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  1. So! I was checking out some things at the war store and saw that Reaper is discontinuing the savage north, Wow! that is sad to see, Is the core book next?
  2. you are a Hero! Sir
  3. I just wanted to say Hi, I'm new here, I see there is not much going on here. Is any body still playing warlord?
  4. Warlord

    Yeah, I guess you are right and I didn't think about that
  5. Warlord

    I have an Ideal on how this game could get it's popularity back, Get beast of war to do a Warlord week, So! many gamers eyes are there.
  6. Warlord

    Funny, how I hear that a lot about Reaper miniatures. the last I checked miniature games are played with miniatures. It's sad that Reaper has a great game and it just stuffs on it, why should I buy Reaper miniatures when other game companies have rules and miniatures for their. games
  7. Wow! what a dick move, it will make it hard for new players to join, I feel bad that I put money into this game.
  8. Is the Nefsokar faction a good faction for a new player like myself? please, keep in mine I have not got my rule book in the mail yet, and is trying figure out which faction will be a good faction to start with.
  9. Thank you, shakandara. I will check out the old post,
  10. Not sure if this is a dum question, but is there any plans from any body to do a warlord thing on youtube?
  11. I have wildger, what I was looking for was battle reports
  12. thank you wilger, sounds a lot like war machine, with the war casters