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  1. Love this! p.s. did you use half of a barstool seat for the base? :) If so, double awesome
  2. Well that looks a bit better.. thanks for the suggestion!
  3. I had a lot of fun with this guy, even though I was initially a bit intimidated by the colors I rolled and am not thrilled with the scale pattern now that I've worked on him... Contest Thread Combined Show-Off thread WIP The colors rolled were 1) Orange Brown, 2) Cloudy Grey and 3) Imperial Purple and after a couple of base layers, he started to look too much like a pumpkin to not call him Pumpkin Spice.. It will be noted that I did a completely terrible job on the flocking - only my second attempt at flocking ever and doing it with a headache and lots of kids running around meant that I didn't notice until it was way too late that he's got grass growing all over his feet now! Also, pay no attention to the goldish mush-piles.. again, trying to mold with distractions didn't work out too well (not that I'm particularly adept at that either ) PS's frontmost foot was badly bent even after a boil bath, so I made him stepping on a shield. The shield, sword and bones were donors from the Ghouly Grab Bag since I got a 77242 Skeleton Warrior in my October order. oh, and I need a better photo-booth than white paper taped in front of my paint stand!
  4. Pumpkin Spice is mostly done .. I should have a Show Off thread in the next day or so..
  5. Mine went back into the blister pack and is on the shelf-o-shame since I couldn't get him to fit onto his pillar right and the metal's thickness resisted my attempts at bending..
  6. I agree and I'm planning on buying a pin vice this weekend and trying that.
  7. A bit more this afternoon .. ok, quite a bit.. Darkened the undersides of the wings a bit (3:1 Cloudy Grey / Black ) and lightened the tops ( 3:1 Cloudy Grey / White ) and reinforced the orange on the wingstruts some more. Looking at it now, I almost can't tell the difference though .. must be my old man eyes! I then tried my hand at drybrushing his horns, but that looks terrible (not so much in person, but that camera certainly adds 10lb of black on those horns!!) Then I mixed an unrepeatable mixing of orange/purple/grey and put that on the spines - it looked darker on my Paint Test Orc - but still isn't too bad.. Then I painted his toenails (and wing bone spurs and spine tips) with Imperial Purple. Then, I popped a first layer of sealant on him and started trying to figure out what I'm going to do for a base since my boiling didn't work as well as i like and his front leg is bent, making him quite the push-over.. I cut a 3"x5" slice of hobby plywood and sanded it down. I initially thought to cover that with green stuff, but I don't have enough for that and once again, we're in the between-paychecks budget phase.. I'm thinking that I'll just black it and then glue down the back legs, followed by bending the fronts to where I want them when I glue them.. Here he is in all his almost-done glory.. I was going to try to do more with blending on his wings - from the orange to grey to being almost white at the trailing edges, but my first sample ended horribly and I decided to cut my losses and leave the whole wings as the grays previously mentioned..
  8. The wife was off doing mom things with my stepdaughter tonight, so I had a few minutes to throw at his wings .. I also attempted a drybrush on the horns, but I think that is going to be redone next time I sit down now that I look at the pictures... There is still no Imperial Purple except for the iris of his eyes, but I'm thinking that I might do the claws and spine-tips purple.. it's dark enough to be nearly what the brown liner looks like already - which I think already looks pretty decent against the Orange Brown..
  9. Strange.. it wasn't showing previously.
  10. Very nice! Where's her front-side? Or did her parentage result in an unfortunate genetic combination, making her shy?
  11. He's the Pumpkin Spice Dragon, I've decided. Therefore, he needs to be done before October turns into November... Nothing exciting this week, other than a first layer of Orange Brown on the body, followed by a wash of Orange Brown / Black (which I blotted from the highlighted scales), then another light coat (maybe counts as a drybrush layer?) of Orange Brown. Then this afternoon, I was able to get a first layer of Cloudy Grey on the wing (only one, mind you - wouldn't want anyone to think I was making too much progress or anything!) and underbelly. edit: Also, I feel like his flank scales aren't as well defined as either of the other two dragons that I've painted (Narthrax and Blightfang)