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  1. dungeondaniel

    Flumph I CSM/Pace Setter Games & Simulations

    An augmented, mutant flumph. A flumph engineered by illithids, with the ability to enthrall fellow flumphs, is sent to wreck havoc in the underdark... Custom modded, using an old Age of Sigmar stand. Those who face it tremble in fear, as acid corrodes their skin...
  2. dungeondaniel

    Flumph I CSM/Pace Setter Games & Simulations

    “The flumph's hard top is described as turtleshell-like, hard enough to be fashioned into a buckler shield.” Modded Otherworld Human Male Fighter v2 with a Flumph buckler for a Paladin PC I intend to play at some stage. I've done some more flumph-related modding recently, so stay tuned...
  3. dungeondaniel

    Flumph I CSM/Pace Setter Games & Simulations

    Thanks guys! I have since painted my other flumph. I think a party of flumphs, all different colours, could make an awesome encounter. I might try sculpting my own flumphs in different poses, using the sculpt as a guide.
  4. I finally have my flumphs and I painted one of them up in the hour since I got my package. I want to say to Enos, this was so much fun to paint. The little rivets where the wrinkles of skin are to the way the tentacles took paint was really effective. You can't see it too much because of the colouring of the camera, but with a white base coat, Casandora Yellow for shade, hexos palesun for dry and a gloss finish - they have this really realistic spaghetti rendering. I'll probably paint the other one differently, open to suggestions. This one is going to be called cosmo, the other wanda
  5. dungeondaniel

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    I received my tracking number today.
  6. dungeondaniel

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    Check your inbox. Apparently it's an issue for international buyers or something How long must we wait for our precious Flumphs? :'(
  7. dungeondaniel

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    Sorry, couldn't delete that comment. Though, I was able to get through to him yesterday. He said the Ogre Mages still haven't come in, hence the hold up. I've repeatedly emailed and called him about swapping the Ogre Mage for something else, and although he's agreed, I hear nothing until i try contact him again. Apparently he's going to send it out at the end of the week. I'll keep people posted. I can PM you his cell number if you want?
  8. dungeondaniel

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    Recent reply "Ok no problem. However, I am away from home for work and then holidays. But I will get it done ASAP. Sorry I missed the email. Between yahoo being a mess and being away on a work emergency for the better part of three months, its been a battle. My apologies and I will get this fixed."
  9. dungeondaniel

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    Granted, he hasn't replied to my email on that for 3 days...
  10. dungeondaniel

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    I got a reply to one of my emails. I asked if I could swap the ogre mage for something else to speed up the delivery and he said yes, and that he'd deliver it asap. Unfortunate compromise, but I'd rather get my package sent sooner rather than wait an undisclosed amount of time for the ogre mage casts to come
  11. dungeondaniel

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    Anyone heard anything lately?
  12. PC miniature for my pathfinder campaign. Wizard named Timothy, with his familiar, a blue ringed octopus. Worships cthulhu, I sclupted a cthulhu idol on his staff. The lamp was sculpted into an octopus jar with the familiar.
  13. dungeondaniel

    flumphs <3 (sculpts)

    I don't know if this is the right time to ask this, but I'm really curious as to how you got the tentacles to look like that. They really are remarkable sculpts. So much character and so much accuracy to source material. I hope to one day paint them.
  14. dungeondaniel

    Dire Corbies I CSM/Pace Setter Games & Simulations

    @spoonz202 The company is in the title of the thread. @Gadgetman! Taken care of.