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  1. What kind of a bribe would I have to make to get the Pathfinder huge black dragon become an mini?
  2. I never realized it, but yeah. The hair was a "happy accident".
  3. Thanks everyone! I am going to try and retouch the shield a bit (it looked almost cartoonishly bright) and work on the base. But yes, I am massively happy with the "blue flame".
  4. Here is the paladin I had been working on. I could stand to do some touch up to him, but he looks good for a table ready mini. Now to get him on a base and figure out how I want to do it up!
  5. Oh... and suddenly tonight I have noticed a distinct lack of male druids in bones material. I would like some, please. :)
  6. 'tis truely a thing of beauty...
  7. Woah. Spectacular use of space. You really set the tone.
  8. Maybe even a Dire Spinosaurus for those Kobold Press fans.
  9. Cool to see so many Colorado people like myself. I am curious about Total Escape. I might have to attend one of these meetings.
  10. It looks amazing. I think some people like the wings to look membranous and distinct, but I like it this way too.
  11. He looks good. I'd be happy with this paint job. :)
  12. Thanks for fulfilling my request! And yes, I am compelled to buy it now! Probably going to get that and the displayer beast next. I WAS going to get the illithids, but I like bathallians more. Go figure.
  13. Great work! Makes me think of that Ben Folds 5 song.