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  1. 77399 Sigurd, Viking

    Looks phenomenal!
  2. Bandit Bully: My first Mini

    Looks great! Who's to say he isn't wearing a black shirt? That's the beauty of painting, it is up to you how you want your mini to look. There is no "Right" or "Wrong" way!
  3. 03531 - Nalani, Dancing Girl

    She is gorgeous! Very alluring dance.
  4. 77219: Grundor Hoardtaker

    Looks great! A red glaze is a great idea, I will need to try that.
  5. 03108 - Azrin, Female Dwarf Barbarian

    Looks great! She is scary looking!
  6. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    These are the places that I have traveled to, and fallen in love with. America: I just love how everything is so varied here. Where I am from, there is one way (more or less) of life. Here, people are different all over. There is so much diversity and so so so many delicious foods. My home is pretty homogeneous and decidedly monochromatic. South Africa: A fascinating mixture of European and African cultures, and the food is amazing. Japan: I don't think needs much explaining. It's another planet practically compared to anywhere else. And food of course. I see a theme here....
  7. Last year my life became so chaotic that I stopped painting for several months. After painting prolifically over the summer, my fall semester sucked out my soul and nothing brought me joy. Thankfully that painful semester is behind me, and now I can devote more time to hobbies and happiness. However, I felt nervous about starting again (don't know why) and I struggled to put paint to brush. I decided that what I needed was a crash course in painting and a Pathfinder campaign I just started needed skeletons. So I jumped in and decided to do a quick paint job on these four minis. I spent perhaps an hour total on each from start to finish. I know these are not spectacular, and I know that I cannot dry-brush for the life of me, but I am happy overall with the result. I am proud of these little guys simply because I FINALLY got back to painting and now I feel more desire to paint. Comments and critiques are truly welcome! It's great to be back!!!!!! P.S. The package said it was supposed to come with three, but there were four!
  8. Ysera Dragon Bust

    Those colours are amazing! Stunning work.
  9. Progressing as a painter

    I can't add anything that hasn't been said already, but the one bit of advice that has helped me most is the simplest: Keep Painting. I am no master, but I think I have improved significantly since I began and I think each mini I have painted has taught me lessons about what I should or shouldn't do. Every mistake, which I always agonize over, is a lesson to learn from. Keep up the great work!
  10. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    What is this "Hair" you speak of? I started losing mine in my early 20's. Unlike most men, I didn't try and cling to it as it thinned. I waged a "scorched-earth" campaign and got rid of it all. Don't want to grow? FINE! I DON'T NEED YOU!!!!!! I'm not bitter or anything....
  11. 77255: Bronzeheart, Minotaur Hero

    Your metallics look great to me! I love the eyes too
  12. Beautiful work! Love that elf.
  13. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. I should probably start painting again before I sleep. I usually read, but upon contemplation, I think I have actually slept better on those nights I paint right before bed...hmmmm....
  14. 77024 Goblins

    Welcome back! Those look great, especially after such a long hiatus.
  15. Volkor character S&S

    That is stunning work!
  16. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    First Mini: Ugh... Best: Both of these were painting several months after the first one. I can't decide between these two Why I Paint: Catharsis mainly. Painting for me is a form of meditation. I hyper-focus on the minutia of each brush stroke and shut off the rest of my brain. I don't think of anything else except of what is directly in front of me. It can sometimes be a little stressful, but in the end, when I have a mini I can be proud to display, the reward is immeasurable. To paraphrase Hemingway; I don't always enjoy painting, but I love having painted.
  17. 89001: red Pathfinder dragon

    That looks great! I especially like the purple wash effect you accomplished. Only thing I am surprised about is the size. I dont know why, but I always imagined that this particular mini was bigger. I have never seen it with a size perspective before.
  18. Sphinx - 77576

    Those eyes look amazing! Really beautiful work!
  19. Sunrise diorama

    That is fantastic! I love the work, and I really love the idea. I kinda feel bad for the poor fellow. Simply beautiful.
  20. February 2018 Goals!

    The Goal is simple: Paint ONE mini from start to finish. After painting almost non-stop all summer, the Fall semester left me with no time to paint. It was the hardest semester of my life, and one class in particular sucked the joy out of everything, even life itself. Now that is over and I have less stress and have decided to dedicate one day for relaxing activities. I am seriously afraid however that I have forgotten how to paint! I am nervous to pick up the brush again after so long. I know my work will be terrible. But paint won't apply itself, and I have mini's demanding my attention! Plus I miss it.
  21. 7002 Baran Blacktree with Painting Guide

    That is beyond beautiful...
  22. Damar the Mage & Damiel the Alchemist

    Wow those flasks really look great! From what I understand, Zenithal is the way to go, especially for work as delicate as this. Really stunning work.
  23. Istariel - Judgement

    That is absolutely stunning. Truly magnificent work. You should be very proud!
  24. 02347 Prince Denethorr

    Looks fantastic!
  25. Hasslefree Miniatures: Zuun Akos and Old Wolf

    Great skin tones! I am really impressed with the guy on the right. He looks like Ronnie Coleman back in the day.