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  1. Thank you. I also really like the glowing ghost :0)
  2. Well, you asked for it.. here is even more photos, close-ups with more light. And Uuuh does they show some flaws and mistakes :o) ..
  3. Thanks for answering. He would have matched perfectly into an idea with a drinking goblin boss from Avatars of War I have; "discussing the fine art of brewing"
  4. Thank you everyone. I thought it fitted the scene to be a bit dark, but maybe it was too much..
  5. Worhh I like this! It fits him to be growling with his teeth showing.. Do you know if it is still possible to buy this figure anywhere?
  6. Great.. that freehand is amazing!
  7. Super nice Goblins! And great result on the OSL.. gotta try that myself one day.
  8. This was started as a small-ish side project, but ended up being a big-ish project. With a lot of new things for me. The ghost is an old mini that I painted many years ago, and was quite happy with at the moment. And as I started up in this hoppy again, I thought I might build a base for it. I wanted it to look dark or low-light, so used a bit darker colors as I would normally have used, but I still wanted to use colors. I'm really happy with the result, I think it's the best piece of landscape I have made. And I learned a couple new things. A big thanks to all that commented and came with ideas and helpfull tips throughout the process. The Wip thread is here. Figures used; The Ghost: I think it is an Ral Partha, as most of my minies from back then seems to be, or does anyone recognise it? Skeleton: 77018 Reaper Skeleton Archer set, converted. Skulls and grave stones: Ristuls. Vegetation: Army Painter turfts, Noch and some home-made from an old brush. Tutorials more or less followed; Hanging moss on the tree: A lot of good stuff:
  9. Absolutely amazing!! WOUW!
  10. What the Necromancer just said!! Amazing!!
  11. Love the details! And that bike is amazing!!!
  12. That was exactly why I asked :0). I put on some more hanging moss. I think it is looking a bit less in the pictures.. and I think I will call it done. Might do a little bit of highlighting on the moss.. next pictures will be in Show Off. (This is going to be difficult to photograph!) thank you so much to everyone who commented, came with ideas or just looked. This has been a super fun project, with a lot of new stuff for me. Thank you! Lars.
  13. I think youre right, Google also tells me to go Way heavy'er.. I was just thinking that it easily Got out of hand when I was making it. .. but I love the look of it, it really adds to the spooky-look!