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  1. One Take on the Classes

    In addition to all of the excellent noise-reducing solutions that are being discussed here, perhaps there is an opportunity for PA (speaker and microphone) systems to be set up in each teaching room. For those seated far from the instructor, even a single wired or Bluetooth speaker across the room might help immeasurably. -Darren
  2. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    Or, trade in old Reaperbucks for more raffle entries. -Darren
  3. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    You're right. Any complex get-together like this Con will always invite complaint and "grumbling," as you said. I think that's just human nature. In no way do I intend my commentary as any of that. I have greatly enjoyed my last several years here, and appreciate the effort that Reaper puts into making this a great convention. I even enjoy the Auction when I snag nothing! Heisler does an amazing job, particularly under the circumstances in that vast hall. My recommendations are just from the perspective of getting more individual Auction attendees involved without having to resort to pooling or having Reaperbucks donated to one's "cause." Maybe it can't be done, but I figured it was worth discussing, at the least. -Darren
  4. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    Understood, and I appreciate the amount of work you're already dealing with! It would only work if the donators specified the destination auction for each item or group of items. So, if, for example, Badger donated 6 airbrushes, perhaps they would designate 4 for the Main Auction (including their best brushes, and additional paint) and 2 for the Low Rollers (more basic brushes, perhaps with no paint). Or 5 and 1. Or something along those lines.
  5. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    Thanks for this clarification, and I'm glad to know that there were numerous explanations offered during the weekend. As I mentioned, however, the PA was very difficult to hear across the room, by the artists, games and pinball machines. In addition, this all presumes the attendee is there when these announcements are delivered. It also puts the burden of explanation on the Reaper employees and volunteers, time and time again. A board could be updated regularly and seen at the attendees' leisure. Just a thought. -Darren
  6. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    Well said, Grayfax. I agree that no system is perfect. And I'm with you in hoping that there may be improvements in future. As an example, if the average attendee maxes out at $1300-1500 (or whatever the number is), as indicated by Mnemonic, that's leaving a lot of people out of the Auction. So, there seem to be some opportunities to improve the Auction: better regulation of the use of the proper year's Reaperbucks, and, possibly, offering Auction items for those who have little. Whether that's a separate "Low Rollers" Auction, as I initially proposed, or offering smaller lots of brushes, for example, there is probably room for improvement. Using brushes as an example, a possible improvement might be offering groups of 8-10 brushes that will attract the high-spenders, alongside some small sets (1-3 brushes), for those who have only a few hundred Reaperbucks. Of course, the high spenders will probably be able to outbid everyone on the big AND small lots, but there's no solving that, short of offering two separate Auctions - "high" and "low." -Darren
  7. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    Yeah, we had poker chips, as well, but weren't sure if those were invalid forms of "payment" this year, or still legal tender. I think, in addition to the Keynote/Powerpoint presentation on the screen near the main stage, maybe this sort of information, along with the following, would be useful to communicate on that display: What the Faction War is, and how/when/where to use those Faction stickers. How to get involved in the Raffle, and the ability to purchase more tickets, as mentioned by Mr. Melons. Some "beginner tips," such as where to get Reaperbucks, ribbons for one's badge, etc. I know much of this is, likely, communicated through the convention booklet and/or elsewhere, but having it front and center, and updated regularly, would be a nice resource for first-timers and repeat attendees alike. -Darren I forgot about this. I took two, myself, but got no Reaperbucks. The teachers have a lot to deal with, in addition to having to remember to dole out Reaperbucks, but I'll need to remember to ask for these up-front during classes next year. Another point I'd love to see mentioned on the digital board I proposed in my previous post. -Darren
  8. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    As a casual ReaperCon attendee, one who does not participate in numerous events at the convention, I wonder if there is a way to supplement the current Auction system. By Day Three, between my girlfriend and me, we typically have, maybe, $600-800 in Reaperbucks between us. Not to overstate the obvious, but this renders the Auction an entertaining curiosity for us, one in which we were once fortunate enough to pick up a mousepad. This year, we weren’t close to affording anything. I doubt we are the only attendees with such a meager stash, and wonder if there might be other ways to approach the Auction. Maybe something like a second, “low roller” Auction could be created for those with less than, say, $1000 or $2000 on hand. Vendors/donators could contribute items specifically for this Auction, still holding out their best or most numerous donations for the larger Auction. Of course, enforcing the “I only have $1000 in Reaperbucks” policy would be a challenge. But, I suppose, that’s a part of what these forums are for - identifying and solving these sorts of challenges. I’m sure there are other possibilities. I’d just love to see some opportunities for those attendees who have been eager and engaged, and have paid their ways in, but, for whatever reason, haven’t had a chance to accumulate enough bucks to truly participate in the Auction. I have to believe there may be a solution, aside from “just get more Reaperbucks." On a related note, how -does one snag- thousands of Reaperbucks?? -Darren
  9. One Take on the Classes

    To the noise question/issue, let me add that the main announcements from the stage (for the Reaper Tour, the Auction and so forth) were sometimes difficult to hear across the room, past the artists. I think a few speakers on that side of the room would be greatly beneficial. -Darren
  10. What Happened to Breakfast?

    I’m holding out hope - but not my breath - that this “no free breakfast” at the Hilton is a one-year blip, and that things return to normal next year. For comfort, sociability and free cookies, you just can’t beat the Hilton’s lobby area. To say nothing of the outside fireplace. -Darren
  11. What Happened to Breakfast?

    Interesting. I assumed that the HGI always charged for their breakfast, but that Reaper had worked out a deal to cover that cost for ReaperCon attendees. We always got breakfast tickets, and would pay for our meals with these each day. Again, i don’t want to mis-characterize this as some atrocity or a deal-breaker; more of a curiosity. I wondered if this had been communicated somewhere some time ago, and I had just missed it. I didn’t keep up with the ReaperCon discussions here over the past months. Bold - great tip. Thanks. Coralline - quite possibly so! -Darren
  12. What Happened to Breakfast?

    Hey, folks, I’m sure this has been discussed elsewhere on the Forums, but maybe it hasn’t. I was surprised to learn that breakfast was not included in the ReaperCon room rate at the Hilton Garden Inn. Obviously, a different contract was drawn up between Reaper and the hotel, but does anyone know why? The con room rate has always been good, and the new breakfast discount is also decent, so this is not a huge deal. I just wondered if anyone knew the rationale/what happened. Other than this, so far, so good at RC 2017. -Darren
  13. "Open Training" at ReaperCon

    I'm definitely aware of this, and aware of the various benefits to be found all around ReaperCon. For the general ReaperCon forum community, if no new value is found in the format I've proposed, so be it! It shan't come to be. However, I feel that there is something new to be found here. But - again - that's just me. -Darren
  14. "Open Training" at ReaperCon

    Absolutely. This is well-understood, and not taken as "harsh." What you're suggesting is just common sense. What I'm trying to find, with my proposal, is a new format for a class that might help attendees of all descriptions - most particularly, those that actually paint once in a while! -Darren
  15. "Open Training" at ReaperCon

    With that, I think we can all agree! -Darren