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  1. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    If you don't want the snow I'd be happy to give it a home in Austin. Especially if it's good packing snow.
  2. Max Decker, Private Eye, Hat Wearer. By Cyr

    great job! "I have a .45, it's loaded. I also have a fifth of scotch. It keeps me loaded"- Calvin and Hobbes.
  3. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    I began a new job today, but even though the pay rate is higher than usual I'm not sure if I'll stay there. The benefit of low status low pay work has always been a certain leeway. As long as the job is done right, no one really cared if you took a few smoke breaks or liberties along the way. Now apparently that is no longer the case. I hear much about "professional" this or "professional" that but in the end the meaning of professional is simply that one is being paid. Before the factory jobs disappeared I remember this being a thing, where we were expected to adhere to a "professional" form of conduct without receiving "professional" benefits and now it seems this has become imbedded in the modern restaurant industry. The food service industry runs off of high amounts of caffine and nicotine at best and cocaine and booze at it's worst. So if one makes coffee unavailable and smoke breaks a firing offense what exactly does one expect to happen? It would be a fair trade off if insurance, sick days, profit sharing, the benefits of the "professional" world were included but as it stands this is not the case. If you call in sick you get fired even though it's fairly obvious that sick people working with food is not in anyone's best interest, and vacation is something only managers enjoy unless you manage to survive 5 years at a place. As much as folks seem to think that things are somehow improving or progressing through the years, I can only see the screws tightening even more on those of us at the bottom end of things. But on a more positive note, the Reaper box was waiting for me when I got home and it included the breast cancer awareness pink that was missing from the first Ghoulie bag this month and the box itself was quite huggable. (yes I'm a bit inebriated but I think we all have given an impromptu hug to a recently arrived box of mini goodness. We have...haven't we ?)
  4. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Reaper package of goodness has arrived! Halloweeny things and candy and paints that will distract me from the fact that the new job I started today is going to drive me quite mad until I can finally escape Austin in the spring! Yes I am slightly inebriated and yes I hugged and nuzzled the box in a cat-like fashion. That is why there are 2 pics. (also the camera did not play nicely with the laptop when it came to uploading)
  5. WizKids Ghosts

    I used the same combo of copper verdigris wash and maggot white on these. For some reason any pictures I tried to take of other angles didn't come out well. Perhaps they're shy.
  6. WizKids Zombies

    I refer to these two as "Mullet" and "Bub". I used Bronzed Skin with a wash of Druchii Violet highlighted with Bronzed Highlight which I really liked the results of. Bub's clothing was Vallejo German Field Grey and Luftwafe Uniform WW2, as I hadn't used those for anything yet and wanted to try them out. I discovered that after putting the Vallejo Matt Varnish on them that what once was dull is now glossy.
  7. 50211 Tommy the Wolfman

    One of the minis I started at the beginning of the month and recently completed. which led to me initially forgetting just what shade of brown I was using on him.(Harvest brown as it turns out) The jacket used 09278 Gory Red from this year's Ghoulie bag highlighted with last years 09279 Fresh Blood. The arms were linen white with a wash of rainy grey.
  8. Bones 3 Graves

    I went simple on these, stormy grey basecoat with drybrush of rainy grey. I decided to paint the statue hugging the stone as a ghost partly to provide a bit of distraction when I lay them out and also an excuse to play around with a copper verdigris wash and the maggot white from the Ghoulie bag.
  9. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    So you've found the Glass of Eternal Booze! It was thought to have been lost during the fall of Constantinople. The watered down effect was due to the many years it was owned by a miserly barkeep who had no morals whatsoever when it came to his profit margins.
  10. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    I hope none of that got on the rugs or the carpeting. Because I learned the hard way several years ago that no vacuum known to modern science can get glitter out of either.
  11. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    Arrow to the knee, coming right up.
  12. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    Oh it was. Or would've been except that everyone involved managed to keep their mouth shut. I'll throw this out there though. If one were to practice necromancy, getting the spirit of F.Lee Bailey on your side pays off in many, many ways. Drem Yo Lok Dovahkin!
  13. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    Yep that was were the bassist earned the title of "HipBreaker".
  14. Halloween grumpiness

    This. The same 17 songs looped for almost two months straight puts me in a very mean place. I don't have anything against Christmas but the commercialization of it and the length beforehand they start it tends to kill whatever enjoyment of the holiday I had before December is half over. I've found that not having cable and using the tv purely as a playstation/movie device has lessened this greatly over the last few years. The "Black Friday" jingles every other commercial had me to the point of raising an army of snowmen Calvin style and rendering Madison Ave into something resembling Carthage.
  15. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    Ah the Summer of Krill.... They did a Thanksgiving album either 92 or 93 as the Turkrills. Tour was shut down after the "Pilgrim Incident". Which I think the statute of limitations still hasn't run out on so I'll say no more.
  16. Minivember 2017!

    I think I'll jump in on this as well. I was saving the witch hunters til November anyway, and I do have quite a few Mouslings that seem rather seasonal....yep I'm in.
  17. 50211 Tommy the Wolfman

    Thanks. Rainy Grey and Flesh Wash are my favorite go tos when it comes to white.
  18. Halloween grumpiness

    For clippings see if you can scrounge up old copies of Weekly World News. I think there might be reprints available from the site.
  19. Getting to know each other, October edition

    Oct 27-29th: I've hung up a paper Morticia that I found at the dollar store to go with the grim reapers on the wall from last year. Halloween stuff stays up year round in the cave, but I packed most of it away last month when I thought I was moving. I haven't seen anything in the surrounding area or at local businesses.
  20. Dar Dimplefoot

    Nice job on him, it perfectly illustrates the sneakiness of hobbitses. From the pose I'd guess he's stalking an unsuspecting ham.
  21. Getting to know each other, October edition

    Which is one of the many reasons to keep a half mile distance between oneself and 6th street on Halloween.
  22. Halloween grumpiness

    I've been in a similar place the last few Halloweens, I keep looking forward to it then right before the day, the funk kicks in. I usually end up at whatever restaurant I'm working at. Drop off a couple bags of candy for the ones stuck working, have a few beers an get back home before the rampaging hordes of 6th street swarm the buses. As to advice for your situation, if there are any pumpkin patches in your vicinity, pack some supplies and spend the night awaiting for the Great Pumpkin. If for no other reason than you can say that you've done it. (Which I'd be doing if the nearest one wasn't far outside of biking distance.) Or perhaps dressing like a cultist and firing up the grill while bellowing phrases such as "Lives, lives for the Master!" or " The Grill God demands Sacrifice and sacrifice He shall have!" Extra points for dressing the beagles in cultist attire as well. If you have neighbors within earshot, a bit of impromptu theatre such as this will provide quite a bit of entertainment. This next one will be what I'm probably going to do this year, but it requires a bit of prep work beforehand. Write out a fake journal in the style of a typical Lovecraft protagonist, sketch out a few odd sigils inside it and fold news clippings inside, either having to do with strange phenomenon or use regular news stories with handwritten captions that tie it in with the disjointed ramblings and paranoia of the rest of the journal. Go to a restaurant you've never been to before and probably won't go back to again. During your stay, ask your server questions as " Have there been any earthquakes or ground tremors around here recently? " , ask if there have been any new people in the area with a distinctive look about them. When the server asks, give them the description of the Innsmouth Look. If you know of any weird events in local history, ask about them. Try to maintain a narrative between your line of questioning and what's in the journal. The goal here is that once you "forget" the journal there the staff will have an interesting discussion afterwards once they read it. If done properly a new urban legend may be seeded. Extra credit if next year you go back Nov 1st and ask if they found a journal there yesterday. If any of the staff are still there this will add another layer to it. Overly involved and time consuming way to mess with the heads of local waitstaff as this is, it would be something new and different at least.
  23. Ask Mouse Anything!

    Why a mouse when it spins?
  24. Getting to know each other, October edition

    I would make a series of "documentaries" explaining my various theories on certain events The missing Malaysian airliner- eaten by a giant owl named Mega Fukaro born from the atomic hell of the Fukashima disaster. The members of isis attacked by wild boars in Iran- CIA backed werewolf biker gang unleashed as part of testing for Supernatual Warfare Division. WW1 uboat UB-85 attacked and crippled by sea monster summoned by witches who were aiding the war effort. Why Chicago isn't as haunted as it should be- chthonic entity feeds off the spirits of the dead of Cook County and high crime rate is subconscious sacrifice to it. The Roswell incident was simply a result of the greys not having as great a tolerance for earth beer as they thought so their attempt at abducting a few cheerleaders turned into an interspecies DUI with property damage. An expose of how a factory I used to work for was selling the souls of it's employees to Mammon in exchange for protection from the SEC. I have enough "B******t of the Day" ideas for at least 5 seasons.
  25. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    I went through something similar a week ago. I wonder if it could be a side effect of our bodies still being wired to getting an extra hour of sleep at this time.