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  1. Heard of? Yes. There have been a few WIP threads for them. It looks like the idea is to have several people on the Google Hangout paint the same mini (either in Bones or metal), share progress, and have a good time. If my painting time (or, really, free time) weren't so limited, it looks like it'd be something fun to do.
  2. Assuming ordering tea through Amazon's normal site doesn't count, no, I haven't. (Japanese sencha. I keep forgetting to go by the local Asian market, and sometimes they're out.) I'm skeptical of ordering produce or dairy through these services and that seems to be most of what my wife and I buy. And since we're only shopping for the two of us, our weekly shopping lists aren't that long. We might be able to make better use of it for packaged products (e.g. cereal or paper towels) if we tracked our spending and usage and planned accordingly.
  3. I discussed this with my wife. We came up with: Harry Mudd, closet philanthropist. As @NebulousMissy points out, Harry Mudd spends a lot of time creating complex plots to... get rich quick without expending much effort. (Except for, you know, the plotting.) He wants to get as rich as he can as quickly as possible so he can retire to Risa (if you haven't seen TNG, it's basically a beach resort planet). He's greedy and lazy, and more lazy than greedy. (If he were more greedy, he might be more successful.) In the Mirror Universe, the personalities of the Enterprise crew are perversions of their normal personalities. So, for lazy and greedy Mudd, we get... driven and altruistic. Oh dear. Mirror Mudd is a wandering trader, selling trinkets and jewels and, really, anything from cast iron cookware to dilithium crystals. He turns a tidy profit but he uses most of it to support those in need, in secret. (In a might-makes-right society, philanthropy is not well regarded.) He has a secret network of people who help him make sure money gets to where it would do the most good. He asks for no recognition, partly because he's doing it out of the good of his heart and partly because, well, he'd probably be killed if it got out. When the Terran Empire undergoes its gentler, kindler regime change, Mudd turns out to be an asset to the new regime since he and his people know where the most help is needed, how to go about helping the people, and so on. He might be uncomfortable finally being able to get credit. It's a shame about that mess with the Alliance later on, but that's probably after his time. Oh, and, you know how Prime Mudd is characterized by running away from his nagging wife? Mirror Mudd's wife is a gentle soul who helps him sell wares and helps him support those in need, and they've been living happily together since they married. And when they retire from selling and from government duty, they'd be one of those awfully cute elderly couples feeding the birds in the park.
  4. Okay, I see now. The base yellow color is HD Golden Yellow. The shadows were done using Palomino Gold, Chestnut Gold, Walnut Brown, and Nightshade Purple. The Nightshade Purple is standing out too much on the large ribbons, even after glazing again with Golden Yellow. Either I used too much or the Nightshade Purple was too thick. I'm pretty sure the Nightshade Purple is why the shadowed side of the ribbon (left side view) looks green rather than a shadowed yellow. I'm debating repainting those ribbons in HD Golden Yellow or Palomino Gold and completely redoing the shadows.
  5. I'm 99% certain all of the bulbs are daylight bulbs but I don't remember the exact temperature. The camera was set for daylight bulbs. I did adjust the color levels in GIMP, which may be partly to blame. It looked fine when it was huge but not-so-much after cropping and resizing. (If it matters, the ISO was either 100 or 200. I did some testing to figure out what appeared to look best.) I like the idea of embossing the plate. (Is that a plate? I can't figure out what it is, even after looking at Paizo's art. I originally painted it as bone but I liked that even less.) I'll see what I can manage. I'll look at brightening the brown for the dagger sheath and the sandals so they're more distinct. I originally painted all of the "harder" leathers Ruddy Leather and the "softer" leathers (i.e. the pouches) with either Leather Brown or Oiled Leather (I've forgotten which. I should have been taking notes.) but I see your point. Thank you, everyone, for your feedback so far. I greatly appreciate it.
  6. Which yellow in the back? The ends of the ribbons? Those have had shadows added (although maybe not well). Almost white, yes. I wasn't able to find gray fabric to use as a backdrop.
  7. There are coined names I like and coined names I dislike. It really comes down to the merits of the name itself. My general preferences are: Any name should be pronounceable and any name should be spelled so its pronunciation is obvious. Admittedly, "Xiwo Xerase" falls down on the second part because it's not obvious how to pronounce a leading 'X' in the English language. (For the record, I pronounce it like 'ch'. The full pronunciation is something like "CHEE-woh CHE-rah-say.") Also, if you think a name is really clever, please don't use it for a person's name.
  8. I'm not confident about doing freehand but I can try. I'm not certain I want to paint the front part bright because I believe that would be distracting. I'll try moving to a lighter leather color before I play with shadows/highlights. By adding more highlights, are you suggesting adding a lighter highlight color over less area? If so, do you have a color to suggest? I'm not sure where to go beyond Olive Highlight. And, oof, I missed that about the ribbon. It's supposed to be shadowed but it's not supposed to be green. Thanks for pointing that out. That's probably a side effect of trying to use Nightshade Purple for shadows there.
  9. (This is my first WIP post. If I get something wrong, please let me know.) I've never painted skin before. (BattleMechs don't have skin.) For some reason, I decided olive skin would be a good place to start and I'm starting to regret that. Oh well, I started it, I might as well finish it, right? This is where I am so far: Basecoating is done. I have done shadows and highlights on her skin, robe, and yellow ribbons/accents. I know I missed some mold lines but learning to paint skin was the goal here. So far, I believe I'm doing "okay" but I'd like some outside opinions (and constructive criticism), especially on the blending of the skin and fabric. I know some of the yellow shadows/highlights need to be smoothed (and possibly redone). I'm not completely sure what to do with the front of her belt or whatever that's supposed to be. I'll see how it looks when I've added shadows and highlighting. I'm happy with how her eyes turned out (first time doing those too) but her left eye always looks odd in the left shots. I'm sure it's just an unfortunate angle but it reminds me of a muppet's eyes (or a Fendahline's). I believe there's not much I can do about it. (And, at this point, I don't want to touch her eyes. It took an hour to paint her eyes and 77073 Freja Fangbreaker's eyes (future WIP, I hope). Let's not open that can of worms again, shall we?) Would it be helpful to anyone to know what paints I've used so far?
  10. My July Reaper order arrived today: Miniatures 03073 Sarah the Seeress 77025 Giant Spider 77031 Cassie, Gnome Wizard 77049 Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger 77077 Finari, Female Paladin 77205 Alistrilee 77322 Kassandra of the Blade 77399 Sigurd, Viking 77400 Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf Hero 77401 Andras, Evil Warrior 89034 Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager 89039 Graveknight 89043 Vagorg, Half Orc Sorcerer Paint 09277 Spattered Crimson 09407 Lantern Yellow 09411 Wilderness Green 09731 Golden Skintones triad 09739 Vivid Blues triad 09795 Old West Colors triad 29810 HD Mossy Green 29813 HD Bright Turquoise And x2 01606 Darius the Blue (one for me, one for a friend if he wants it) I still haven't gone through my box for the Stephanie Law DSM kickstarter. Maybe tomorrow.
  11. Depends. Do I still have to sleep? Do I still feel fatigue? If I have to sleep, I'd add enough hours for me to get an actual good night's rest. Between projects and being on call, I've gotten much less sleep than I need. If I still feel fatigue, there's not much point in adding additional waking time. Otherwise, I'll just feel tired when I add more time so I can paint or read or whatever. If I neither need sleep nor feel fatigue, I would add just enough time for me to accomplish things. This assumes I can snap my fingers and pause time for everyone else. I don't want to be a jerk and force everyone else to suffer through a 96 hour day.
  12. I enjoy "fluff," especially good stories and world building. Good fluff is important to games tied to specific settings since it helps you get in the right mindset. For example, in futuristic RPGs (for example, Shadowrun and Eclipse Phase), the progress of technology has changed how things are done and the fluff can help show this. This is especially important for games set in the far future, either time-wise or progress-wise (like Eclipse Phase). For "non-standard" fantasy settings (for example, Exalted or Legend of the Five Rings), the fluff helps show how different the setting is and what to expect as a player or GM.
  13. Warmachine seems to be more magitech than steampunk, so I don't count as science fiction. I consider steampunk to be a subset of fantasy rather than science fiction. But I'm not sure why. I've been trying to answer the question "Why are steampunk or magitech fantasy rather than sci-fi?", and, more generally, "What separates fantasy from science fiction?" The only rational answer I've come up with so far is "science or technology beyond our current capabilities is an essential element of science fiction." (Which itself raises interesting questions, e.g. "Has the progress of science and technology caused works previously classified as science fiction to be reclassified as fantasy or speculative fiction?")
  14. To expand on what @Zink said, a BattleMech is a type of unit in BattleTech, like, for example, a warjack is a type of unit in Warmachine. There are different kinds of BattleMechs with their own properties and appearances. The mini I finished painting is an Uller (or Kit Fox, depending on your faction and how much you care) painted in the colors of Clan Diamond Shark's Gamma Galaxy ("dark green color scheme with blue and silver accenting").
  15. I painted a mini for a BattleMech that has a laser weapon. Does that count? (Doesn't glow though.) It was already assembled and primed but no paint was applied until Friday evening.