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    T'Raukzul, Bones 3 Campaign

    Painted up the largest mini from the Bones 3 Campaign rewards that I received. Thought I'd share. It's big. Really, really big.
  2. 1. Storm Giants 2. Cloud Giants 3/4. Gold/Brass dragon - where the wings go all the way down the tail. I think you did a good job adding to hill, fire and frost giants, and I'm happy with the addition if stone giants, but the other two types are still missing (current cloud giants are not to scale). And metallic dragons need some representation! Also, love the wyverns!!! And the turtle dragon. Can't wait to get them!
  3. All the skeleton minis I see are either human sized or some crazy monster skeleton. I wouldn't mind some dwarf/gnome/halfling/goblin sized skeletons, or orc (thick boned, a little taller and broader) skeletons.
  4. A couple different versions of the following races... Goliath (bald half giant male, female w/ long hair) Aarakora (small and light)
  5. Thought of two more mini's I've been looking for. Previously I posted that a Waveryn would be good to have (a dragon without front arms and a stinger for it's tail). Still want this, but also want to add... Both Brass and Gold dragons have wings that go all the way down their body to their tail. The Gold dragon doesn't go all the way to the end of the tail, but it goes a lot farther than most other dragons. There are currently no dragon minis like this from Reaper. So, I'd love you guys to add a... Gold Dragon Brass Dragon Thanks!
  6. Wyvern! Looks like it was posted elsewhere, but still. We need this. I was looking for dragons I could mod, but none fit that well. Would love a model that is in a dive or maybe crouched, ready to strike. They are great for side quests - MM 5e: "hunters and adventurers often track them to claim the venom, which is used in alchemical compounds and to coat weapons.", also great for random attacks for lower level parties.
  7. Not just the warriors, but many of the character figure types seem to be dominated by high-level representations. I remember way back when Ral Partha would package three life progression figures together, depicting low, middle, and high level versions of the same character, with equipment improving along with them. Also when they had the AD&D license they released male and female versions of the same character type in one package. Not to say that Reaper should do that same kind of bundling, but it seems like a good design philosophy to plan out character figures in that way. Yes! I have the Cleric and Magic user Ral Partha sets and I still love them to this day. Unfortunately, minis have increased in size over time so they're no longer to scale with modern minis. But these are perfect for a campaign as adventurers level up. It would be especially great for bones because they are relatively inexpensive.
  8. I so desperately hate promising specifics in the future. If I pick a date in my head and keep it secret, it seems that it works out. If I announce "I will offer this thing on the Forty-Seventh of Dismember" then inevitably by Dis. 47 something has displaced the planned image, and for reasons of prudence it has become more important to show a different thing. The photos you took already are fine. What people are asking for wouldn't require any extra work really. We just want you guys to post the original photo instead of the 639 x 479 version. That way we can zoom in a bit. Then just put it on the internet somewhere (dropbox, your server) and give us a link to it. :)
  9. in a future update, yes. Still no hi-res photo of all the bones? Can you give us an indication of how far into the future this update will be? :)
  10. Is there a way to get a high res photo of the last update? The one with the picture of the core set? The photos you send are so small! I'd love to see more details on the core set figures. Thanks!
  11. Larger Giants (Stone, Storm & Cloud specifically) Stirges (how can this not already be a thing?)!! Magmin Twig blights (3 or 4 pack) Mephits Troglodyte Umber hulk Cultists (Cult of the Dragon, other random cultists) Bandits Merchant Casualties <- saw someone else post this, would be cool to have dead goblins, orcs, etc. :)