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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Perhaps the local necromancer needed paints.
  2. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Jan 18th: I tend to be early, with work this gives me a half hour or so to get a cup of coffee and a cigarette in before I'm actually expected to do something. Also I usually arrive before the boss does which means I can actually get things done before being interfered with. Outside of work it makes me difficult to ambush, and also since bike or public transit is how I get around, leaving early gives me some flex time is something on the bike breaks or the bus gets lost. Jan 19th: Not so much a snack, but the last week or so I have had a fierce craving for toast.
  3. 77056 Orc Sniper with Sabre Tooth Tiger head

    The look on the poacher's face. Nice job on him!
  4. Storm Troopers

    It's nice to see young people working together to support the Galactic Empire! You both did great work on these. As to the bases, I find a simple gray works well. As to bases surviving being boxed, I've found that gravel bases, once you cover them in enough glue, are fairly durable. Boxes from Russel Stoffer chocolates and similar with foam added work nicely. (and give one an excuse to indulge!)
  5. Angie paints some Bones Skeletons

    nice work on the skeletons, and the free hand on the shield is excellent! Your use of Morrowind colors is something not often seen and I'm sure our Lady Azura approves! Noticed this is your first post, so allow me to welcome you to our little den of madness, (of which I'm sure Sheogorath approves). Anything you see written in purple is meant in in fun, and if you leave bacon anywhere in the threads, it will not be there when you get back. (perhaps I shouldn't have purpled that, we do love us some bacon....and coffee.)
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I had to do the same with my coworkers at Gourdough's. Yes it is, it gives one an excuse to carry a cane to whap the young'uns with. (bonus points if it has a sword in it)
  7. Post Apocalypse Rabbit Thunderbird

    Thanks! One of these days I'm going to have to try and track down some more of these rabbits, it's a good excuse to recycle my old model cars.
  8. The Coffee Dwarves of Confefe Mountain

    While rummaging through some shelves today, I found some old GW dwarves I'd forgotten I'd had. They're currently taking a bath in Simple Green. Fulumbar's cloak is done, and hopefully I can get the rest of him completed some time today.
  9. Ral Partha Rabbit Thumpers (photo heavy)

    I saw those, have they made retail yet? (of course once I get them I'll have to have a Col. Sanders to go with....and yet another warband of the unhinged will be formed) I haven't taken any pics yet, but these do scale nicely with mouslings.
  10. Post Apocalypse Rabbit Thunderbird

    While rooting through various shelves I found this not far from the Thumpers. Around the same time I'd painted them I had found an old diecast car that had seen better days packed away in my boxes of model kit stuff. So I decided to "Mad Max" it a bit. Some testors CokaCola Red with layers of black and brown wash dirtied it up nicely. The rabbit originally came from a craft store many moons ago and had lost an eye along the way. So he got a felt eyepatch and a hair tie belt. The wood box and machine gun were made from balsa wood, the drum was a bit from GorkaMorka and the far tiny barrel was from a Lionel train set. He certainly looks happy. I dremeled off one of the side skirts to make room for a different wheel. The gas can is also from GorkaMorka and the stowage area is held in by a bit of necklace chain. The bullbars were made with some random wire I'd found in the garage.
  11. Ral Partha Rabbit Thumpers (photo heavy)

    I painted these not long before moving to Austin. Originally they came with thin metal rods and seperate spearheads some of which had gotten lost over the years. (I'd found them on sale at the FLGS in Plainfield IL around 1999.) So I added some bits from various Reaper weapon packs and some GW sprues I had handy. Ok, my photo-fu isn't on point today it seems. Other than maybe touching up the bases, I'm going to leave them be. Now to find a somewhat scale Mr. McGregor for them to terrorize.
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Does anyone know of a good figure to use for Fred the Baker from Dunkin Donuts?
  13. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    After 4 years in Austin I found that I've missed it. Sometime before spring I need to go outside and create some Calvin and Hobbes style snowmen with it.
  14. The Coffee Dwarves of Confefe Mountain

    I didn't get as much progress as I'd hoped over the last few days, but at least progress has been made. Stonework is done on the King's Wall, and the shields and extra bits shouldn't take long. Fulumbar's blue sections are done, as ate the white sleeves. Parts of him weren't all that easy to reach and some were confusing as to "is this beard or fur?" His cloak has a ways yet to go, but at least just about everything has color on it. I've also gotten a bit of lore written out for him . I'm finding that years spent reading the GW army books as recreation and one too many visits to 1d4chan are making the creation of lore a bit easier than I'd have expected. With the downside that each of these "research" expeditions tends to heavily eat into my painting time.
  15. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Managed to battle through the snow to raid the local goodwill and found the following, A handmade cookie jar that scales well with 28mm. I'm thinking either repainting it in Fallout style or maybe just a darker repaint with light weathering for use in modern time frames with the Armies of the Unhinged. A Halloween house that will be lightly touched up and weathered so that the Witches and Pumpkins can have shelter. The plant pot will be the home for the Desert Thing,(once I finally get around to painting it) A Partylite Old World Village church that I originally thought to corrupt into a temple for the undead.....but now I might just leave it as it is, seeing as how it's in perfect condition. I almost got a couple of relatively scale toy pirate ships....had not a pack of children beaten me to them. I also picked up a small coffee maker to be incorperated into Confefe Mountain, and 2 gallons of Simple Green. (not that I really need that much, but better to stock up when I can.)