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  1. Saul

    Galladon Greycloak 03426

    i agree with the others across the board, but i really like what you've done here. really nice job.
  2. if this video doesn't make you feel bad enough, dks is actually right-handed.
  3. Saul

    alfred redlute bard 02186

    just about done painting up the party for curse of strahd. the bard turned out better than i expected, given that i'm a little burned out getting ready to dm this behemoth. cheers.
  4. Saul

    alfred redlute bard 02186

    oh they don't. they go through lutes like rangers go through arrows.
  5. Saul

    03748 Lich - Dark Heaven Legends

    i love this.
  6. Saul

    03512 ardellen, ranger

    really fun sculpt. 9/10 would ruin again.
  7. Saul

    03046: Aaron the Conjuror

    don't know about smoke, but it's definitely a DC 20 strength save vs web.
  8. Saul

    02242 Ian MacAndrew

    hot damn
  9. Saul

    77299: Female Antipaladin

    that must be a new outfit. those cakes don't look like they get a lot of sun. great paint!
  10. back after a 5-month hiatus, and man, the brush was shaky. here's one of my guys who's almost certainly going to die in curse of strahd. hope you like.
  11. Saul

    7002 Baran Blacktree with Painting Guide

    remarkable! thanks for sharing.
  12. Saul

    Northstar Skeletons

    thumbs up. very crisp.
  13. this is a gift for my mother. special nod to anne foerster for lighting the path, color-wise. i didn't even come close to what she pulled off on the deer's fur, but it turned out ok, and in any case, my mom isn't even cool enough to hang out on the reaper forums.
  14. Saul

    Marauder Miniatures Liche

    oh man, i have that old lich mini around somewhere! i'm gonna lose it i i ever find that box.
  15. a quick paint for one of my pc's. i wanted to remove the base but maybe not the best idea given how much point of contact there is on this model. kept it simple and i'm pretty happy with the cloak in particular. non-base-related c&c welcome. cheers.
  16. Saul

    More Massive. More Darkness.

    really great work on both of these, ghool. super clean with beautiful color work and detail.
  17. Saul

    My Sir For Scale

    boooooooooo! how big is this? can't tell without the wizard.
  18. Saul

    wet palette

    so i switched to a homemade wet palette recently. it cost me $5, sets up in 3 minutes, cleans up in 1 minute, holds about 20 different paints for 4+ hours, speeds up my painting by 100% at least, and lets me spend most of my time painting, which i like, instead of mixing and remixing paint, which i don't. it's a tray, a paper towel folded in half, and some parchment paper with the sides folded under. add water. why isn't this virtually mandatory? seems like wet palette discussion comes around to personal taste, or climate, or something else, but it changed my life, damnit. is there actually a downside that i haven't found yet? it's easier to clean and use than my dry palette, by a mile.
  19. Saul

    wet palette

    i can't vouch for how long my DIY WP will hold paints or say what works best. i can only say that my setup was $5, and that i can spend 10 mins mixing and thinning 20 different colors, and they will all stay perfectly consistent for up to 6 hours. i can barely keep 3 colors usable at the same time on a dry palette without putting half the paint pot in there. i should say that i still make glazes in a dry palette, but i don't know if i have to do that or not. i suspect that i don't.
  20. Saul

    03584: dar dimplefoot, halfling thief

    there's not much going on face-wise, just a little shading in the eye sockets. i very much did NOT want his face to draw attention. that's why one wears a hood, is it not?
  21. Saul

    wet palette

    i don't store the paint. i toss it after every painting session, which is usually 4-6 hours. i don't have a lid on my palette because i don't store the paint. why would it take 15 minutes to pour the water into the sink, throw the towel and parchment into the garbage, then rinse and dry the tray? i've never even had paint touch the tray. this description doesn't even resemble my experience with WP's and is exactly the kind of post that scared me off in the first place. every discussion of WP's turns into this and i think maybe it's because 50 people have 50 different WP setups, some inevitably wetter, drier, or just better than the others. i wouldn't say everyone should use one. i would say, and am in fact saying, that everyone should try one.
  22. Saul

    wet palette

    enjoying the feedback, guys. i guess i really just wanted to emphasize to people who are relatively new that the WP is more than just a potential quality-of-life improvement, for me at least. i think i paint better with it. i know i'm more patient with layering, and i know i can get a cleaner, faster base coat down since all my colors are still there and usable. i guess i could see how a WP might not help a brand new painter, but i think with a half dozen or so minis under your belt, it's definitely worth a try. i think i was put off for this long by people talking about mold issues, but i'd eat a chicken fried steak off mine. i'm not over here with a sponge that never dries, trying to keep paint up for a week. you feel me?
  23. Saul


    wow, this is the perfect model to show off your fantastic weathering.
  24. Saul

    Pigfaced Orc w/ Sword

    this guy gets it. we don't say "pigfaced" anymore. that's a pejorative.
  25. Saul

    Savonarola - Fire Mage

    damn, that's spicy. i better sleep in a chair tonight.