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  1. Cool to see so many Colorado people like myself. I am curious about Total Escape. I might have to attend one of these meetings.
  2. It looks amazing. I think some people like the wings to look membranous and distinct, but I like it this way too.
  3. He looks good. I'd be happy with this paint job. :)
  4. Thanks for fulfilling my request! And yes, I am compelled to buy it now! Probably going to get that and the displayer beast next. I WAS going to get the illithids, but I like bathallians more. Go figure.
  5. Great work! Makes me think of that Ben Folds 5 song.
  6. I never thought I'd worry about flashlines, but the more I look at them the more I want to remove them. What kind of file is best for that?
  7. Not to be obnoxious, but can you eventually take a picture with another mini for scale? I might want to get one of these, it looks amazing.
  8. He needs to be on the side of a gnarly van.
  9. I am tempted to use a little mask to cover her up when I paint this one up. Maybe like a kerchief mask.
  10. Really cool!
  11. Makes me eager for Pugmire.
  12. There is something about the western characters that is endearing. The color scheme, and paint style. It suits them.