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  1. Eh. I never really thought to do that. And, as long as they stayed outside, I could avoid them. I forgot: When I was young, I was afraid of snakes and dogs. I think I went over my issues with dogs in response to a question last month. Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. I had them a lot for lunch when I was young and it got old. (Even then, refuse may be too strong a word since I'll eat them if they're the only option available. I just make sure they're not the only option.)
  2. I used to have a strong irrational dislike of slugs. I'm better now, I think.
  3. I'm not sure I'd get many of the references either but it sounds like loads of fun.
  4. I don't know that I do anymore. When I was younger, there were shows I would watch as often as I could catch them on TV (Doctor Who, Dangermouse, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Babylon 5, Crusade, Animaniacs, Reboot). These days, I don't actually know much of what airs on television. I haven't had cable (or a TV antenna) for years.
  5. I'm game for almost anything. A sample of your favourites might be a good place to start. Edit: Okay, I just saw your separate music thread. That's what I get for not paying attention to the forum listing. I'll listen when I have time.
  6. I'm game. I can't understand Russian but I'm always up for good music. (I can't understand Finnish either but I listen to Värttinä.)
  7. Live

    According to my paint list and math, I'm averaging about 85 bottles per caddy, with all of the dividers in, plus room for a small number (5?) of paint pots.
  8. Live

    May I ask what you're using? I'm in the market for a new paint storage solution. (Apparently I collect paint too.) I like the modularity of this system but I agree using it for just paint isn't likely to be cost-effective. (For example, $15 for 32 droppers vs. 80+ in a $20 Reaper paint caddy.) I'm currently looking at it for an easy way to do painting while traveling (or maybe just to clean up my painting area). Wall storage isn't an option for me right now, unfortunately.
  9. I'm against the idea. We shouldn't introduce caffeine dependency during adolescence. (However, are most adolescents already caffeine-dependent? I don't remember if I was.) I'm also concerned about increasing social exclusion based on family income. Students from affluent families can probably afford a $6 cup of coffee every morning. Students from poor families can't but they might feel pressured to partake, which may cause more issues at home. (If a family can barely feed itself, how will it absorb the expense of daily morning coffee?) And where does the profit from the coffee bar go? If it doesn't go toward the school (as a fundraiser for the things the school district can't pay for and not to replace portions of the existing operating budget), this is right out. Where I'm from, the school district already can't pay for proper school supplies for classes. Letting some private corporation come in and profit regularly from the students on school grounds seems inappropriate to me. So, yeah, not a fan of the idea unless there's a good case for it being beneficial for the students or the schools.
  10. I've been thinking about this since Friday. This being is a total jerk and I'll pass on the offer. Why? I believe this offer to be made in bad faith. The offer presumably requires the end of the world to be caused by humans. (If it's something totally beyond our control, the offer is even more meaningless.) If it's caused by humans, it's likely to be caused by greed (or maybe pride), which is part of human nature. I believe this is at least partially instinct. So sending back an arbitrary group of people is unlikely to fix this. Sending people back to the Stone Age is unlikely to lead to any sort of ideology change, simply because so much time will pass. Any change we would try to make to modern society would become part of the underlying stories of the world's cultures and would likely be distorted over time. At best, we could only hope for something akin to the flood stories that occur in so many cultures. Sending people back to the Stone Age is also likely to doom them to death. I believe most modern Americans would be completely lost in the Stone Age. Showing up naked, they have a limited amount of time to find clothing, water, food, and shelter. This requires more knowledge of the outdoors than I believe to be common in modern suburbia. (Taking myself as an example, I know nothing about what foods I can forage in a forest, how to hunt animals and process them into food and furs/skins, and so on.) This also depends on the climate and season when people arrive in the Stone Age. If there are any people who arrive in the winter (inevitable if the other hemisphere is in summer) or in a cool, rainy season, they will probably die to exposure before long. So the offer from this entity reminds me of the sort of deal devils make in RP settings or in movies. It's an offer that seems like it will offer salvation but really just dooms whomever I pick to a (presumably) much slower death than if they stayed in modern times. (And then, after I make a choice, the entity will laugh and point out the fate I've doomed them to...) I haven't been able to come up with a good answer if the offer is made in good faith. I believe the man-made end of the world is most likely to come about as a result of greed or pride (for example, nuclear holocaust or the slow death of pollution). Sending back people who could foster a greater sense of community and harmony with nature could help counteract both so that's what I'll go with. If we wanted to make changes in the a society that evolved like our own, the changes would likely need to be made in Europe. Creating an ideal society in North America is unlikely to be of much benefit due to how European settlers treated the Native American population and culture. (How many Native American stories are children taught in the US? I don't recall very many when I was growing up.) So an artist who is mostly famous in the US is not likely to be ideal. I'll make a bold assumption here: "Modern fans of folk music are more likely to be community-focused and aware of the old ways." ("The old ways" are important since this will cover things like gardening, preparing food, and maybe even hunting and so on.) So I'm looking for European fans of European folk music. The three European folk(-ish) groups I can think of immediately are Clannad (Irish), Omnia (Dutch "neoceltic pagan folk"), and Värttinä (Finnish). I believe, of these, the most popular is Clannad. Popularity means more people are brought back, and having more people gives this venture a larger chance of success. So... Clannad. Unfortunately, I have seen Clannad in concert. I say "unfortunately" because, as previously established, I am unlikely to be helpful in the Stone Age. My wife, who attended the same concert, would probably fare better since she is interested in gardening and took a course on medicinal plants (although I'm not sure how much it she remembers). So, in summary: The offer appears to be made in bad faith so making no choice seems to be the best answer. If the offer is made in good faith and can be proven to be in good faith, Clannad.
  11. My painted BattleTech minis are stored in foam, which are then stacked and stored in toy bins or boxes (they fit on my shelving two to a shelf), with thin sheets of foam on top to dissuade dust. My painted (and based but unpainted) fantasy (i.e. Reaper) minis are stored upright in plastic boxes. The minis are based on fender washers and the boxes have an adhesive magnetic sheet at the bottom. (I wanted to put felt on the bottom of the minis but the sheet isn't strong enough to keep them in place when the box is tipped.)
  12. I hope this is something simple. It'll still be expensive since the electrician should check everything (unless there's a clear smoking gun, er, breaker) but we can hope for simple. I'm still trying to get a handle on today. I was on vacation for half this week so this is my first day in the office. There was an interesting pile of tasks waiting for me that I'm still sorting through.
  13. Right now, "O Makunde" from the Cirque du Soleil show Kà, probably because I started listening to that soundtrack earlier this morning. I'm sure it'll get displaced by something later.
  14. Most likely arrested for something that wasn't my fault (wrongful accusation or mistaken identity). This covers most of the reasons I would be arrested. In many ways, I am a boring person and I'm quite happy that way.
  15. No gaming. A little planning for the new campaign but no gaming yet. I did finish up four BattleTech minis Friday night, assembled three, primed four (one had already been assembled), and I worked a little more on my Seoni mini. So this was a surprisingly productive weekend.