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  1. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    True, had the Big Orange Beast not run off, it would've been invited in.
  2. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Find a coworker you don't like. Hit them until the beeping stops. (it'll stop when it transfers to them) Then lock them in a closet so they can't reinfect you.
  3. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Talae's Carrion Worm WIP

    Looks good. He's got a realistic vibe to him.
  4. Lord of the Dish Pit

    The Coffee Dwarves of Confefe Mountain

    Base coated the metal bits on the Miners. GW Hashut Copper on the standard and War Umpah, Shadowed Steel on the helmets, pick heads, and belt rings. The Champion's lantern is Honed Steel and the standard bearer's Dragon Bronze. Shadowed Steel on the rank's rings, picks and helmets. Dragon Bronze on Jarl Jorvik's mask and axe.
  5. For muted, try applications of watered down Black and Brown Wash. Greys will also be your friends.
  6. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Recieved a light dusting of snow today. Currently trying to figure out a way to send it back to early December when it would have been welcomed and seasonal.
  7. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I finally seem to have gotten back into a painting mood. Oddly enough it seems the impetuous was the arrival of my new ps4, which will be the main competition for my time, once all my games finish downloading. Which looks to be a couples days out at least. I awoke hearing loud meowing today, which is odd since I don't currently have a cat. It was coming from outside my room window, and I meowed back, the two of us conversing for about ten minutes before I wandered out with food. On my approach the cat ran off in an orange blur, but hopefully will return for the meal. After all if I'm going to be woken up by demanding dinner requests, the least the local creatures can do is eat the food! If I find a note complaining about "lack of presentation" in it's place, I'm declaring immediate all out war against the food network...
  8. Lord of the Dish Pit

    House Figmentius Common Room, All Are Welcome

    I discovered not too long ago that I have inadvertantly amassed a sizeable horde of goblins. I remembered the ones that came with the same starter set as the Dwarves, but completely forgot about the 40 or so that I had from the 4th ed Warhammer box. Currently going through the BattleMasters, Dark World and extra Heroquest figures and simple greening some reinforcements for them. But that'll be awhile yet, I still have 72 very impatient Dwarves to paint.
  9. Lord of the Dish Pit

    The Coffee Dwarves of Confefe Mountain

    Slow progress the last few days, as the room temperature veers between "just cold enough I'd rather nap" and "hot enough to dry the paint too quickly". Began adding the Highlight Orange and the first layer of Rainy Grey to the cloak. More Highlight Orange. Went ahead and added the same to the miners and gave them black undercoating where needed. (hopefully they'll stop hitting me now)
  10. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Despite their protests, the Heroquest orcs and goblins have been bathed. Now with cries of dismay, the Battlemasters and Dark World ones have entered the Tub of Simplistic Greening.
  11. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    There's a shipment scheduled to be transfered from the docks to a local distribution center around 5 pm. My sources tell me it's two full trailers running in a convoy. The drivers always stop at the same truck stop for dinner on I80 before they drop off. Window of opportunity is 30-45 mins and the trucks are unguarded.
  12. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    So she took the Ring in the end... You might want to write down what details you can remember of the dream, form it into a script and send it out.
  13. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    The Heroquest goblins I tossed in some Simple Green several days ago are actively resisting the process. The fact younger me used testors paints on them is probably the reason, but I cannot help but wonder if the spirit of Buglips is strong with them. The orcs have joined them in their protest.
  14. Lord of the Dish Pit

    The Coffee Dwarves of Confefe Mountain

    Thanks, it's been difficult to get back into a Dwarven frame of mind, and by this point I'm convinced that my painting projects are heavily influenced by what season it is. Taking my own earlier advice, I'm concentrating on the command group first, as they're going to bog me down. The standard bearer has enough detail to count as two figures. I hit their sleeves with some Black Wash to dirty them up some. I was debating a flannel pattern for them, simply to get some White in there, but the candle wax and Siguls of Agamenthar should serve well enough for that. The sleeves of the ranks were also Black Washed. Black Wash was also added to Jarl Jorvik's cloak trim as I highlighted his beard with the same Rainy Grey and needed to break things up a bit. The blue portions got some Drakenhof Nightshade then a thinned layer of Dragon Blue. Honed Steel was applied to his chainmail and ax, (not shown). His cloak has been proving difficult, the blue shade coming out rather splochy and I went over it again with the watered down Dragon Blue. In order to get it unmatching from his helmet, I'll mix some Linen White in with the next coat and see how it looks and patch up the gaps near the trim.
  15. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Which is why we need to eat more of them. Get them before they get us!