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  1. Such detail in the painting, wow!
  2. Bexx

    77328 Cinder and Dragon Pup

    Awwwww!!! adorable!!!
  3. Bexx

    Kev!'s 77377: Toad Demon

  4. Bexx

    So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Is that SC for South Carolina? If so, I'm in the Greater Greenville, SC area. I host a semi-quarterly get together at my place for some folks that have met thru Reaper Con and the forums. Where'bouts y'all from? Yep, I'm down 385 a bit around exit 2, aka Clinton.
  5. You have no idea how much I am kicking (no pun) myself for JUST getting back into things and missing getting in on that one! I've already started hording what I can for the next kickstarted.... I've got those 3 in metal, but would love a few more poses. A group I know is wanting to make a full party (murder) of Tengu to have fun with, but I've only been able to find those 3 so far to help them out with. Other than these from the Bonese III KS?
  6. Bexx

    So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I'm hoping to find a way to go to the next one.... I used to paint a lot back in my college days, but took a break, and recently became a Bones addict and have been dusting off the skill set. I have forgotten a LOT compared to what I am seeing these days. *waves from SC* -Bexx
  7. I would love to see some of the Tengu in bones form.... A halfling riding a wolf? and definitely some of the sprues with the extra skulls/weapons/wings/etc for customization. What about some pre-made, textured base plates that fit into the standard bases....as to be able to cut the bones off the standard base, pin them through the textured base and pop into a standard base..... or just some textured tiles that could be used to build bases or dioramas? A few "simpler" figures...aka not carrying an entire armory, so it would be easier to explore more freehand painting techniques. -Bexx *first post!