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  1. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Countdown to Halloween

    With the skin and fur out of the way, everything else seems to be coming together quite quickly. His eyes are Highlight Orange with a Golden Glow dot, the shotgun and belt are Blackened Steel and Harvest Brown. His vest was a Heather Blue base, then a Heather Blue/Stone Gray mix highlighted on, a thinned Black Wash, followed by A light drybrushing of Heather Blue and a Heather Blue/Pure White mix. His pants are Stone Gray base, Black Wash, Stone Gray Highlight, and a drybrushing of Stone Gray/Pure White mix. I also went over his hat in Pure Black to fix the earlier invasion by the fur drybrushing. His feather is done in Gore Red. Fun Bit of Synchronicity: In the movie Werewolves On Wheels, the gang encounters a gas station owner who is wearing this exact same hat but with a smaller feather! So it will be painted the same as his.
  2. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    What worries me is that the day I got the truck parked on my leg I'd just awoke from a dream where an assassination attempt on me ended with a 34 Ford getting blown through the window of the resturant and the flaming wreckage landing on the booth I was in. While not exactly 100% accurate as to what happened, it's close enough that when I have the "I get killed" dreams, I tend to get a bit wary.
  3. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    The machine Spirit has apparently bonded with the barista and is not happy about being touched anyone else. Call the barista and have them speak soothing reassuring words to the machine over the phone, and see if that helps. This is the second time since Friday I've woken up because I got shot in a dream. (This time for mouthing off to Randall Flagg after he expressed his discontent over a cartoon I'd drawn of Nadine and others of his followers.) I'm hoping this isn't some kind of precognitive thing.
  4. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    The infernal device I'm typing on (chromebook) Coffee Maker various lamps and lights. occasionally the digital camera for miniature pictures. Music provided by Sony Discman
  5. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    The Well To Do area eh? Probably a group of high schoolers that got ahold of one of their parents' tomes and tried cutting a deal with Mammon for a rewarding career in finance and protection from the SEC, it's quite common above a certain tax bracket. Apparently though, they didn't read the fine print of the contract, consult a competent lawyer before signing something, or they messed up drawing the circle. This should sort itself out after a day or two, but the odds of any of them surviving are rather slim. Such tasks usually fall to one of the Gulthor. Imagine a Canadian Goose crossed with a Balrog with the mindset of an anally retentive and bloodthirsty accountant. They aren't paticularly high in Mammon's Legion, they're the dumb muscle as it were, but they are skilled at what they do. I'd advise staying out of the fog if possible and do not respond to mysterious voices offering you stock options if any should speak to you.If things go sideways, silver elfs them up proper and they don't much care for getting shot with regular bullets either. Common protective circles keep them out as well as does Vervain. Well killing a few weeds seems to bring rain, at least in my area, I haven't tried human sacrifice though. I'd think though that sacrificing television weather reporters would be more likely to bring results than university students, if for no other reason that the lies they speak are personal insults to the weather spirits. Also bear in mind that traditionally sacrifices are supposed to actually have some kind of value, I doubt the weather spirits would be pleased with having a horde of drunken louts foisted on them any more than you are. Perhaps rendering them into "bacon" would be a preferable disposal method. Grease a few palms and have it labelled "Organic" Long Pork and watch the money roll in at the local farmer's markets. Yes, nukes are capable of global climate change, but in a rather unhealthy manner. You have to remember to work out charts of prevailing winds so you can get an idea of where the fallout is going to drift to, factoring in groundburst vs airburst differences in radiation, and coming up with a way of preventing everyone else from launching theirs because they think the Luftballon Party has finally kicked off. And that's before getting into the pain in the elf of finding out who the proper targets are and where they are. Easier just to call something out of the sky for mealtime, and even then you need to be wary of the targets having previously cut a deal with Mammon like in the above paragraph because then it winds up going into a drawn out arbitration process between the Mammonites and the sky things. Disclaimer: I am too lazy to retype all this in purple, so no I am not advocating demonic summonings, acting as accessory to cannibalism, nuclear apocalypse, or playing a live action version of The Assassin Bureau by Jack London.
  6. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Countdown to Halloween

    The Werewolf's skin is finished in a combination of Leather Brown, Bronzed Flesh, and a Dark Highlight tint to tie it back towards the fur. The fur also received a light drybrushing of Oiled Leather/Pure White mix.
  7. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    While alfredo sauce is more dressing like, I reserve it's use for either breadstick dip or pizza sauce. Also the Swiss allows for the unleashing of the Power of Cheese. I hadn't thought about cucumber slice replacement, as I was basing this off the rather spartan salads I used to have to make at the wine bar I worked at, which was lettuce, small tomatoes in the corners, no more than three crutons, and a few tiny rings of onion tossed on. (For some reason people were ok with paying 12 bucks for this.) I'm inclined more towards this as cucumber replacement, with the sausage being a crumbled sprinkling. Of course the more that is added, the less likely disguise becomes.
  8. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    That was the term used the last time the subject came up, but my coworkers at the time had known me long enough to get somewhat desensitized to it. Also the actions and policies of management were doing much to give the impression I was much saner than they were. During a live action Vampire the Masquerade game I found myself assaulting a Justicar who had just tracked filth over my nice clean floor. I found myself quickly airborne via the kitchen window and the difficulty was in determining just how far into the bean field I eventually landed. The player of the Justicar was a bit of a sadist so I wound up walking about 1/4 of a mile into it before being allowed to stop, and I consider it a bit of a miracle I didn't twist my ankle navigating said field in the dead of night slightly inebriated. Needless to say my character did not survive this encounter, but did come back as a wraith for further shananigans. (I later learned that the Justicar and other experienced players had toned their characters down significantly, otherwise I'd have had to trudge out another mile or so and wind up on the local emu farm.)
  9. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    While the creation of the Carnivore Carrot is beyond my ability, I'm tossing around ideas for a Meat Salad. Krakus Water Ham sliced paper thin would be the base lettuce replacement, small meatball tomatoes, and cubed Ham crutons would work. But I've no experience in trying to paint with food coloring, so I'm not sure if I can pull off disguising it. Instead of dressing, there would be melted Swiss Cheese. (If this ever becomes a Thing, remember you read it here first!)
  10. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Now that the restrictions are lifted, I'll change my answer to the Lovecraft Mythos universe in 1947. Yes, I'm serious. First of all, Culthuhu would actually be less of a threat then if I chose to hop over in the current year. The stars are about 20 years past being "right", so he's just now entering rem sleep, and the technology doesn't yet exist that would result in humanity accidentally poking him into wakefulness. No undersea drones or deep diving submersibles or such. If the atomic bomb didn't wake him, everything's golden. (if it did I just nope on out back here) I'm currently in a landlocked area, so Deep Ones aren't an issue and while Illinois does contain it's share of weirdness, it's a weirdness I'm already familiar with and more or less know how to sidestep. I'd still most likely be locked in my war with Mothman, but this time the warding siguls will actually work! An added bonus is that in 1947 it was much much easier than now to assume a new identity, so blending into society would be a great deal easier. (also if I transfer over in the current year I run the risk of encountering alternate me. Paradox isn't so much the issue as the thorniness of navigating everyday life with someone else as your clone. Sooner or later word spreads someone puts it online and next thing you know both you and the alternate are "guests" in a government lab somewhere as "things which ought not be") Also, with well paid factory work being plentiful at that time, I could manage to acculmulate enough funds for what will come in the 60s. In a Lovecraftian universe, experimentation and widespread use of lsd does not seem like something that will lead to pleasant things and the spiritual seeking that was popular then will likely lead towards darker places than it did in our world. Imagine what Charlie Manson might have wrought if something was actually aiding him.... Anyway, given time and money enough to prepare, a fortified well stocked position is achievable, so that when the 60s hit I'm ready. While never expressly stated in his works, I'm sure that in the Lovecraftian Universe NIU has a couple of dire tomes in it's library and that access to them isn't as stringent as it would be at Miskatonic. So bulking up on weird knowledge wouldn't be a problem. As to losing sanity points, that may not be too much of an issue as most who know me consider me slightly mad anyway, which is probably a decent defense against eldrich knowings. So why the Lovecraft Universe vs others in similar timeframe? Because in it if one calls something out of the sky to eat someone, that someone gets eaten. There's no major point of divergence in his writings from our own history, so as long as ww2 only has minor mythos outbreaks, my knowledge of our history is applicable and I know exactly who needs to get eaten to produce the end I'll be working towards. If it goes according to plan, the Vietnam War never happens. This is where I can also start having fun with the removal of the restrictions on the Weekend Question. If I can pull this off in the Lovecraftian Universe and travel between it and our universe remains possible, then the same methods could work here as well. (send the sky things through the portal and if they still can exist on our side, they can eat the same people again and repeat the results.) Of course if I manage to prevent Vietnam, my knowledge of recent history becomes useless, as more things change from that than I can go into without entering Beekeepers, but as long as I stay on the Lovecraft side, follow up meals for the sky things would be able to clear up any unintended side effects of my twisting the multiverse like a kitten with a ball of yarn. At least until 1990 where old age catches up with me, so after that point you're on your own.
  11. Lord of the Dish Pit

    What's a Skoli?

    They're the reason York Peppermint Patties exist. Like an Unseelie Keebler Elf of the frozens wastes kind of thing. Possibly related somehow to a group of Santa's Elves who've gone renegade.
  12. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Movies - Recently Watched or Plan to Watch Soon

    Werewolves On Wheels (1971) Came across the whole movie on Youtube while seeking paint schemes for the werewolf I'm working on. Being Youtube, the picture quality was horrible and there were edits, but I got what I needed color scheme wise. As to the movie itself, it was about what one would expect from something that no one apparently cares about the copyright on. That being said, I found it rather entertaining. The concept was good, bikers vs satanists who turn them into werewolves, and the soundtrack wasn't bad. The sad thing is that had it been fleshed out a bit more with it's storytelling and characterization, along with a decent editor and an actual climax it would have been far better. Shamefully wasted potential.
  13. Lord of the Dish Pit

    02682 Selmarina, Witch

    I had decided early on to paint her as a less then friendly witch, and to include a few references to various things. Her yellow eyes and white hair, (actually Vampire Skin and Vampire Highlight) were to suggest she may be a relation of Raistlen Majere, her pink orb is Mearlyn's Grapefruit from Stephen King's Dark Tower series,(which I had a bit of trouble painting) and her tome is the Red Book of Appin. All in all not a friendly witch and likely a bitter and sarcastic one. The circle she's standing in was the result of a happy accident. My GW Hapshut Copper is rather old and was acting strangely, not so much covering as clumping despite repeated shakings. So I doused the area in Black Wash and drybrushed a bit of Copper Verdigris on it,(the first time I've used that color for it's intended purpose), and found that the result gave the impression that her circle was a large and unlucky penny. I probably should've highlighted the gray on her cloak a bit more before the Black Wash, but I was nervous about it blending into the border too much. I finally got her eyes to show up in a photo!
  14. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Somewhere someone is trying to pass off soybeans as "bacon". Raging is required.
  15. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Countdown to Halloween

    Selmarina is finished and as I'm waiting for the sealer to dry I got going on the werewolf's fur. First drybrush was pure Dark Highlight, then a 50/50 mix with Oiled Leather, then pure Oiled Leather, then 75/25 Oiled Leather/Rainy Gray, then a light dusting with pure Stormy Gray. I'm hoping once I get started on his skin, the fur won't look quite so dull.