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  1. not thrilled with the colors on this effort. i like some of what's happening here, though. c&c welcome, of course.
  2. painted this up for a short 5e campaign. he's a dwarf war priest of Moradin, and he was tons of fun to play. hope you like it.
  3. great mini, beautiful paint. love it.
  4. haha i'm in the club, too. someday i'm gonna find an old box full of testors paints and lead minis, and it'll be glorious.
  5. great work here. you have an enviable sense of color.
  6. that's flawless, man. really, really nice color choices and honestly just the perfect level of highlighting.
  7. honestly, the mini looks great. i wish i had a better look at the shield because it looks like you gave it some love. the base is going to give me nightmares, though. is he on a cake? what's going on there?
  8. I saw that aedge painted this recently. his is pretty great. just bad luck that i posted mine so soon after ;)
  9. painted for one of my new players. i've been trying to get my minis to look less flat, with mixed results. hope you enjoy.
  10. these are great. they're all working for me.
  11. that's a bold, confident paint. really nice work, man.
  12. i don't feel great about this one, but i haven't seen many photos of this mini painted, so here it is. it's for my buddy's gnome bard, gerbo timbers, which is a pretty great name, honestly. out of curiosity, has anyone ever gotten good results from gw's white scar? for me it's either thinned to the point of uselessness or chalky as #%*&. i can't speak to gw's base white because every bottle i've tried to shake resisted. i couldn't even stir the last pot i had into something usable. looks like i'm in the market for a new white. anyway, hope there's something about it you like. cheers.
  13. your nmm is maybe too good. outshines the great work you did on the cloth.
  14. i second gadgetman on brown liner. it's the only reaper paint i have but it's incredibly useful.
  15. did a rush paint for an upcoming tabletop session. this model makes for a nice bard, i think, instrument notwithstanding. it's a great sculpt, and i wish i could have done it justice, but i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. i tried a couple of new things here, and i'm interested to see what you think.