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  1. Live

    Where did they say larger stuff than before? That's what I'm waiting for :) not much of interest right now Nm: saw it in the update
  2. Live

    So far getting hill Giants, trolls, the solo demon, dragon turtle (hopefully unlocks today)

    Just realized something needed. Slaad. Since they are brand identity, they aren't part of the open source of 3e 4e 5e. I wonder if reaper could make their own line of frog monsters.

    i really want from this: a maaldrakar (or larger) sized Demodragon, archdevil pack, colossal sized kraken :P , gargantuan/collosal sized iron golem, stone golem, and a klurichir.

    they need a properly sized klurichir... about double the height of a balor...

    Ideally (For me), that Dragon Turtle would be 12-15 inches long...

    the zombie dragon looks nice but seems small IMHO. Kaladrax size would be ideal...
  8. I paint more than i play games as well, so more impressive large monsters are what i prefer than characters :) i try to have an assortment of characters and for my players, but more concerned with impressive monsters :)
  9. you can ALWAYS use a demogorgon. :) :) :) I will need mine later in the campaign i run. players have encountered him once a "meeting" of sorts at his palace. I am doing a large mod/resculpt on the GF9 resin one. gotta get back to it some point. put it on hold to work on other stuff.
  10. hmm..something that has me concerned. The original release note from wizkids had this statement: "Prepare to bring new races like the Dragonborn, Tiefling and Genasi into your clan or customise your Displacer beast, Beholder or even Demogorgon (who has obviously regained popularity courtesy of a popular show) to terrify the adventuring party with a plot twist." i remember seeing it at a few sites that pasted it and then checking the link at wizkids to confirm. But now, its changed to this: "Prepare to bring new races like the dragonborn, aasimar, tiefling and genasi into your clan or customize your githyanki, beholder, or even yuan-ti to terrify the adventuring party with a plot twist. Now your characters and monsters can be as unique and creative as the adventure itself." So Demogorgon was changed to Yuan-ti. I wonder if Demogorgon (ie. larger monsters) was a secret or if it was somehow a big error. (not sure how you mix up those 2 things though). I do want a couple of the plastic monsters and definately more beholders, another demogorgon if the size is decent, and yuan ti...but will have to see. July/august should be next reveal of stuff and then sometime in the fall. I do prefer plastic and resin to metal or bones so this is ideal for me. ALready have most ofthe GF9 resin D&D collector series but i haven't heard anything new from them in a while. i wonder if they are still doing D&D stuff. Update: here's a pic of their beholders upcoming
  11. Forgot one: need a proper titan.. like 12-14 inches tall :)
  12. * Demodragon (Colossal sized) * Hekatonkheires (or Hecatonchires) - I like the art from the 3E epic level handbook or the * gargantuan sized astral dreadnought * Slaadi * Ygorl * Elemental princes of evil * Paraelemental princes * alkalith * juiblex * yugoloths (all) * i'd say a large/huge sized lady of pain but doubt they could do that :) Regards, Sanjay
  13. a bit of necromancy... but could be an interesting discussion, since looking for tips: i got the last one of these. I love the 3e dragon head style. the white dragon head is actually like the pathfinder white and not the WotC 3e white but that's fine. the blue is my favourite head; just wish it was a few mm longer and with the overbite like in the photo above. i *may* dremel the front jaw and resculpt it the red dragon head i have started a total resculpt to try and make one that looks like this instead: still deciding what to do for the base. any suggestions? I was thinking a temple type grounds with a giant carved tiamat logo in the middle OR a Avernus base (still a semi temple for the center, but with a river of blood in a random pattern. similar to the blood in this base (side note: i held this model back in GD toronto that year when he won; the blood looks awesome) was also thinking to grind down the snout of the black dragon head and make it like the skull faces of the 3e designs and need to make longer horns that sweep down to the jaw. ANy other suggested conversions to make it better? Regards, Sanjay
  14. not sure why, the head still feels very sticky after priming and 3 layers of paint... rest of the bones material is fine other than the tail spike. the areas i did in sculpey are of course fine. Strange...
  15. tried some dead skin and it didn't look right so just gonna leave it. Will prime it black maybe this weekend and aim to paint it in the next week or 2. gonna do a fairly quick job just go get it done cause got some other painting/sculpting projects i want to do :)