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  1. Kuma Bushido Miniatures

    How have I never seen those before? I will have to get some of them so my panda can have a whole team!
  2. Kuma Bushido Miniatures

    Thanks all for the positive feedback! And to answer where I got it from I'm not 100% sure. I got it as a birthday present, but I assume my brother got it from the Bushido Miniatures website.
  3. Kuma Bushido Miniatures

    My favorite animal for my whole life has always been pandas, they are just so cute and fluffy looking. My favorite tabletop class has always been the monk. So when I saw this miniature that was a panda monk I had to get it! I actually based him off of my world of warcraft character! I really tried to go for some bright colors so that he would stand out when he is on the board with other minis.
  4. 77231: Rugg, Bugbear Leader

    I painted this guy up for a possible future fighter character, I've always liked Bugbears and I particularly liked this guys weapon. Hope you like him and I'd love to hear any tips for making him look even better!
  5. Kulkva Miniatures McKinley (Overwatch McCree)

    It does say BAMF and it does indeed stand for what you think it does haha.
  6. Kulkva Miniatures McKinley (Overwatch McCree)

    I agree I would love a Reinhardt or Roadhog! Also thanks for catching my mistake with the spelling.
  7. This is a fantastic miniature based off of one of my all time favorite manga characters! Guts from Berserk! Hope you like him and I look forward to your feed back! :] Edit: I actually spelled the companies name wrong, Its Klukva Miniatures, oops!
  8. This is an awesome mini I found made by Klukva Miniatures. I love Overwatch and specifically McCree so when I saw that they made a miniature based off him I knew I had to get him. Hope you like it!
  9. 60200: Yoon, Iconic Kineticist, AKA Flick the Paladin

    Thanks for all the awesome feed back! It made my day :]
  10. Shadow Demon of Dooooooooom

    Looks awesome! I love the wings!
  11. This is my first ever post!I have been painting for almost 3 years so I wanted to show my most recent mini that I have completed. It is for a halfling paladin character so I had to change the weapon from the original miniature. I also could not think of a way to put his shield on him so I ended up just putting it behind him resting on a rock. Hope you guys like it! I am interested to hear your opinions.