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  1. Awsome! Lots of details, and the little dino is fun.
  2. Hehe.. Dansk her! :-) .. there were a lot of great warriors from both Denmark and Norway back in those days, and your miniature shows them justice. I love the base, verymuch like the northern highlands or even a Danish moor.
  3. Amazing! I like the different eye color, gives the heads more personality..
  4. Classic beautifull dragon.. one of the best I have seen.
  5. Amazing! I Can almost feel the stiff pergament-like wings and his bones bleached from the scorching desert sun. One little thing is the rocks at his feet, I feel they should be lying more in the dirt than on top of it.
  6. A few things have been going on. I have added a couple lava cracks to the main planet, and the small exploding planet, wich is going to be attached to his left hand is just about done Still lots to do!! But slowly moving forward. C and C is as always very welcome. pictures:
  7. Super cool .. and they are just a bit cute! .. until they start eating you..!
  8. Wow really looking good! did you make the trees yorself? They are really great .. and very tall, if This is a giant. But trees Can grow super big! I have seen the sequoia trees.. And they are huge.
  9. Looking forward to this, never tried NMM. But would like to try it..
  10. That is great! Fun and great story, and Lots going on. And I Can see it would not work with a cat. that painting is a piece of art!
  11. These mouslings are amazing! beatifull piece.. maybe a cat outside the window on the backside of the base.. (just a silly idea!?)
  12. So amazing!! I want to do this when I grow up..
  13. Looks really good!