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  1. David's Frostgrave Frost Giants

    Nice to see minis from Russian toy company "technolog-fantasy battles". I did get one of the walkers from "technolog-robotgear" for a conversion. Love those minis, plus the box of minis is only $2. http://empire-fan.ru/store/tehnolog/
  2. DWARF garrison diorama / carry case

    Still needs some good LED placement, wiring. More details as far as little details and pattern work all over. ground texture with dirt, mushrooms, leaves, ets. Underground environment dressing. door and pathways to be cutout. mirrors installed. Bottom floor magnetized. And of course the outside. Lots of work left :) just enjoying the process.
  3. 14063 Varaug, Reven Warlord

    Sweet! Good color combination on him.
  4. Tiik Warrior and Mudcroaks

    Thank you man. Plan on staying for sure
  5. Dwarven Forge City Builder Terrain

    Do like all dwarves :) can't wait to see it all done and assembled
  6. thunder knight

    I have same model, and couldn't figure out what to do for colors. I am a fan of gray-brown variants with silver, and you work gave me an idea for my knight. He looks more of a battle priest to me, not very dwarvy. Thank you for sharing
  7. Especially Love detail in the terrain, very very gobliny terrain :)
  8. Before and After

    Thank you for sharing man, not only updated look sweet but it made me want to pull some old minis and do a pass on them too!
  9. Love those land mines most of all. Very inspiring work man! Thank you for sharing
  10. Tiik Warrior and Mudcroaks

    Thanks guys for awesome welcome and kind replies! Glad and happy to be part of Reaper community :)