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  1. Last 8 hours of Kickstarter campaign. Can you help us to unlock the Wraith? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juegorama/the-adventurers-high-quality-fantasy-resin-miniatu
  2. Here you can see the barbarian in detail, painted by Ángel Giraldez: o
  3. Unlocked Thief and Cleric miniature and Next SG free and exclusive miniature.
  4. New add-on unlocked, 5 Bases decorated and Deluxe box with foam
  5. Hi, We show you our new Kickstarter campaign : "The adventurers" High-Quality Fantasy Resin Miniatures. Here you have the link. We hope you like it! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juegorama/the-adventurers-high-quality-fantasy-resin-miniatu
  6. Iron

    Iron Wars

    Yes it is true!, I have modified link. Thanks! Remember The Early Birds will finish today at 21:00 CEST https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars-relaunch Miniatures compared to Zombicide: Black Plague miniatures by CoolMiniOrNot Do you know the pilot in Iron Wars? When your Mech is destroyed, the cockpit is ejected. If your pilot survives on the battlefield, you can pilot other unmanned Mechs. Only in Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars-relaunch The Black Legion Expansion is available (Kickstarter Exclusive) In the Iron Wars world, the Black Legion is known for its brutality in combat, especially in melee. They have their military camp in the northwest, and from where they do their incursions to other cities and settlements. Its leader is called Caesar, he´s a terrible enemy, His armor is armed with an enormous force and tentacles that can drill the steel, grab and capture the enemy. Near Caesar are his black guardians. This shock force protects him and they are lethal with the enemy. Their electric maces and shields are connected. Each time they hit an enemy, they load their shield and increase the protection to them. If they stop a hit with the Shield, they charge electrically the mace making it more powerful in its next attack. Caesar and his guards are always accompanied by the beasts of war. They are unknown about them, but it´s rumored that they are capable of firing a weapon of energy through his mouth. The spieder Mechs give range attack to the black legion, being very fast and vulnerable Mechs in mele attacks. Although, to reach them, you must defeat the entire The Black Legion before. Content: 1 Boss "Caesar" 6 Black Guards 8 Beasts of War 2 Spider Mechs 1 Campaign co-op with 10 missions and 1 competitive Campaign with 10 missions. The expansion is Kickstarter Exclusive. It will be made in resin and the miniatures will come without mounting, getting a great level of detail. Hello, We want to offer an amazing Deluxe pledge of Iron Wars with Kickstarter Exclusive components, limited to 75 units. The Deluxe pledge contains: The Iron Wars core game + Kickstarter Exclusive hero “Gork”+ 8 Kickstarter Exclusive Generators+ 10 Kickstarter Exclusive Gates. Last 4 days to get Iron Wars on Kickstarter. The deluxe version contains 8 Mechs and 79 miniatures. Co-operative and competitive modes. Can you help us? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars-relaunch
  7. Iron

    Iron Wars

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars-relaunch Iron Wars is a brutal tactical game utilizing Mechs, miniatures and interactive scenery for action-packed game play. -Early Bird 48 hours -1-4 players (expandable to 5-6 players in competitive mode) -Co-op and competitive modes: Co-op with exploration map. 2 campaigns with 8 Missions each campaign and 8 short missions. Competitive with 10 pre-set Missions, Death Match and Arena modes. Co-op Missions with Map generation, pre-set or Mixed Map. -You are a Mercenary company, select your Mechs and fighters, hire your mercenaries and improve your Mech to win. -Mechs: with these destruction machines, you can attack other Mechs and their pilots. -Available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian: You’ll be able to choose the language during the pledge manager phase, after the campaign ends.
  8. Iron

    Iron Wars

    Dear pilots: Next Tuesday, 19th September at 3 PM EST we´ll relaunch the Iron Wars campaign. There´s going to be a one reward and a 48 hours early bird. The reward is going to contain the deluxe version of the previous campaign, the exploration mode, 10 competitive missions, 4 Iron Mech cockpit protection parts and 4 Steel Mech cockpit protection parts, and 8 Mech pilots.
  9. First of all, we want to thank you for supporting the project and for helping us with your comments. It has been a strange campaign, we were able to unlock a few stretch goals and, in the final stretch, we´ve fallen from 30K€. We´ve decided to cancel the project to relaunch it next week. In a few days, we´ll tell you the date of the relaunch, which will be next week. Have the helmets ready and start your Mechs, because Iron Wars comes very soon. Your feedback or comments are welcome.
  10. Only 3 hours to finish the Early Birds. We are very close to Fund! I show video with Mechs and miniatures: https://youtu.be/yZiOKsI16Uo Iron Wars funded on Kickstarter New Social Stretch Goal Can you help Iron Wars campaign with the Social Stretch Goals? Share this Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/juegoramaeditorial/posts/1544897352227564 Likes in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/juegoramaeditorial Become a Fan on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/229914/iron-wars Now Preview of Board Game Brawl is available youtu.be/hoWgGqjFbGs Dear friends: Iron Wars campaign has new pledges. Can you help us to unlock the next Stretch Goal? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars In the next Stretch Goal we´d like you´ll be able to choose one between 3 options. After 24 hours, the winner Stretch Goal will be announced. To vote, write your option in the comments section of the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars/comments Option 1: 4 Iron Mech cockpit protection parts and 4 Steel Mech cockpit protection parts Option2: 8 generator miniatures, they will be used for Arena competitive mode and search points in cooperative mode. Option 3: 4 “D-Sherpa” droid miniatures, these droids are used to carry ammunition and to be able to reload ammunition in our mechs during the combat. Hi friends We are very close to unlock 2 amazing SG: Have you seen "Gork"? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars
  11. Nerd darts, lol I think about first week of august. I will confirm date. Dear friends: I'm very happy to announce that on 10th August, 3 PM EST, the kickstarter Iron Wars campaign will be launched. Remember that there will be a 48 hours early bird for the deluxe edition. Iron Wars now on Kickstarter! Iron Wars is a brutal tactical game utilizing amazing big Mechs, miniatures, interactive scenery and Map generation.-8 Mechs + 52 miniatures-1-4 player (expandable to 5-6 players)-Co-op campaign and competitive mode-48 hours Early bird.https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironleague/iron-wars
  12. The History: Technology changed our past. Firstly gave us improvements, comfort, progress and evolution. But this technology used metals for military purposes. Metal and technology gave us armors and weapons. These armors and weapons got to be Mechs, and these piloted Mechs became very powerful. In the year 2200 began the war, it was inevitable ... metal mixed with technology turned to fire, smoke and destruction. Nowadays a few cities have survived, and are defended with great metal walls, mazes and gates to prepare a first defense before reaching the city center. Men are only worth their armor inherited from parents to children. Sometimes armors are made with scrap and pieces of other Mechs, rarely are new designed and most often are stolen on the battlefield. Really there is no longer honor in the war. Pirates, mercenaries and traitors attack the cities to conquer them, loot them or steal as much junk and technology as possible. After so many years you have managed to form a small unit of mercenaries with a few Mechs, mechanics and droids. You vowed to defend those few cities that are still standing. Each time the attacks are harder and less resources are available, but Metal City, the place you was born, can´t fall. Resine prototype Steel Mech: Resine prototype Iron Mech: Hi Pilots: Many people have wondered about the possibility of closing the cockpit of the Mechs and I can show you how the cockpit will be closed. We can get it via Stretch Goal and it will be totally customizable in every Mech. We hope to launch the Kickstarter campaign in late july or early August Soon Iron Wars