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  1. Yeah, in the book they are listed together in the fluff blurb as well as the card entry.
  2. I do not see a problem so far, although now I think it is time for highlights.
  3. I use a few Army Painter colours. Leather Brown is my neutral colour I use to paint the edges of my bases. I have not had a problem with Leather Brown, or Ratskin Brown, or Greenskin and Necrotic Flesh. I like Weapon Bronze too.... The Dragon Red on the other hand, is so transparent it is tedious to paint with. So of my 6 Army Painter paints there is only 1 I think was not worth purchasing.
  4. I was planning on only investigating RAFM, but once I added a copy of the book into my shopping basket I kept on clicking until I had successfully ordered it. So, thanks for all the help, hopefully my quest will be over well before Christmas.
  5. Thanks for the advice Jeneki. I did the search and found a 20$ listing, I am located in Germany however, so postage was 30$. So, I am content to leave it for now.... I am annoyed with myself, because some months ago I saw an ebay listing (in the USA) postage was 24$, but the leading bid was 1$. I did not realise how rare the book was at the time. I have a question though, would it be fair to call a Justicar a type of Paladin?
  6. Well you sold me Auld Grumpy, I ordered some yesterday. The Goblin casualties made them irresistible. Good price too (postage aside anyway).
  7. Thanks for the replies, wow 70$ is much more expensive than I was thinking. Thanks for the offer Dilvish, I will have to think about it. I just had an impulse buy attack yesterday, so I will have to see if I am still curious enough about the book next month.
  8. I have been trying to hunt down the old Warlord 1 Crusader Armybook, could anyone tell me how much fluff (and other stuff) is in it?
  9. For Hobgoblins I have used Wargames Factory Orcs and kit bashed them with other stuff. Frostgrave Cultists and Wargames Factory Persians mainly, all you need is a little putty to smooth out the little gap at the bottom of the neck. The Wargames Factory Orcs are a little harder to come by these days though as they are now offered by Warlord Games.