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  1. Live

    pledged the $65, to just get the dragon. wish the game was 32mm scale and the dragon was still THAT much bigger than everything :P NEED...BIGGER...MONSTERS :P it will still be nice though - 22 inch wingspan. Will sell or give away the rest of the stuff it comes with. Sanjay
  2. Funded

    I find the hardest/longest to paint question very interesting...not what i expected. Do people try and paint everything to their best ability? As you can tell from my posts, depending what the model is, the detail level, size, and purpose (ie. contest or not) totally changes how much time and effort i plan to use... Regards, Sanjay
  3. Funded

    Anyone gonna try and put the dragon turtle in resin to make it appear like its swimming? i'm thinking having its head above surface of the resin so its like its surfacing...maybe change angle of tail so its not all in a line.
  4. Funded

    For me: What mini are you most excited to paint? Argent - already looking at what slight modifications to make to the head, to get it closer to this: Not sure if i want to do metallics on it. I'm thinking not. Agrammon, i'm interested in, just to get the modifications done so he looks more like Bel: So sword has to be redone, teeth and maybe make larger wings (may not both with that though). The Chaos Frogs - cause Slaad are cool.... Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint? Bahamut (Argent), Dance of Death, Dragon Turtle - these i will most likely use as contest entries @ Sword & Brush the year we get the models (or the year after) so will have to paint them to competition standard. Most models i dont try. I try to make them look good, but i do separate contest entries vs other. The only Bones piece i have so far that I want to do at a competition level is the Froghemoth. (already started conversions and base planning for it) What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)? Just 1 of whatever i am buying. dont buy duplicates (although planning to trade some stuff to get duplicates to trade within my friends group) What do you hope to see most in Bones 5? - Hecatoncheries (yes, with 50 heads and 100 arms) -- something like this: - rare demonlords (Juiblex, Shaktari, Obox-ox, Sestrous, etc) - Demogorgon - Archdevil set (Mammon, Asmodeus, Geryon, Mephisto, etc) - Zaratan :) :) (but it would need to be BIG - i'd imagine to do it right, would need to be an add on that costs $75-$100 on its own!) - more chaos toads (the other types) Regards, Sanjay
  5. Live

    I need a huge minotaur like Baphomet. Beastial, no armour, lots of fur ... time segment 20 seconds to 26 in that clip... i wonder if this kickstarter will have anything like that.
  6. Funded

    Not really. I am a.bit disappointed with the size of models. Since it's not metal was hoping for even bigger sets , but the metal molds are so expensive I guess it makes sense...
  7. Funded

    Kro - we've never used tiles or premade maps. We use a large white board with a grid etched into it. And draw maps on it with dry erase markers
  8. Funded

    Hey all, Emmagine: Someone had mentioned, with the popularity of 'demogorgon' due to stranger things, maybe reaper would make a very large demogorgon model. Then, from that, some ppl including myself, were asking for a demonlord set of the less used demonlords (juiblex, obox-ox, shaktari, etc). I also asked for a Lords of Hell set (the 9 lords of hell, i dont think they are Brand Identity...i could be wrong) Also, someone asked for a world turtle, so i jumped onto that band wagon - a world turtle or zaratan (and i put in that it needs to be 2 ft long minimum to be worth it :P :P ) I was kinda hoping that some of this stuff got made. I did want bahamut and slaad and got those so that's great at least :) In the core set, there's 1 model i want (owlbear) and the expansions will just get the underdark one, lost valley, and the one with the slaad. Regards, Sanjay
  9. Funded

    I'm most excited for: - Argent (I not bahamut) already looking at the art in 3/4e to get ideas on how to modify him to give him more of that look and how to paint hi. I do wish he was bigger. Size scaled to 18 inches tall would be ideal for me but I understand he's the same height as maaldrakar (not tiamat). I just hope they don't add scales like other reaper dragons. He should have a more elegent look. More subtle scales. More smooth look - chaos frogs (not slaad). With them and the hordes Charon heavy warbeast that I will remove armour and resculpt areas so he's a pure frog thing, I'll finally have slaad :) - after those, I guess the dinosaurs. This Kickstarter didn't have near all the stuff I was hoping for but it has a few really cool things. - I may have to make a resin copy of the DoD base and then break it and make copies to use as jagged rocks. Love the base more than the dragons. I would buy just the base if I could Regards Sanjay
  10. Funded

    The scales should be more fine/flat imho for bahamut. The description of him gives a finer look. I hope he's done differently than other reaper dragons. They all don't need to be the same
  11. I've been asking for slaad stand ins for so long so happy. Getting the fan fav set just for these. I do wish there were some more though. So many slaad types that need representation :p
  12. Funded

    I wish argent was larger. He's in scale with maaldrakar I believe which makes sense, I could use a larger bahamut (18-20 inch tall would be ideal) to though but hey, will get what is available. :) Just a few mods to the head and argent will be an ideal bahamut. Also, what was the final unlock? The art book? Was hoping for some other crazy big stuff at the end but oh well. Still lots of cool stuff.
  13. Funded

    ah yes..Wave 1 #718
  14. Funded

    where do you see you # listed? my payment was rejected since the bank fraud system didn't like it. called, they cleared it, and the re attempt i think went through fine.
  15. Funded

    @Reaper - any chance you could scale up Argent the silver dragon to like 15-18 inches tall? (and however many more inches long/wide) :) have to ask :) Great campaign. A lot of great models. I must say i was very surprised with some of the choices. I really expected a demogorgon due to popularity of stranger things and the resurgence of ppl buying demogorgon minis :P also didn't expect the boat