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  1. My father always maintained the treaty signing at the end of World War 2 should have been on the USS Enterprise, one of the few US carriers to survive the war. I don't have a strong preference one way or the other. I was a fan of the Hornblower books growing up but I haven't read them for years.
  2. I worked on highlighting the cloak during my snowy day. I think I need a little help with this. Does anyone see a place that needs to be lighter or darker? (As always, click on the images for a larger version.) There's a white dot on the cloak that is either dust or a misplaced brush stroke. I'll need to fix that. Otherwise, I think I'm reaching the point where I'm willing to call him done.
  3. Xiwo Xerase

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It's snowing here! Or maybe it's transitioned to tiny ice pellets. Maybe I should say "It snowed here!" My part of North Carolina doesn't reliably see snow. (The first winter I moved here, we didn't get any snow at all. The next winter, the only snow we got was a flurry in April.) So snow is always a treat. It'll probably be gone by Tuesday. I don't know what it is about people around here but "interesting" weather (snows, hurricanes, etc.) result in a run on bread, milk, and eggs, like everyone's gearing up to make French toast during or in the aftermath of whatever's going on. Recently, I have also noticed a run on cheap beer. I don't know if that's always been part of it or if this is a new thing.
  4. Xiwo Xerase

    Female Assassin from Dark Sword Miniatures

    She looks lovely! I believe this mini's SKU is DSM7307. (I had to look it up since I want to paint one of my own now.)
  5. Xiwo Xerase

    7012 Caerindra Thistlemoor

    I love the cloak and her expression. Like others have said, I think the freckles are a nice touch. Am I seeing correctly that the intended light source is not directly over her but maybe 45 degrees to our left (i.e. in the direction she's looking)? I know it's not the feature of this thread but the dragon with the stocking looks smug. Maybe that's just the angle. I would take that class if you offer to each it at the next ReaperCon.
  6. Xiwo Xerase

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I'm just tired. Between people and sinuses and poor sleep...
  7. I have been known to. I try to avoid it unless I have surplus ingredients ("Oh, darn, I grated too much cheese.") since the ingredients are really supposed to go in the dish. I have also been known to snack on perfectly usable bits that don't have a place in the dish (for example, apple peels when making an apple pie). I think your mystery mini is Reaper's 02430: Rictur Diehn, Assassin.
  8. Xiwo Xerase

    Shadowrun mage

    She looks good! I’m always a fan of seeing Shadowrun minis painted. I think she’s from a pack of elves (currently available from Iron Wind Metals as 20-505).
  9. Xiwo Xerase

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Oh boy. Is the customer savvy enough to take pictures of the equipment in question? Does the head tech normally have to visit this site in person?
  10. I cheated and looked on Wikipedia. So that's what a Gato-class submarine looks like. I played the Spectrum Holobyte computer game "Gato" years and years ago but never actually read the manual. I'm sure that was a mistake.
  11. I was looking at it the bookshelf next to my bed and realized I left out another book I like to reread: Monument by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
  12. I reread books. I don't actually keep a list of books to reread. I just reread them when it strikes my fancy to do so. If I had to guess, there are four that are on my periodic reread list, not including Pratchett's Discworld books. (The Hobbit (Tolkien), The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Wrede) (this is a hardback omnibus edition of a series of four books but it still counts as one here), The Warrior's Apprentice (Bujold), and The Atrocity Archives (Stross).)
  13. More work, brought to you by the classic Doctor Who episodes "The Pirate Planet" and "The Stones of Blood". The focus was on the non-steel metal and redoing the chest plate. Also, white lining and black lining. (As always, click on the pictures for larger versions. Even larger versions are available on request.) Remaining are the cloak, his leather bits, the jewel in the pendant, and the base. I'm not quite as happy with how the gold (bronze?) looks on his shoulder plates. I can see blending needs to be smoothed on his right (our left) in the front. What do you think?
  14. For you Night Vale listeners: "Treeeeeees....." Seriously, last year's tree was real. This year's tree will probably be real too. Due to a lack of room, we only get a tabletop tree. My wife really enjoys decorating the tree and we don't currently have the room for a full-sized tree. (Nor do we have room to store an artificial tree.) I admit I'm not as much into the tree as she is. I also admit part of it is that I have to tear down my miniature painting setup for the tree (we only have one real table to put it on).
  15. Xiwo Xerase

    Minis we would like to see

    A silly one I'd like to see some day: A penguin emperor, i.e. a penguin about the size of the Dire Penguin or smaller with proper regal attire (crown, furlined cloak, etc.).