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  1. Looks great! maybe add a couple skeletons Lyongade on the floor too..
  2. Very very beatifull, that Golden light is awsome!!
  3. Whaaaat!!? Space Lord got second! .. congrats to all the other winners, and big thanks to organizers and judges.
  4. Help with first display base

    I have never worked with tea. But I would say a mix of both. More colors.
  5. Entrance to the Faerie Deeps

    Amazing stuff as usual! And I really like the fact that everything is homemade.
  6. 14528: Rageclaw Slayer

    WOW! .. just wow!
  7. His face looks really good, but the eyes does look a bit low.
  8. Somehow I missed @Guindyloo glaze tutorial, but I have just read it now. Thank you very much! It was very good and informative. deffently a few mistakes I have been doing.. I have often used a mix of water and clear varnish to thin the paint, to make it less running/wash-like (the varnish is as thick as paint) because I found it hard to control. But that is because I did not dab most of the glaze off on a papertowel, and I should thin it more than I do.. Thank you!!
  9. What kind of horrific creature do they hide in the wagon??!? super nice wagon!
  10. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    Looks good, and thanks for showing.
  11. HF Sana

  12. 02031: Michelle Dancing Blade

    This is looking really really good! I would say very little to no color in the NMM, beceause I think the light om her face seems quite white. But I am NOT an expert!
  13. That must be nirvana of this hobby.. sculp such a cool mini, and paint it to this level! Im blown away with your skills.. and BOTH in sculpting and painting ..
  14. His Majesty the Dragon King (Kingdom Death)

    Holy Molly .. is this even possible!?
  15. Painting a Kraken - Step By Step

    Absolutely amazing!!