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  1. Cancelled

    Yes it is true!, I have modified link. Thanks!
  2. Cancelled Iron Wars is a brutal tactical game utilizing Mechs, miniatures and interactive scenery for action-packed game play. -Early Bird 48 hours -1-4 players (expandable to 5-6 players in competitive mode) -Co-op and competitive modes: Co-op with exploration map. 2 campaigns with 8 Missions each campaign and 8 short missions. Competitive with 10 pre-set Missions, Death Match and Arena modes. Co-op Missions with Map generation, pre-set or Mixed Map. -You are a Mercenary company, select your Mechs and fighters, hire your mercenaries and improve your Mech to win. -Mechs: with these destruction machines, you can attack other Mechs and their pilots. -Available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian: You’ll be able to choose the language during the pledge manager phase, after the campaign ends.
  3. Cancelled

    Dear pilots: Next Tuesday, 19th September at 3 PM EST we´ll relaunch the Iron Wars campaign. There´s going to be a one reward and a 48 hours early bird. The reward is going to contain the deluxe version of the previous campaign, the exploration mode, 10 competitive missions, 4 Iron Mech cockpit protection parts and 4 Steel Mech cockpit protection parts, and 8 Mech pilots.
  4. First of all, we want to thank you for supporting the project and for helping us with your comments. It has been a strange campaign, we were able to unlock a few stretch goals and, in the final stretch, we´ve fallen from 30K€. We´ve decided to cancel the project to relaunch it next week. In a few days, we´ll tell you the date of the relaunch, which will be next week. Have the helmets ready and start your Mechs, because Iron Wars comes very soon. Your feedback or comments are welcome.
  5. Only 3 hours to finish the Early Birds. We are very close to Fund! I show video with Mechs and miniatures:
  6. Nerd darts, lol I think about first week of august. I will confirm date.
  7. The History: Technology changed our past. Firstly gave us improvements, comfort, progress and evolution. But this technology used metals for military purposes. Metal and technology gave us armors and weapons. These armors and weapons got to be Mechs, and these piloted Mechs became very powerful. In the year 2200 began the war, it was inevitable ... metal mixed with technology turned to fire, smoke and destruction. Nowadays a few cities have survived, and are defended with great metal walls, mazes and gates to prepare a first defense before reaching the city center. Men are only worth their armor inherited from parents to children. Sometimes armors are made with scrap and pieces of other Mechs, rarely are new designed and most often are stolen on the battlefield. Really there is no longer honor in the war. Pirates, mercenaries and traitors attack the cities to conquer them, loot them or steal as much junk and technology as possible. After so many years you have managed to form a small unit of mercenaries with a few Mechs, mechanics and droids. You vowed to defend those few cities that are still standing. Each time the attacks are harder and less resources are available, but Metal City, the place you was born, can´t fall. Resine prototype Steel Mech:
  8. Hi friends: After hard months of working, we´ve improved the game Iron League Blacks Stadium and the art has changed. Mechs and miniatures are amazing now. The board game has a new full cooperative campaign with map, scenary and enemies generation. The competitive mode continues and has been improved. So, we also want to change the title of the game, and this is: IRON WARS In July on Kickstarter. Soon more news.
  9. Cancelled

    Hello: We have to announce the cancellation of this Kickstarter campaign. This is not the end of Iron League:Black Stadium, we´ll come back soon. We´ve made some mistakes on the campaign and we´d like to incorporate improves and your feedbacks in the game. Please, any comment or feedback is welcome. We´ll work very hard to get it. We´ll keep you updated through this forum. Thank you for your support. Thank you!
  10. Cancelled

    Wow! I am happy to show you new amazing Iron mechs miniatures 60mm higher Last early birds, Now on Kickstarter!
  11. Cancelled

    Dear friends. We´re very close to fund and we need your help! Please, share with all your friends. Thanks!
  12. Cancelled

    Dear friends! Many of you have asked us to improve the detail of the Iron mechs. So, we want to give you the option of brutal miniatures, that are compatible with the new game dynamics, as an Add-on. These new Iron mechs miniatures will have amazing details and these will be made of PVC. They won´t have the versatility to be able to exchange weapons and arms during the game, but we´ ll change the Iron sheet to choose weapons and we´ll add tokens to mark when we lose an arm or a weapon is destroyed. This means making a new mold for all parts of the Iron mech, but this is worth it to get an incredible game! But if do I prefer the old Iron with interchangeable weapons and arms during the game? No problem, just do anything, this is a complementary purchase. What the add-on includes: 12 Iron Mechs of maximum detail 60mm high, 4 x heavy machine gun, 4 x Zim cannons, 4 x light machine guns, 4 x beams and 4 x shields and 4 diferent arms and tokens to mark the damages. Remember that the miniatures come unpainted and unassembled. How can I include it? Add $25 to your reward and at the end of the campaign you can select it in the pledge manager. For the expansion of 6 players with the Iron mechs of maximum detail and everything necessary to expand to 6 players, it will be $39. Here I show you the renders of the new Iron. Pilot and mech are working in progress.
  13. Cancelled

    If the campaign gets 200 backers all Iron and Nuke pledges will add two Nuke drums! Nuke drums are the most destructive, when they explote the enemies inside the square gets 2 damages and 1 damage to those who are inside 1 square around.
  14. Cancelled

    Yes, Actual shipping will be charged once the campaign ends.Thanks for your support! Board game brawl review of Iron League:Black Stadium! Do you help us with Social Stretch goals? We need: 50 fans on the BGG page Share 100 times this link on Facebook: 100 Likes in the photo of the cover in the BGG LAST 1 HOUR for :Early bird 48hours. Hey There! To help the campaign we have 100 new Early Birds in each Pledge. Beware it´s last one! In the other hand, we have added 2 new add-on, the Metal dice exclusive Kickstarter.​​​​​​​ Wow! It's our 3th day and we have 70% to fund yet. it's incredible! I wish you a happy 2017 year full of Mechs and miniatures! Happy 2017 year! Congratulations! All Iron and Nuke pledges will add one 60 mm high Mech miniature "The Lumberjack" Kickstarter Exclusive :o
  15. Cancelled

    Hi @dsmilesI could add in optional buys in the kickstarter campaign and You can choose: walls, drums or fires miniatures. What do you think? That'd be cool. I'm not much into the miniature sportsball games, but I do like the look of the terrain, and could definitely make use of it. 27th December 3PM EST will start Kickstarter campaign and you can find this add-on in the campaign. I show you 3D about Mech "Little guy", I wish you like it. Iron League:Black Stadium 27th December 3PM EST (Early birds 48hours) Tomorrow will launch Kickstarter campaign Iron League:Black Stadium 27th December 3PM EST Early birds 48hours Support Iron League on Kickstarter and help us to unlocked amazing goals. Iron League:Black Stadium is a brutal tactical game utilizing Mechs, miniatures and interactive scenery for action-packed game play. -1-4 player (expandable to 5-6 players) -4 game modes: Match, Death Match, Arena and Co-op. -13 big mechs + 48 miniatures -Available in English, Spanish, German and French. -Early bird 48hours. Iron Mechs: with these destruction machines, you can attack other Mechs and their pilots. Any fighter in play can take control of an unmanned Mech for maximum devastation! NUKE TRACKER, a new expansion: Nuke Tracker is a Co-op Expansion with 5 Missions & 3 amazing miniatures for Iron League:Black Stadium.