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  1. IgwanaRob

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    Dragon Blue is in the Core LTPK, so that's being transitioned over (already have a dupe, love this color). The only Dragon White I see is 09439, which is a Bones Paint stock number (IOW: it's already there). Edited to add: They have updated the Core LTPK set since its original release. For example, I don't have Dragon White in my set as it's a Bones color and that line wasn't around with original release of the set (there's only 5 paints carried over between the Core LTPK versions it seems). (Edited again to clarify previous edit)
  2. IgwanaRob

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    Aside from the LTPK's, I got all my HD paints from my FLGS when it went out of business last year for 75% off - I ended up with just over 130 mostly Reaper paints (including one of the HD pistol cases). When I saw how relatively few of the HD line I was missing, I had no problems scooping them up. I do like the Bones paints that came with the layer up kit, but I'll pick more of those up when "needed" :p
  3. IgwanaRob

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    Heh, I already went out and got the 16 I was missing!
  4. IgwanaRob

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    With the discontinuation of the HD line, what's going to happen to the Learn to Paint Kits? Granted it's only 3 paints in total, but are there plans to substitute or re-tool them? Also, are there any more kits coming out in the future?
  5. IgwanaRob

    New Hobby Area advice/suggestions

    depending on handy you are, this might be a good idea: https://www.amazon.com/2x4basics-90164-Workbench-Shelving-Storage/dp/B0030T1BRE/ It only includes the hardware (not wood), but you can customize it to your liking.
  6. IgwanaRob

    Weak search fu...

    It doesn't help that the main term you'd search for isn't even an option in the tags (despite it actually being in the name of the figure...)
  7. IgwanaRob

    Badger PAC Valve size

    The male QD should be the exact size for the gun, same threading as the adapter. Barring cross-threads, I don't see much room for error. Does the adapter fit the brush without the QD/PAC?
  8. Yeah they stopped putting the tags on the pages for the new releases, makes searching for things a little more difficult.
  9. IgwanaRob

    Priming my pewter

    I moved from using Reaper's Black and White Brush-on to using Grey as it's easier to paint up some of the more difficult colors like yellow (I tried mixing black and white to make grey, but it seems to leave the primer tacky so I just went to straight grey). I've also started using Stynylrez - it's pretty nice on metal because it goes on so thin, that adding a few extra coats on areas of concern is trivial without worrying about losing detail (spots that would see a lot of touching or contact with other minis/floor/etc). Still waiting for my Badger birthday airbrushes, so depending on how I get along with them, I'll at least be adding at least another tool in my priming arsenal :p
  10. IgwanaRob

    No more Swag Bags?

    It was about this time last year when a few extra bags were put up on the shop, but since the product page disappeared this morning I'm guessing it's safe to assume that it won't be back. Does this mean there's no way to get the paints anymore?
  11. IgwanaRob

    Massive Darkness

    Not some, but all of them are in the country , and as of yesterday they are being shipped finally! (got my fedex notice this morning )
  12. IgwanaRob

    How do I get this water effect?

    Those look awesome! The shorelines make it seem like there is a lot more going on beneath the surface, in a way that would make me not want to get too close to it Only thing I'd do is a green wash or ink on the waterfall, but that's just because of how much better the pool looks now
  13. IgwanaRob

    Learning to paint kits

    Cheap minis sounds like a good idea, bonus points if they fit into some plastic eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt. Definitely get a cheap pack of brushes - unless you're wanting to upgrade yours rather quickly :p
  14. IgwanaRob

    Fallout Miniatures

    Looks awesome, especially the flame thrower mod! Armorcast on eBay has a giant rad scorpion and bloat flies, in case you didn't know ;-)
  15. IgwanaRob

    Bones IV pre-launch & news

    Bones IV: You know you want more...