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  1. Hi friends We are very close to unlock 2 amazing SG: Have you seen "Gork"?
  2. In the next Stretch Goal we´d like you´ll be able to choose one between 3 options. After 24 hours, the winner Stretch Goal will be announced. To vote, write your option in the comments section of the campaign: Option 1: 4 Iron Mech cockpit protection parts and 4 Steel Mech cockpit protection parts Option2: 8 generator miniatures, they will be used for Arena competitive mode and search points in cooperative mode. Option 3: 4 “D-Sherpa” droid miniatures, these droids are used to carry ammunition and to be able to reload ammunition in our mechs during the combat.
  3. Dear friends: Iron Wars campaign has new pledges. Can you help us to unlock the next Stretch Goal?
  4. Now Preview of Board Game Brawl is available
  5. Can you help Iron Wars campaign with the Social Stretch Goals? Share this Facebook post: Likes in Facebook Become a Fan on BGG:
  6. Iron Wars funded on Kickstarter New Social Stretch Goal
  7. Only 3 hours to finish the Early Birds. We are very close to Fund! I show video with Mechs and miniatures:
  8. Iron Wars now on Kickstarter! Iron Wars is a brutal tactical game utilizing amazing big Mechs, miniatures, interactive scenery and Map generation.-8 Mechs + 52 miniatures-1-4 player (expandable to 5-6 players)-Co-op campaign and competitive mode-48 hours Early bird.
  9. Dear friends: I'm very happy to announce that on 10th August, 3 PM EST, the kickstarter Iron Wars campaign will be launched. Remember that there will be a 48 hours early bird for the deluxe edition.
  10. Nerd darts, lol I think about first week of august. I will confirm date.
  11. Hi Pilots: Many people have wondered about the possibility of closing the cockpit of the Mechs and I can show you how the cockpit will be closed. We can get it via Stretch Goal and it will be totally customizable in every Mech. We hope to launch the Kickstarter campaign in late july or early August Soon Iron Wars
  12. Resine prototype Iron Mech:
  13. The History: Technology changed our past. Firstly gave us improvements, comfort, progress and evolution. But this technology used metals for military purposes. Metal and technology gave us armors and weapons. These armors and weapons got to be Mechs, and these piloted Mechs became very powerful. In the year 2200 began the war, it was inevitable ... metal mixed with technology turned to fire, smoke and destruction. Nowadays a few cities have survived, and are defended with great metal walls, mazes and gates to prepare a first defense before reaching the city center. Men are only worth their armor inherited from parents to children. Sometimes armors are made with scrap and pieces of other Mechs, rarely are new designed and most often are stolen on the battlefield. Really there is no longer honor in the war. Pirates, mercenaries and traitors attack the cities to conquer them, loot them or steal as much junk and technology as possible. After so many years you have managed to form a small unit of mercenaries with a few Mechs, mechanics and droids. You vowed to defend those few cities that are still standing. Each time the attacks are harder and less resources are available, but Metal City, the place you was born, can´t fall. Resine prototype Steel Mech:
  14. Hi friends: After hard months of working, we´ve improved the game Iron League Blacks Stadium and the art has changed. Mechs and miniatures are amazing now. The board game has a new full cooperative campaign with map, scenary and enemies generation. The competitive mode continues and has been improved. So, we also want to change the title of the game, and this is: IRON WARS In July on Kickstarter. Soon more news.
  15. Cancelled

    Hello: We have to announce the cancellation of this Kickstarter campaign. This is not the end of Iron League:Black Stadium, we´ll come back soon. We´ve made some mistakes on the campaign and we´d like to incorporate improves and your feedbacks in the game. Please, any comment or feedback is welcome. We´ll work very hard to get it. We´ll keep you updated through this forum. Thank you for your support. Thank you!