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  1. Dragoneye

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Booked! Crap, gotta get painting...
  2. Dragoneye

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    Yes! Please...
  3. Dragoneye

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    This is how the Gen Con Paint n Take was run years ago (I'm not sure how it is now, I haven't been there in several years :( ). The tables were arranged in a long U with volunteer instructors in the middle and the paint-n-takers around the outside. The volunteers handed out minis and helped set up paint areas, managed water and paint needs and gave basic instruction if desired. If someone just wanted to sit and paint for a bit, that was cool too. I could see this as a 'gateway' class for new instructors too. Perhaps the volunteers, who want to see if teaching is for them, go through a short seminar on how to teach the Learn to Paint kit (so minimal new material to be developed and well, sales pitch) at the beginning of the con. Then they volunteer to teach for say a 30 min drop-in seminar at the U. Then the drop-in students can stay and work with the volunteer instructor standing by, or leave if they choose. This could be located near Artist Alley so the volunteer instructor can act as a liason for students wanting more advanced instruction (i.e. help for introverts) and can get experienced instructor assistance if they're stuck. The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. This could also be a spot to get advice on which classes to take to match skill level. The basic terminology issue could be a part of this and handouts and (mini) posterboards could tie in here too. Someone, please shoot this idea down before I hurt myself.
  4. Playing with Secret Weapon Miniatures weathering pigments (finally...) Making a rusty wrought iron fence is really fun! I think I need to add a few more shadows to make the bits pop. I'm pretty happy with this, but C&C welcome and appreciated!
  5. Along the lines of how different personalities select courses. I give myself a 'Tracks' as my goal for the con. For example this year was OSL and Faces. OSL I've tried and failed at, Faces are my favorite and I want to go from getting 'wow!' to 'Holy hell!' reactions. So I selected 2 OSL and 4 Faces/flesh classes, and placed them as much as I could in order of progression. (I also took 2 others cause I really wanted to.) With the OSL classes on separate days so I had time to ponder. People frequently ask how I can handle so many classes. This is it, in my mind I took 4 classes, because most of them built on the others. I also do this to get several artists' perspectives. I don't know if this will be really useful in this discussion, but themes or tracks is another method used to organize or group related subject matter over a convention.
  6. Unfortunately, the classes are tagged (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and most of the descriptions indicate requisite skills. Prerequisite classes cant be listed, its too complicated. Sigh. I dont have a good answer...
  7. Im not going to quote veryone, cause I'm lazy. How to teach a painting class is a grand idea. Keep it broad rather than ReaperCon specific. So people can take it to other cons and FLGSs. How to run a paint n take, get support, write class materials, prep, etc... Perhaps an Apprentice teacher program? I think Wren hit on the primary issue of student without the right skill level. How do the student know what level they are? I know Ive taken classes too advanced for me as well. It would be good to provide standardized guidelines and a clear structure/class leveling. But, this is so very complicated and subjective. And then, people would need to read and understand it and select their classes using the guidelines. Perhaps intermediate/advanced classes could require a 'portfolio-like' submission to be accepted to the class. But, yes, that could backfire terribly.
  8. Dragoneye

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Lol! Im from Milwaukee, model railroaders are everywhere. But we went to the zoo and while I did take pics of animals, I took a lot of pics of water, rocks, tree stumps, bugs, old fences... you name it. Thanks for reminding me to look up when Train Fest is!
  9. Dragoneye

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Lol! Ive been taking pics of things that catch my eye... I must look like a nut.. hold on I gotta take a picture of this rock!
  10. Dragoneye

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Mori - I wanna learn how to sculpt large flames! Do you have references to share? A tutorial?
  11. Dragoneye

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Ok... got some sleep. Started planning my diorama and picking out like, a million for painters. I'm even working on an idea for open.
  12. Dragoneye

    Home Sweet Home/Post Con Report

    ReaperCon was great! My 3rd and this one was the best. The venue was very nice, 8th floor had hot water, bath and shower and no wedding reception. There were no disturbing noises in my room. The 'fire pit' was not as good this year, mainly because friends were missing, but also, no fire. s'ok though sinceI spent more time at Fort Wappel getting addicted to Creepy resin by @SamuraiJack and convinced that i need to try oils by Wappel. I took an awesome set of 8 classes this year, Thanks to all my teachers. I took effectively 9 each of the previous years. Kids, dont try this at home; I'm a professional (nut that is). I'm currently planning to take significantly fewer next year, but we'll see when the class list comes out. I received 2 silvers in MSP Open this year in Diorama and Painters. Thanks to All of the judges and organizers! Special thanks to those who spent their time giving amazing feedback: Aaron Lovejoy, David Diamondstone, Erin Hartwell, Ian Markon... others too. Made new friends, and renewed old friendships, and even enjoyed the company of strangers, maybe next year we'll exchange names!
  13. Dragoneye

    ReaperCon 2018: A Noob's Perspective

    welcome to the family!
  14. Dragoneye

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    OMG! I haven't even started my entries yet! wait, I just got home. sleep first.