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  1. starwarsgeek

    Commissions question

    The biggest problem with using PayPal are the people sending you money, that know the ins and outs and how to scam others out of their money. If you're taking PayPal payments for something like a commission, I always: 1) have the buyer send the payment as "Goods and Services", not as "Friends and Family". While there are fees associated with G&S payments that PayPal will take out of your payment, they are fairly minimal IMO. This also protects the buyer, as PayPal will get their money back if you fail to provide the goods as promised (not saying you will do that, just saying). Also, with F&F payments, people will contact PayPal and claim the payments were made by an unauthorized party and get their money returned to them. Since the payment was not sent for any type of goods, you can't provide a tracking number to protect yourself. 2) make sure you read and understand the terms of the seller protection. Any shipments you send, you should get a tracking number, even if the buyers wants them shipped the cheapest possible way. Without tracking, you can't prove that the items were received by the buyer and they can get a refund. Any transactions over $750 will REQUIRE a signature for you to be protected as well. If I sell/ship anything over $100, I purchase insurance and require a signature, but that's just me. 3) make sure the buyer's shipping address is correct on their account , and make sure to ship it ONLY to that address that PayPal provides. If you alter the address in any way, the buyer can claim non-receipt and get their money back. 4) get 100% of the payment up front. If the buyer splits the payment, you will need to provide a different tracking number for EACH payment made. PayPal will not accept a tracking number for multiple transactions.
  2. starwarsgeek

    How to use Silicone Molds?

    Try buying it in gallons.... I'm a moldmaker/caster and my trips to the Smooth-On supplier usually end up close to $2K at a time lol
  3. starwarsgeek

    TitanForge Krampus

    So.... in 2018 I completed exactly zero miniature projects. I started several, including my first ever miniature painting project - even posted 1 or 2 of them here in hopes of getting motivation from it - but after either screwing something up, getting frustrated or simply losing interest, I never finished any of them. Fast forward to 2019 and I've made a Hobby Plan (because I don't like the word "resolution", nor do I think you should wait for 1 day a year to make a change in your life.... but I digress) to complete at least 1 miniature project each month. So before the decorations are taken down and the spirit of the season is completely lost, I started working on my TitanForge Krampus this week. Haven't gotten too far yet, mostly blocking in base colors and a bit of a wash, but it's getting there....
  4. starwarsgeek

    How do I make a super cheap paint rack?

    I used a sheet of Lexan from Lowes to build a wall mounted paint rack a few years back. This is an older pic and it's been expanded twice since this...
  5. starwarsgeek

    Favorite Holiday Traditions (Open Thread)

    I can't believe I forgot this one... amongst several things that I "collect", one of them is Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. I have one pair that only ever gets worn on Christmas Day tho - a bright orange Grinch pair.
  6. starwarsgeek

    Favorite Holiday Traditions (Open Thread)

    We only have one Christmas tradition in our home - every Christmas Eve we have to sit down and watch "Elf" which is my all-time favorite Christmas film. We watch plenty of other holiday films all thru the month but Elf is ALWAYS Christmas Eve. Interesting note: I have literally seen Elf more than any other film in my life. There's no real way to count how many times I've viewed the film but it's easily over 1000. When I worked retail, we would play Elf in our store from Black Friday morning until Christmas Eve non-stop, 12+ hours a day. I did this for over 10 years. So that would mean that it would play approximately 6 times a day for 30+/- days, which is about 180 times in that span for 10+ years.... so probably coming in closer to 2000 times. But yet, I still watch it in it's entirety every Christmas Eve and I still laugh at it, and still enjoy it. I can literally recite the entire movie, line for line.
  7. starwarsgeek

    Happy Birthday starwarsgeek

    Thanks everyone! Didn't notice this thread until just now.
  8. starwarsgeek

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    That evil plan worked on me too..... good job Reaper. LOL That "Snowdrift White" is an all new color as far as I can tell. I didn't see it in my paintrack and it's not listed in the paintRack app either...
  9. starwarsgeek

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    lol same It's been posted that there are 3 new ones this year
  10. starwarsgeek

    HD Paint Sale

    My tracking still states that my package is awaiting pickup... but I got it today....
  11. I made a hobby goal to start my first miniature in October, which I did.... so I guess I'll make my goal for December to finish painting that miniature... maybe.
  12. Same. Well *I'm* looking forward to them, not sure my wallet/wife are LOL
  13. Two sheets of clear acrylic ($30) and about 2 hours I made this wall mounted rack.
  14. starwarsgeek

    Christmas special edition minis

    If I'm not mistaken, most of the Christmas items were given away as a free gift for a $40 order, one each day. So yeah.... you have to kind of plan out what you want and place an order each day to get the pieces you want.
  15. starwarsgeek

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    That's a tough question to answer. I think it depends on the person and the crime/deeds that were done. But a good case (I guess) for me would be H. P. Lovecraft. I was introduced to his works at a very early age, and I've been reading (and re-reading) his stories for almost 30 years. Only recently, I found out that he was a terrible person and a horrible racist when he was alive. But those stories are so ingrained in my head that there's no way I could stop being a fan of his work.