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  1. Hello all! I present my latest paint, 77079: Isabeau Laroche. As with all the mini's I have painted thus far, there are parts I love, and parts I don't. I complained about many things already in the WIP thread I did for this mini so I won't go through it all again. I am most pleased with the freehand I did on the shield. It is a galdratákn, an old Icelandic magical ward, it is named Óttastafur and it is meant to instill overwhelming fear in your enemies. Feedback and comments are very welcome!
  2. A very long time ago, back in 2002, I purchased a set of GW's LOTR Fellowship minis. I purchased them as a massive fan of the books/films, with the full intention of painting them but had no intention of ever playing the game associated with the minis. Being in my early 20's however, I got sidetracked with many other things and never painted them. I kept them though because, even though I have only just now started actually painting minis, it had always been something I wanted to do (plus they were very expensive). 15 years later, I have finally painted a mini from this set. I am glad I kept these as well because they are no longer produced and I think the look really detailed and nice. Please let me know what you think. It is my first attempt at using static grass and I think it came out ok. I wanted to mix gravel and grass but I didn't like how it looked so I went all grass.
  3. Good evening everyone. Part of my June hobby goals was to paint more non-human minis so I thought I would start with this one because I really thought it was interesting. I prepped it yesterday afternoon, primed with brown liner and had intended to paint it over the next few days until my June Reaper order arrived. Well, my June order arrived today, several days before I had expected it to arrive. The June order was all metal minis and I was super excited to start painting metal for the first time so I was going to abandon this one and focus on the new minis. After prepping and priming my first metal mini tonight, I knew I had to wait a day or so to let the primer cure on it so I figured I would give myself a fun challenge and see what I could do in two hours with this mini. I hate starting a project and abandoning it so I figured a speed painting session was better than either leaving it undone or tossing it. From first coat to photo, it took 1 hour, 42 minutes. It's noting spectacular but I thought for under 2 hours it wasn't have bad. Enjoy!
  4. Hello all, Here is my most recent work. As part of my June goals, I am trying to paint more non-human creatures. I actually really like this mini, the photos I took don't capture the highlighting I did for her hair however. I tried to do some basing stuff, that straw grass material is horrible to work with and I am not thrilled with the result. I don't know if it worked, but I felt the little shrubs and the tall grass added a little something to the mini. The front and sides are linked for nudity. I would like real criticism please. I really want to improve and I think I did somewhat with this mini especially in the eyes and face.
  5. The NMM is amazing! I like the freehand on the pants too! I tried NMM and failed miserably my first attempt but yours came out so professional!
  6. It has been a really rough couple of days, physically and mentally. I want to paint so badly and I just can't. I hope everyone is well and happy.
  7. Awwww I like it! It say's "I don't give a flock". I'd wear it...I mean not unless I got paid to but frankly speaking it'd take some serious guts to wear matter who you are. I personally have no shame.
  8. I only slept 2 hours last night and did a killer workout this morning. Now that I am at work, sitting at my desk, I am falling asleep. I have a bag of ice sitting on my head to try and keep me awake.
  9. Morning everyone, hope you are all off to a good day. I started working out again this morning and over did it a bit, but it feels good to start getting active again! I also got a new Fitbit Blaze over the weekend which is amazing!
  10. I don't have the light! My set up is in a very dark, dark, dark, windowless area....aka....the closet. We don't have much space in the apartment so in order to allow me a private space, we converted one of the large closets into an office. It's a sizeable closet, but there is terrible lighting. My lamp was the sole source of light really. Some may think that me being in a closet is sad, but honestly I love it. I feel very secure in small spaces
  11. Because my lamp exploded I can't head may explode from pure boredom!!!!!
  12. Power surge? We had a power fluctuation for several minutes and it just went "POP!" when the last surge came. Either that or malevolent spirits which decided that I wasn't going to be painting anymore today...
  13. Just finished another mini, but had to link it for nudity. I don't think I will every understand the America fear of nudity. Now I have to buy a new desk-lamp because mine exploded this afternoon. That was very scary. My wife is going to strangle me for spending more money, but I absolutely cannot live or work without a desk lamp.
  14. I love the grime effect you did around the face! I wouldn't have thought of leaving her eyes clean because she was wearing goggles. Amazing!
  15. I never really understood the appeal of the campy Batman from the 60's, but I understand and truly appreciate any person who can act a complete fool, yet keep a straight face. I don't know why, but it seems like he never took himself too seriously, which in my opinion is the sign of a great person. Life is too serious to take seriously. Hvíla í friði
  16. lol I like how about Household 6?
  17. What is SWMBO? I swear I try really hard to keep up with all the American idioms I encounter. I have a very long list and I try and incorporate them in speech so I remember them but it seems like every day I encounter a new one!!
  18. Might I ask what does your husband do? I am just curious as I personally would love a university teaching job. I know that it is not for everyone, but I LOVE teaching! I taught two classes this last year and they were my favorite part of the week!
  19. HA that is amazing! Well done! It's amazing you tried tackling such a project so early on in the first place!
  20. I thought you just started a new job? Am I misremembering things?
  21. Once again Ghool you have created a masterpiece! So beautiful and I love the Akira look!
  22. Less than 2 hours to go and I am struggling to make it. Your pain is felt by us all...
  23. Oh I like that term...I do this too often though and my wife does not like it lol
  24. Work has made me so angry today. I mean yell at your friends and family angry...this is what I get for expecting Friday to be a quiet day. Damn you universe!
  25. Kinky...this seems like some IT technicians idea of a good Friday night...