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  1. Not very good at free-handing, but here's a start on her.
  2. The new wonder woman doesn't have a logo on her shield, so swapping in a hoplite shield should do the trick (I hesitate to say 'simply' as I've never modded a mini :D )
  3. I like that one too -- For now, I think I'm going to go with the one that is in the mail ( 02687: Female Barbarian ) and keep an eye on that Mythic Helen as a replacement for her when she gets a few levels under her belt.
  4. That's awesome! Too bad it's a 35mm mini and everything war is 27mm
  5. That's one that I already have on order, so I might just use her. The Angel of Radiance is a solid option and on my wish-list (one must at least pretend to listen to the budget) I hadn't considered Dark Sword - so far all of my minis have been Reaper. I really like that one.
  6. We're about to start a new 5e campaign and 2 of my sons have decided that they want to be Deadpool (using crossbows in lieu of guns) and Spiderman (his brother, the DM has ok'd some homebrew thing that gives him Spider Climb and a couple of other spidey-type features). I'm looking at a paladin / warlock or a paladin / sorcerer and thought it would be fun to paint her up as Wonder Woman, given the other party members. That said, I'm having a hard time finding a reaper mini that shouts "I'm Wonder woman!" and thought I'd ask you gurus for a bit of advice.. The closest I've found thus far are: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/female barb/sku-down/02687 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/isabella/sku-down/02462 http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02267 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/blade/latest/02267 But none of them seem quite right .. the image I've got in my head is from the new movie coming out this summer - tiara, round shield, sword and breastplate.. Thanks in advance..
  7. Sally IV -- this one's the lucky one!
  8. Haha -- I'm too cheap so far to have special edition paints! He's been doing fine so far with the regular Reaper paints - only puts a tiny drop in the cap ( I use water bottle caps to hold the active paint - they're cheap, easily replacable and I have about a million of them laying around) and is pretty frugal with what he puts on the brush. I think I'm just going to get him a few of the multi-pack Bones guys for Easter and let him go to town with those - and maybe a brush or two of his own.
  9. I tried a couple more - one with my phone's flash and a few without - part of the issue could always be that I'm using a phone camera :D
  10. Thanks! Trying the Ruby Red and Adamantium Black together really came out well, I thought I figured it out after a frantic look at both the box that I had finally put in the trash and at the store link :) (although the tip regarding purple text might help me out next time!
  11. That one took me a minute, Lol! I was sitting here thinking, "No I didn't!"
  12. My most ambitious project to date, Narthrax was a fun little challenge for me over the last couple of weeks. My son wanted him to be black, so after I based him in Stormy Grey, I mixed up 3 parts each Adamantine Black and Imperial Purple with a single drop of Pure Black (then repeated it several times!). For the undersides of the wings, I replaced the Imperial Purple with Ruby Red - and did the same for his main back-spikes and horns. I went too far down his tail with the reddened segments and after realizing that it just didn't look right, thought I had successfully covered it up - but from the backside picture, I can see a distinct reddish hue to the top of the upper tail.. I also think I need to touch up the foot-pads and perhaps the trailing-edge bone tips on the wings with - they looked nice with just the Stormy Grey, but the camera is making me second guess that thought..
  13. I guess I should have seen that coming :) His reading skills are getting better, but I'd say they're middling-to-average for a 1st grader. p.s. - holy crappy camera shots, batman! sorry about that!
  14. So my 7yo has expressed an interest in painting, and I was thinking that I would get him some of his own 'stuff' for Easter .. How is the "Learn To Paint Kit: Core Skills"? And, are it's instructions something that a 7yo can read / comprehend? He's already painted a couple of his Army Men, a skeleton swordsman from a 3-pack I had laying around, Horned Hunter (89033) and Count Lorenth (77355). The last 2, he had me order with his allowance money. Or is he better off watching a few Youtube videos and using my paints & brushes?
  15. I actually have my pill bottle filled with shot ( from a couple of shotgun shells - it's what I had handy in lieu of finding sand in the dead of winter :D )