also helps make the mini pop as it breaks colors and forces them. I have a WIP currently that is demonstrating this a bit, but remember I am not an expert and still learning myself. WIP Isabeau Laroche
  18. Thanks for the information and the video! Is there any chance you could show the before and after using a wash of some kind? I have noticed in my bones prep that the washes really help identify the mold lines. It would be helpful to see just how effective this method is and how smooth the finished product looks.
  19. My guess is Yucca Fries. I am surprised to hear that a geology degree is not "marketable"! You should move to Iceland, always jobs available for geologists! But when you live on what is basically giant volcanos in the middle of the ocean, you tend to be concerned about what's beneath your feet. But beyond that there are tons of geology jobs. It's actually hard to fill them because a lot of people leave for more lucrative positions. I mean, you wouldn't be rich, but you'd at least enjoy it! Plus all the benefits!
  20. One of my undergraduate degree was in Geology! But I have no true passion for it. It is interesting and I enjoy the subject, but I cannot picture myself engaging in it for a lifetime career.
  21. Morning fellow forumites! Hopefully you are all having a good day so far. I hope all those who received their Bones 3 packages were able to get some sleep. My jealously knows no limits.
  22. Looks great! One down...infinity to go!
  23. Looks fantastic!
  24. Another Update: I am fairly pleased with how this mini is turning out. I re-did the NMM in TMM and am actually happy with how it came out. It looks better than I expected it to, not as fake or flat. I did some lining (which I personally really think makes mini's pop) but I wont line everything. I am slightly frustrated with how the purple on the right arm has come out. On this part of the mini, the detail is very muted. I can see that there are supposed to be layers, but I cant seem to discern their pattern. The crevices are so shallow that I struggled to do highlights and shades so after some stumbling around I decided to do a medium-dark basecoat, a dark wash and then glaze my way up as best I could. It's not what I wanted, but I think it came out ok. Honestly, that part of the mini is really frustrating me. It is a good bones casting in all other areas except that stupid shoulder. I did a wash over the leg armor tonight and need to wait a bit before I touch it up. Once again, thoughts are welcome! Oh and this is the colour scheme I am trying to work with.