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  1. Warlord - the state of play

    It's all up to us.
  2. What's on my work table

    What I was going for was a frost giant look, but do to the lighting you can't see the light sky blue shadow. So! I'll, probably do it some other way or try it like you suggest.
  3. What's on my work table

    Ok, new update. So! I finally finished Svetlana, I'm not feeling good about the figure's hair, But I guess it will work.
  4. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    Thanks, for feed back. I was going to do that in one of my games but she got killed, before I do it.
  5. Albatross Amulet

    Thank, you.
  6. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    never mind, I got it
  7. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    Thank you, and good luck
  8. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    thank you for the input, but I don't see it
  9. Albatross Amulet

    How, many. Albatross Amulet can I have in my Army?
  10. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    Thank, you. but how do I add a musician to my army it's not in the unofficial Army Creator
  11. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    That would be Venomspite, he has poison and sniper.
  12. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    Thanks, but I'm playing the Barbarians, So! I don't have any large deflect models.
  13. A question about 06173: Shadow Sisters

    You think Warlord models are fiddly, try Infinity models, they will drive you nuts
  14. A question about 06173: Shadow Sisters

    Nice! looking figures, put up some pic's once you paint them
  15. What's on my work table

    It's all good, thanks for the heads up.