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  1. Xiwo Xerase

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I'm not even sure how that would work.
  2. Xiwo Xerase

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    Touched up her leggings and worked on her dress: (click on the images for larger versions) I think I lost the midtone on the front of her dress. The dark shadow in that fold there is too wide too. I could use some help on seeing if there is any more shading on the outside of her dress that needs to be adjusted. (I haven't worked on the inside folds yet.) The color progression is, from shadow to highlight: Walnut Brown, Bloodstain Red, Spattered Crimson, Cinnamon Red (midtone), Fresh Blood, Magma Red, Lava Orange, Explosion Orange, Sun Yellow, Linen White Is she smirking or is it just me?
  3. Xiwo Xerase

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Trying out my setup for Hangouts. I won't be on for very long (maybe only 15-30 minutes).
  4. Xiwo Xerase

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    What would I love for them to put in, more than anything else, by August? Sidewalks. There's a WinCo Foods about half a mile from the hotel and an Albertsons a bit farther. I plan to visit the WinCo Foods shortly after I check in this year. If you don't have a car, I recommend bringing an empty backpack and a water bottle. You can put groceries in the backpack and the water bottle will keep you hydrated.
  5. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    A day where my wife and I don't have to worry about any of our real world duties or responsibilities and just go on an adventure. Nice weather is a bonus but not required. You can have adventures in the rain and sometimes rainbows follow the rain.
  6. Xiwo Xerase

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    I worked more on her face and touched up her boots. After spending over two hours, I'm a little tired of working on her face so I'm going to leave it for a bit. I think her nose looks a lot better. (click on the images for larger versions) I tried giving her a little redness in her cheeks. I'm not sure I succeeded. Next up is touching up her leggings and working on her dress. Unless I summon the courage to paint her eye. (I'm going to have to do that sooner or later...)
  7. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Probably Larry Elmore. And if his art isn't my favorite, it may the most nostalgic for when I got into the fantasy genre and RPGs.
  8. Xiwo Xerase

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    Yes, I think that's it. I think the problem isn't the line itself but that there is no shading on the sides of her nose. Her cheeks should be a little rosy. She's full of life and she's here to kick butt and chew bubblegum. And she's out of bubblegum. Unrelated thought: Maybe her lips should be a little redder. Maybe her left hand could use a bit more definition between fingers, but otherwise I like it. Even without making changes to her, I'd be proud to put her on my table as is. I like what you've done. Thank you. There's still plenty of work to be done before, well, she's done. I haven't even started work on her accessories yet.
  9. Xiwo Xerase

    Relic Knights 2nd Edition

    While I agree, we'd have to see Ninja Division and Archon work something out. While Archon may have the physical product, it's still ND's IP and Archon can't sell it without ND's blessing. (And I'm not sure how I feel about having to pay again to get what I pledged for -- or if I can get anything I pledged for. I don't really care about the box since I wasn't planning on playing the game. I wanted the minis for Shadowrun or Eclipse Phase games.) So I'm not optimistic. The only assets ND appear to have at this point are their various IPs and manufacturing molds (assuming they own those). I don't believe ND can sell those off for enough to close out all of their KS obligations, especially since they are in a bad position already. This doesn't include other debts the company may have. I believe only the Starfinder mini KS backers will see further fulfillment and that will be through some sort of agreement between Ninja Division, Archon, and Paizo.
  10. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I'm not sure. It can't be more than a few days. (If nothing else, I tend to read the forums during my lunch break at work, if nothing else.) I know there have been weekends I haven't read the forums.
  11. Xiwo Xerase

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    Worked on her leggings, boots, and bracer and basecoated her dress/jacket: (click on the images for larger versions) I believe: Her nose needs a little more work. I'm not quite sure what. I think the top of her nose needs more shading. Her left thigh could use higher highlights, but not much more. (I think her calf is fine.) The inside of her left boot, around her toe, could use some highlighting, but not much. Her right boot needs its highlights brought up a little more. (It's largely in shadow so it shouldn't come up too much.) Her right cheek still needs work. Both cheeks need blush. (She looks cold. Or undead.) Her hands need to be revisited. I'm a little concerned about the highlighting and shadows on the front of her right boot, but I believe it looks fine in these pictures. (Remember that the cuff at the top of her right boot is missing.) Paint progressions (all paints Reaper MSP or Bones): Leggings: Walnut Brown, Blackened Brown, Nut Brown, Intense Brown, Rich Leather, Amber Gold, Linen White (although I had problems with both the Amber Gold and Linen White so they're not present) Boots and bracer: Walnut Brown, Blackened Brown, Ruddy Leather, Oiled Leather, Burnt Orange, Golden Blonde, Linen White What do you think so far? Do any more adjustments need to be made to the parts that are already painted?
  12. Xiwo Xerase

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    This applies to web design too. "I want something like x, but different." or "I'll know it when I see it." are comments that will usually induce frothing in web designers. And I'm pretty sure my wife has heard variations of these at her job when working on graphs for research papers. Remember: No artist (or programmer) is a mind reader. If they were, they'd make a lot more money, probably in a different field.
  13. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    No, I don't think I do. My email signature used to contain the sentence "Sub caelo noctis sto quod stellae mihi spem dant.", which is a (possibly bad - I translated it) translation into Latin of "I stand beneath the night sky because the stars give hope to me." Poetic, but not a motto.
  14. I mixed them all together since there are colors in Bones that aren't in Core, etc. It also made it easier to fold in my small selection of Vallejo paints. If I deliberately went out of my way to make use of the better coverage from HD and Bones paints, I would probably have kept those sorted separately.
  15. Xiwo Xerase

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    Last night's work was painting her hair and eyebrow: (click on the images for larger versions) It looks like I got some paint on her face (her forehead, her nose, and right cheek) so that will need to be fixed. The very front of her part needs a little work too. Neither of these look difficult. After that, since I'm painting from inside to out, will be her leggings and then her bracer (which you can barely see on her left wrist) and boots.