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  1. I Can see what you mean..thinking I might should make it brighter. I imagine a fireball to be pretty intense! I think I will start to add some warm colors and where I end.. thank so much for advice encouragements to everyone !
  2. It was my plan to use yellow and orange from here.. or should I use more White on his left arm, Before the yellow/orange? It was supposes to be daylight, but with a very bright fireball going off. I guess that what makes the fireball look so much better on the photo, is the black background wich makes the White color pop. Is there anyway to make it pop more in Real life?
  3. A bit more white in the fire ball. And more white on the highlights. On the pictures the fireball looks great, in person it looks more meh.. Just white. This OSL is really fun :0) (sorry, just phone pics This time).
  4. Corporea; Thanks, I will try to work out from what you have described. It also fits nicely with what Sorastro Said in his tutorial. And Thanks to everyone who commented..
  5. Thanks, and that turorial is really fine. Lots of good advice, I will deffently see more of his videos.
  6. Just read the Wip :o) .. amazing!
  7. My first go at OSL. I looked at a few tutorials, and it seems to be a good idea to paint up the mini as usual first. So here he is. The fireball in his left hand is homemade from a small more or less round piece of metal, a short piece of wire, and some sculping-paste (about the same thickness as tooth-paste). As you maybe have guessed, the light is going to come from the fireball, and shine onto his arm and head .. and lets see what else it will hit!? Any last advice before I might ruin my paintjob? (I'm a bit nervous about this)
  8. Cool and bold color-choise.. I like the tones on his shield, gives it a worn and used look.
  9. Wow this is super nice!! Great idea and story telling, and great paintedjob. Did you use water effect or is the water ''just'' painted on? it has a lot of life and movement.
  10. Thank you :0)
  11. Wow these are great. . I have just resently tried to paint gems. Yours look fantastic. I only painted one white dot, you Seem to paint more and in some places a couple of stripes-ish..
  12. He is really beatifull. Everything stands out even though it is similar colors.
  13. Thank you. It took a long time, but Im a slow painter, I have no idea how long in hours. I dont mind it taking a long time as they are kinda just standing on a shelf, collecting dust after they are finished :0)