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  1. Working on a sign/name. I ‘copied’ letters from a cover and freehanded the letters together, scanned it into photoshop and cleaned it up a bit. Printet out on foto paper, and painted with brush. Im also starting to place things on the flat base..
  2. Hobby shop in San Fran. and Vegas

    Sorry for not answering.. The selection was a lot better than my local store (in Odense) especially in Reaper minis. Here in Denmark it is mainly Warhammer minis they have in the stores. But there is a quite big shop in Copenhagen, wich also have Reaper minis. Dont know about prices, didnt notice a big difference.
  3. More progress .. actually Im getting pretty close .. Two little planets and the base plate. I might work a bit more base plate Space painting as it looks a bit more like fireworks right now, but Im not sure I can get it better.
  4. Ilva, The Syren of Kaldeth Strait

    This is super beatifull! The Waves are great, very dynamic. You should be proud!
  5. Warlord Games M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

    Really nice, and The weathering is superb!
  6. From The Bottom Up, Part II

    Great work as always! And I agree what you said about the base.. also for me, it is a very important part of the miniature hobby.
  7. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    This is super cool! And great idea with the kitten. I have absolutely no idea how to sculp a kitten.. I think its head is looking fine, but the body and limps should be thinner.
  8. Ocean base

    I like The idea of the big crashing wave. But I would say the one you showed in one of the earlyer pictures is a bit on the big side, compared to the rolling waves you have right now..
  9. Ocean base

    I think it look great. And I Think you should keep the small waves. Is it possible to remove the foam again? I would Think there should be more smaller white tops, especially around The rocks.
  10. Conversion for Odd PC- Bat-Man-Wolf

    Amazing colors! .. and NMM.
  11. Shambling Mound

    Looks good! I would go for the wash. This is a piece of nature, so there should be a lot of colour variation.
  12. Ocean base

    Wow those rocks are amazing. And the water gets better and better .. cant wait to see the waves. And the mini is also amazing!
  13. Pulverizer

    This is super cool!!
  14. More progress.. I made some energy/lightning om his staff. I’m not 100% happy with the placing of them om the front, but dont Think I will change it now. I made the exploding planet brighter, and also the OSL slightly brighter. And I think he is done. The space craft is also very close to finished. But Im not sure about the window .. Any suggestions or should I leave it? Next steps will be ataching him to his planet/astoride-thing. Making a smaller planet for the background, and an attempt at painting cosmic light on a flat base for the hole thing .. plenty to do!