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  1. completed

    Not some, but all of them are in the country , and as of yesterday they are being shipped finally! (got my fedex notice this morning )
  2. Those look awesome! The shorelines make it seem like there is a lot more going on beneath the surface, in a way that would make me not want to get too close to it Only thing I'd do is a green wash or ink on the waterfall, but that's just because of how much better the pool looks now
  3. Cheap minis sounds like a good idea, bonus points if they fit into some plastic eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt. Definitely get a cheap pack of brushes - unless you're wanting to upgrade yours rather quickly :p
  4. Looks awesome, especially the flame thrower mod! Armorcast on eBay has a giant rad scorpion and bloat flies, in case you didn't know ;-)
  5. Pre-launch

    Bones IV: You know you want more...