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  1. The 03186 pack came in the mail today, so here's a mock-up of the final scene. Have since primed the table and boy in white and stuck them to a pair of pill bottles for painting. I am really liking this little table.. although it has a dagger and rat on it (both of which, are not so thematic).. Thinking that perhaps the rat can become Herman the Hamster along the way. Oh, and the underpinnings of the table have leering skulls in them (which is pretty cool, but again, not really thematic), so probably a good thing no one should be looking *under* the table when it's all done :)
  2. Both look pretty awesome, but that blue on Alastriel really pops! Excellent work :)
  3. very very careful work with a dremel?
  4. Narthrax is my favorite because of his pose. I've got him painted up in black right now, but another one is on the wishlist because he's so darn cool looking (imo)
  5. Ebay link removed - I had a huge shopping cart going for a while, before the budget was remembered :) And now, off to look at that link!
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! Definitely a few ideas that I hadn't considered. I just ordered " 03186: Wizard's Workshop " and am going to use the boy with books and little table in the below setting. Once the boy and table are painted, I'll tackle trying to create a tile floor with greenstuff on the 3" base below. It's going to be a gift for my wife (K-3 teacher) when she starts her new job in the fall - so skulls, imps, etc. are pretty much out :D
  7. I'm trying my hand at making a mini-diorama of sorts and need a table suitable for a wizard/librarian. I found a couple listed on ebay but between the base cost and huge shipping costs, just can't justify laying out $15ish dollars.. So, looking for suggestions..
  8. I downloaded both images and resized Frorigh so that the pegs on the side match up.. Either the pegs aren't accurate, or she's less than 3.75" because I've got Frorigh and he's about 3" to the top of his helm in his bent-over position..
  9. I figured that, but immediately thought of her when I saw the title. All of the Icingstead figures ( http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Icingstead/sku-down ) seem to be a bit taller than most, so you might have a few other options, although I think @BlazingTornado got the best one already..
  10. There's always Frulla Krung.. She's enormously tall *and* wearing furs :) http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/female barbarian/sku-down/02622
  11. Finished up another dragon (we just started HotDQ so I have a couple more I'll do in the next couple of months, I'm sure) and even tried my hand at rebasing. I'm not completely satisfied with the paint itself as I got ahead of myself and did assembly too early in the process, which made it difficult to reach into some of the nooks and crannies. WIP Thread : http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/74504-77323-blightfang-basing/ In retrospect, should a green dragon be around lush green grass - after all, Blightfang is her name and Poison is her game..
  12. Water! It's not completely set, but liking how it looks so far. The next thing to tackle is trying my hand at flocking - never done that before either :)
  13. First layer of 'water' (Ritterlich Blue) overlaid with a wash of Sky Blue. I'm going to try filling the pond and stream with clear glue (maybe dot in some gold coins on the floor of the pond?) and add some grass flocking for the parts that are still raw green stuff.
  14. Built up the Green Stuff a bit more - going to go for a pond-edge on the one side, with a stream flowing between the rocks and out the other.. Moving really slow on this one - getting to be the busy time of year!
  15. That's awesome! Gareth Hawkblade would look fabulous right in front of that maw! :D (mostly because he looks terrified of everything!)