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  1. Arriving at DFW... now to queue up to get out of this sardine tin!
  2. Anyone else have the urge to open their mini cases and reassure the figs that they'll be ok? Maybe its just the mom in me. Maybe I'm just bored waiting for my flight.
  3. Waiting, waiting....an hour til boarding...
  4. Ack! OMG! Painting, packing, circling l, running, screaming..... PANIC! Anyone know if the shuttle schedule is available yet?
  5. I am still looking for a ride as well, do you have another spot? I am at HGI. Anyone?
  6. Looking for a ride to the Meet and Greet as well. Staying at the HGI this time. No stupid, automatic, expensive POS rental this time. which means I get to bum rides and shuttle. Arriving DFW 12:30 10/18 departing Mon morning. Arranged for Super Shuttle e.g.. Back to the last minute painting frenzy...
  7. No, though I will occasionally become entranced by a Goodful post in FaceBook.
  8. Is there a way to change one of my classes for ReaperCon? 


    1. Reaperbryan


      email [email protected] and we can see what we can do.

  9. I actually took Portraiture last year for her first run of it... Excellent class even with the 'guinea pigs' issues. I'm looking forward to really digging into it this year!
  10. Um, yeah... Remind me to avoid you at the con (... I got 3, 4 if you count Portraiture as 2) She may get sick of seeing me ;)
  11. Thursday Weathering: Hands-On With Brush & Pigment x1 Level Up Your Painting x1 Friday Glazed Over x1 Portraiture Part 1 x1 (and part 2 of course) Saturday Textures - Smoothness Isn't Everthing x1 Sketch Style Demonstration x1 Monochrome Painting x1 Sunday Hair's the Thing x1
  12. holy moley... but I got em all. Yup, I'm nuts! 8 classes - 9 sessions (same as last year). "I'll sleep when I'm dead" ... Looks like it would have allowed me to add another... I was tempted.
  13. I'll be arriving at DFW on Wed at 11:30 am and my flight out is at 12:30 on Mon (so leave HGI around 10ish?) let me know if you have a free spot! I'm good to help cover expenses. I'll be going through the posts later (when I'm not supposed to be working... uh, yeah, back to work...)
  14. You just enjoyed laughing at me try to drive that crappy automatic... BTW. I am not getting a car this year, will be joining in on the shuttle and ride bumming.
  15. Unleash the Kraken! and save me some...