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  1. Mix 'em up, I have the full HD line mixed in with all my other paints:
  2. IgwanaRob

    Bones Paint Allergy?

    Is it possible you handled the model and then touched something that she did?
  3. I love the Skeleton Key paint - looks great on tankards of ale!
  4. Those Creature Caster paints look nice, but I'll pass on having to re-bottle or find a top that isn't made like a super wasteful condiment lid.
  5. IgwanaRob

    Paint Track Apps?

    Those are the two licensed lines of paint. This list has all the licensed HGB paints listed, and notes which are HD, but if you want to add these under Reaper I'd suggest just adding them all in their own HGB filter category (at least the 6XXXX SKUs, as they are discontinued and not actually part of the regular lines). The 7XXXX series is the other licensed set for CAV - again, probably best listed under a separate CAV filter category as they are not sold under the regular paint lines.
  6. I'd be more concerned about the shipping fulfillment and handling of issues after delivery more than getting them made. Over-funding has a way of crushing the in-experienced on KS, but a small success may lead to actual improvement in the next project if he's looking to create a brand for himself. Nothing screams scam, despite the constant efforts of that one guy in the KS comments to convince everyone of how bad the creator is, but red flags should always be watched closely.
  7. IgwanaRob

    Paint Track Apps?

    Core line: SKU range is from 09000 - 09399 Bones line: SKUs start at 09400 Special edition paints: SKUs start at 09600 HD line: SKU range is from 29800 - 29854 There are licensed lines as well, but they're marketed by the people that licensed them.
  8. IgwanaRob

    Paint Track Apps?

    According to Reaper, the 096xx numbers should all be special as they are not normally stocked items.
  9. IgwanaRob

    Paint Track Apps?

    Bones paint line is still missing nearly all paints under the Bones filter (only 6 out of the original 54 paints seem to have been corrected). Special paints still listed as unlabeled, with only 3 listed under special. Reapercon paints seemed to have been moved into core colors (Special would be the better label for them, their SKU #s indicate the difference). Using the SKU numbers should make it easy to assign labels correctly. Edit because I found one I was missing
  10. IgwanaRob

    Reaper Paint Color Charts (Rev 1 (1-2019))

    Maybe use TMM for regular metallic paints, and NMM for the non. I'm at a loss for what the pearlescent colors could be listed as. With the slow deconstruction of the website (HD colors no longer listed), it's going to get harder to find lists of older stuff and stuff like this will help a lot of people out - keep it up!
  11. Yeah, KS definitively attracts the good old fashioned get-rich-quick scammers. Although this one actually seems more like an attempt at humor than a scam For the most part, a pill bottle with poster tac is more than enough - especially ones with the spinning adult-proof caps, makes it easy to spin the model around without changing my grip. That being said, I did back the Rathcore V3 mini holders when they came out - they function well for my nerve damage hand, the bars are movable and sturdy enough to use as a rest/stabilizer when painting tiny things as my hands shake - they are hand made and assembled, and well worth the money. The first copy-cat that came around after the V3 was a hit on kickstarter, the Hobby Holder, is actually a well thought out product that allows you to use regular bottle caps, but to me seems about double the cost it should be. The last few that have popped up on KS have been nothing less than entertaining to read, I keep imagining a video of a guy trying to sell them out of a covered wagon as he treks across the mid US.
  12. Rather get some red sable brushes from Blick for the same price.
  13. While not on the snake-oil level of RGG, it's still a product creating a problem for it's own solution.
  14. IgwanaRob

    Reaper Paint Color Charts (Rev 1 (1-2019))

    Still shows all metals as non metallic, while the 6 actual NMM paints are listed as metallic. Some pinks are listed as red, some as purple. Bones paints are listed in Core.
  15. IgwanaRob

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Yes, half a year is far too late