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  1. Speaking of invasive critters, the rats living above the ceiling tiles were having a rather heated argument this morning.
  2. Sept 18th: If said coffee bar had student employees I'd be for it. If for no other reason than most students wind up in at least one food service job during or after their collage years so this would be something they could put as experience on a resume. I remember very well the frustration of folks not hiring me due to lack of experience when I first entered the working world. I think the teachers would probably be the most frequent customers, finally being able to give up the ancient coffee perc that has been in the teacher's lounge since 1975. Sept 19th: I haven't had cable in years and so I tend to wait until things come out on dvd. The only show I'm impatient for the next installment would be Vikings.
  3. Great job on them. The Marx Robin Hood sculpts had plenty of character and you brought it out well here.
  4. Congratulations on the sample! Did you run out of a similar color recently? I have found that every time I run out of something, my next order gets a sample paint of very similar shade to what I need. It's like Reaper employs at least one psychic ninja...
  5. Good luck!
  6. I've been working on these since last year, a couple figures at a time. I hope to eventually put together an entire army of them but redneck sculpts aren't that easy to find. The chronoscope zombie hunters/survivors and the new hillbilly are next on the list of acquirements. The car is a 1/32 scale 1970 Plymouth Road Runner from Jada Toys Fast and Furious line. Somewhat over scale, but it looks close enough and is easy to take apart. I resisted the urge to Mad Max it as I wanted it to be more along the lines of a car left in the barn for some years before TSHTF. I chose to use warmer colors to match popular 70s shades and to give it a hint of the General Lee. These two are the first ones I painted and the freehand flannel isn't the best but it give him the look of a regular farmer. The one on the right is a combination of Darryl from the Walking Dead and Rambo. Both are from Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors:The Men. Next are Westwind's Redneck Militia. They were fun to paint, especially the cans of Hamms. Berkeley was done as a homage to Ash from Army of Darkness. I freehanded more flannel on Billy Joe and it came out much better than my first attempt and the flag on his hat came out better than I expected. The flock on his overalls was an accident but I'm leaving it as it suggests the white lightning in his jug caused him to stumble a bit. I also am happy with the freehand on his rag. Bobby Jo is the one that I think came out the best. Eventually I'll get them another vehicle and some plasticville mobile homes.
  7. Kharne is a pretty cool guy, can't wait to see how he comes out.
  8. I thought he only went after Partha paints? I don't have any of those.
  9. Are you going to add frightened and confused bees? What I was pondering was using a dragon as decoration on an actual cheese and meat tray, perhaps having a smaller base attached to his feet that detaches for cleaning purposes. This way one's guests have a sense of urgency towards getting to the food before the dragon does.
  10. It's not so much a lack of sense of adventure as it is a lack of Vervain to fend it off with. This is true. But knowing my luck the modern wimp types would drink all my paints.
  11. I decided not to boil and bend these when I took them out of the package, since they're all the same a bit of wobbliness gives them a bit of variation.
  12. They're like M&Ms, you can't just have one or two. Army of Darkness was a rather formulative influence on my youth and if I can ever find an Oldsmobile in somewhat proper scale I'll have to try and recreate the steam powered chopper version.
  13. I went with the classic purple as a homage to the pics in the 4th ed Undead army book from GW, the pumpkin theme came about because I wanted a more Halloween type army than the gothic style undead I painted years ago.
  14. I'll have to look thru there today. I think it has something to do with the distance from the camera to the miniature.
  15. This gives me an idea. When I was working at a wine bar downtown the cheeseboards we made were served on wood platforms that resembled this. Ebonwrath's pose suggests he's bending down to munch something....perhaps combine a base with an appetizer tray....