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  1. Dragoneye

    RC2018 rides thread

    Supershuttle without discount one way shared ride to/from Love is $60. Can you share the discount code?
  2. Dragoneye

    RC2018 rides thread

    Agreed. Too long unless we are collecting a group.
  3. Dragoneye

    RC2018 rides thread

    I'm 3 hours after you....
  4. Dragoneye

    RC2018 rides thread

    Anyone arriving in Love Field Wednesday? Looking to ride share. My flight gets in at 3:40 pm.
  5. Dragoneye

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    My mom took me when I was a kid... full props at the Oriental (Mke). It was great. Weirdest movie ever. And... it has Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon... and Meatloaf.
  6. Did the box ship? Nothing has arrived here.
  7. Dragoneye

    Reaper classes?

    Are you logged in? If not it'll just take you back to the purchase tickets page.
  8. Dragoneye

    Reaper classes?

    Indeed... I was going to take Total Metal too... but decided to go with a theme this year. mostly flesh and OSL classes.
  9. Dragoneye

    Reaper classes?

    Done! Thu Lets get stoned Painting expressive faces and Eyes Intro to OSL Fri Object Source Lighting Multiicultural skin tones Sat Flesh & Faces Painted Ladies Sun Fur, Feathers and Scales Soooo much good stuff! It was ard to only choose 8.
  10. Dragoneye

    Reaper classes?

    Is the max number of classes going to be 8 again? It lets you register for more. No lectures, I've taken 8 with a double both years I've been there and I love it. I just need to make the hard choices now if it is...
  11. @Paradoxical MouseMouse Will the box be moving soon?
  12. Placeholder... 4 shadespire dwarves in progress. As well as a ton of others... I like purple... Illithid pirate, hmmmm.
  13. Dragoneye

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Nice, planning your excuse for being on the floor already!? Hehe
  14. Dragoneye

    WiP Malifaux Viktoria of Blood

    Yup, I was going for a bit Anime... thanks!