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  1. Wow, Its amazing!
  2. Woarh... everything!!!
  3. This is looking great. Have you thought about icicles? I found they made the snow more convincing on my "the angry wizard and the mad dwarf"-piece, just a thought..
  4. Really awsome conversions!!
  5. Cooool! .. This gonna be interesting..
  6. So much progression in here, and so much talent! This is cool..
  7. What a "Beauty" ;0)
  8. Wow! His face and eyes really show some character.
  9. This. Is. Absolutely. Stunning!!
  10. Thank you :-)
  11. Hard to see that is a speedpaint! Very well done.
  12. Hahaha :0)
  13. Thank you! I almost find it "hard" to make single figures, I always imagine them in some kind of duel/ imagination just runs away :-) Therefor I love minis in dynamic poses.
  14. Looking at your work, makes me want to buy an airbrush. They look really great and the griffon is awsome! Is it possible to use an airbrush in a small indoor room, I guess you need some ventilation? And some space around, I imagine it easily beeing a bit of a mess with paint everywhere..?? I use a spraycan for priming, but I do that outside.