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  1. Super beatifull creatures. The ozelot is my favorite.
  2. Super cool .. it really looks disgunstingly good! and Thanks for sharing the technic with the eyes, I might steal that idea.
  3. He is great and what a cool wedding cake!!
  4. This looking good! Cant wait to see more.
  5. Wow!!
  6. So cool! ;0)
  7. Wow! Is it actually possible to paint like that?!
  8. Pants was a good choice. And his pelt is amazing!
  9. Those wings looks GREAT!
  10. Small progression. Did his eyes and some fur. And I startet on the base. This planet-ish lump will be the main part of the base, that he will be standing on. Its made from a wooden ball with sculpted contours. And some base colour.
  11. Wow!! This is truly awsome stuff!
  12. Started up a new project.. My inspiration is mainly from the cover art of John Sumrow from a rock band called Monster Magnet. Both for the mini and it's base. Its not gonna be a replica, but just freely inspired by their covers. I wil try to incorporate planets and a small space-craft, the 72243 Kraken from Reapers CAV line. But I will also be looking at this version of the same mini for inspiration (not dublicate), as I really like the dark and gritty look of it, from this thread; and I think it somehow fits into the cover art. So far I've worked on his skintones, and I think I'm almost done with it..!?? I want to keep him fairly dark, as I'm planning to paint some OSL comming from his left hand, from some kind of exploding planet.. I tried to sketch the OSL with white on his skin. Pictures:
  13. He is awsome!
  14. The green skintones on that Troll are really really nice! Don't tone Them down too much.. and the blending is awsome.
  15. I surely will, but it will take some time. Im a sloow painter.