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  1. so this is my friend's PC, which i repainted because i wasn't happy with my first effort, and i have to see it every week. i'll post a side-by-side, and i'd love some feedback because i'm not 100% sure i improved it. i guess maybe i think it's a bit cleaner and the colors are better, but i'm starting to wish i'd painted the inside of the cloak a different color like i did the first time. brown cloak is my first effort, and red is my second.
  2. this model whooped me a little and i rushed it off my bench to meet a game deadline on another model, but i couldn't find a painted version of this mini so ... bon appetit!
  3. old version has sick acid washed jeans though, so NO PROGRESS AWARDED :)
  4. i hate to be the chump who posts immediately after kuro, but here goes anyway. this is the first mini i bought after 30 years of not touching a brush. i've been back for a year and it's been great, so i stripped and repainted this, my comeback mini. don't worry, i have photos of every mini i have ever ruined, so there will be no shortage when it's time to look back. hope you enjoy.
  5. that's amazing. love it.
  6. crushed it
  7. thanks, fam. it's reaper, dark heaven:
  8. my buddy got these and gave me one. c&c welcome as always. cheers!
  9. not thrilled with the colors on this effort. i like some of what's happening here, though. c&c welcome, of course.
  10. painted this up for a short 5e campaign. he's a dwarf war priest of Moradin, and he was tons of fun to play. hope you like it.
  11. great mini, beautiful paint. love it.
  12. haha i'm in the club, too. someday i'm gonna find an old box full of testors paints and lead minis, and it'll be glorious.
  13. great work here. you have an enviable sense of color.
  14. that's flawless, man. really, really nice color choices and honestly just the perfect level of highlighting.