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  1. LarsM

    77103: Nor'Okk, Ettin

    Wise words in that article! I think we all know those feelings. I have this excact mini standing on my table, so this will be interesting. -keep on happy painting :o)
  2. LarsM

    Underwater Diorama

    Really cool!
  3. LarsM

    Plague Prince of Nurgle

    Simply amazing!
  4. LarsM

    Mansions of Madness: Star Spawn of Cthulu

    Ooohh.. Dark and creepy!
  5. Thanks for putting this great show on again. (I was just about to ask why all the entries had been deleted, then I saw the 2019)
  6. LarsM

    ride the wild wind to Valhalla

    Woouw, thats great. Amazing colors and the wings are awsome! I have drooled over that Kit many many years ago outside a shop window..
  7. Congratulations to All the winners! .. So many awsome Minis.
  8. LarsM

    Paedia paints Trista, the White Wolf

    Looks great. NMM is getting g great, I tried a bit of it myself but with not much succes.. So interesting to follow this.
  9. LarsM

    Coal Golem?

    This is genius!
  10. LarsM

    03105 Scorpion Man

    Great, and the NMM is NOT bad at All, I dont think it is too yellow. The blue gems are really great!!
  11. 77616 Fire Giant Warrior, sculpted by Chris Lewis.
  12. LarsM

    'Sleeping beauty'-esque scenic diorama

    Woouw!! This is great.
  13. LarsM

    Stuffed Fables (Seasoned and Worn)

    Wow! Textures are super Nice, and that girl is truly creepy.
  14. LarsM

    GW Goblins

    Thanks for the kind words. @Glitterwolf I was'nt thinking of Any thing in particular. But always nice to hear what other people think.
  15. LarsM

    GW Goblins

    Painted these three little brave fellas for a friends orc army. They are anxious to see some carnage.. :o) Any critiq or comment are apriciated.