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  1. That's why I did mine as a hippie, blond dreds, regular flesh tone and tye dye on the loin cloth and he was a dead ringer for the guy at Woodstock who did the brown acid. The melty face/ missing nose was on the second of the female elf fighters, the one with the shield. The elves were one of the first blisters I got right after they hit stores so it was probably an early run thing that's hopefully been fixed.
  2. These are beautiful, excellent work! When I get around to painting up my cloud giant I now plan on attempting to borrow your skin tones. What paints did you use?
  3. I am beginning to suspect that our managers are practicing an odd form of human sacrifice. Every time one of us gets cut early it seems to summon an 8 or 10 top of customers. That they did not learn from this the first time and kept doing so thru out the shift leads me to believe that this was deliberate. I may need to convene an Inquisition on this matter.... The hippie troll is now with his new owner, who was quite pleased with him. I was also able to convince one of the servers to come along to the Painting with a Pint on Monday. Elven coworker was supposed to join us as well but got roped into a trip to Fredricksburg with some of the servers. But on the bright side she has accepted the challenge of finding me stroopwaffels while she's there. My last package from Reaper came with a nifty faq/painting guide on Bones which will help the coworkers as this will be their first time painting minis. I also came up with some Weird Al style lyrics to popular 60s songs that pertain to our workplace. Our managers have mixed feelings on this as expected. So all in all a good day.
  4. After work I was ready to go home, when my ears caught the sound of plaintive cries. Following this to the FLGS I came across the following minis, who'd been on the shelf for several months now and having the means to do so, I adopted them. 10034 Mousling Tavern (the clerk thought that they would've moved before this but I informed him that they were simply waiting for me to have the funding.) 50045 Jesse Moonwalker, Werewolf (My witches now have a werewolf with a shotgun, since he's a bit taller than the Westwind biker werewolves, he'll likely be pack leader.) 77393 Marilith ( one of the last Bones they had in stock, and I haven't painted a snek lady before.) Wizkids Dwarf Wizards (Prophets for the Coffee Dwarf Clans) Wizkids Blink Dogs ( Likely to be the adversaries when I finally get around to my Sam Ayer/Harry Dresden scene.) Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade ( will come in useful as I don't have a blue wash per se, just heavily watered GW Regal Blue. It works well enough but I must admit a fondness for the GW washes.) Now to pat my wallet gently and speak to it in a soothing voice, for it knows Bones 4 is coming....
  5. Getting closer, the only two left are Old School Domur and the Dungeon Saga Elf, who's about halfway done. I have next Monday and Tuesday off so this is looking achievable.
  6. The balance I've found is to have 5 o 6 on the desk that all require similar colors, and go at it like an assembly line. Do the flesh on everyone, base colors etc, and when they get to about 60% complete start concentrating on them individually. Really as long as you're putting paint to mini as often as possible, the pile will go down (until the next order comes in at least). It's the constant (or near to it as you can) practice that will bring speed just as in anything else.
  7. The wizkids minis tend to vary somewhat as to how difficult they are to work with. Some sculpts the lack of noses, melty face, and vicious mold lines make it an endurance run of one's patience and sanity. Others not so much, I found the Troll to be much easier to work with than the Female Elven Fighters. As others have said, check the blister carefully. As to price to me it equals out. With Bones I may pay a little more, but I also am reasonably confidant that things like noses will be where they are supposed to be. With Wizkids two for four bucks is nice, but it is something of a gamble when it comes to how much of a pain they'll be. I would suggest picking up some of both and having a go at them. Even if neither one suits you it's a cheap enough experiment.
  8. Congratulations on avoiding Monday.
  9. Now down to the Dungeon Saga Elf and old school Domor. Monthly hobby goal actually in sight! Although I'm still trying to figure out the color scheme for Domor, as I'm trying not to do a Gandalf copy with him. Also trying to avoid blue as I'm saving that for Darius, and purple as I try to save that for the witches and necomancers....
  10. Praise the Emprah! Great job on him.

    I can hear my future wallet screaming, but what really frightens me is that Reaper somehow got one of our old GMs to pose for the demon. All it needs is a beard....
  12. Owch. I've had to resurrect some of the first Bones I bought, as I primed them not knowing any better at the time...with GW black. Luckily working as a dishwasher has perks....a couple sprays with the hose and a few rides in the machine and it came off. I'm too ocd with the minis to ever leave one until it at least looks passable. Because the minis have explained to me in graphic detail what the consequences of that would be.
  13. It seems to be a raging barbarian kind of day. Just finished the one from Dungeon Saga, and am making good progress on the Wizard. I was planning to unleash my new #0 brush next Monday at Painting with a Pint, but nessessity forced me to unleash it tonight. My verdict on the Reaper Masters Series #0.....
  14. To those about to sleep, good luck. May your attempts to evade the Dream Police prove successful!
  15. Yeah, maybe we should take up a collection of those paints Buglips is addicted to and see if we can bribe him to unleash the Snowblower of Doom. Depending on where he does this, it may bring relief on a hemishphere-wide scale.