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  1. LarsM

    Crowley's Graveyard

    I dont know why this appears.. Anyway, I like the rust idea, and maybe some streaks from the coroded cobber down the walls..
  2. LarsM

    Warhammer diorama (Pic heavy)

    Thanks you for the kind words. I do look a lot on WWII and other historical dioramas.. The competition I want to enter this in to, is mainly historical pieces, but they do have fantasy and even a Warhammer class. But Im in a bit of doubt wich class I should enter as there is also a specific diorama class. But first I must finish it :o)
  3. LarsM

    Warhammer diorama (Pic heavy)

    Mainly just details this time.. Added running slime from the big pipe and a leaking small pipe, made from pva-glue colored with paint in many layers, among other details. I also started on the yellow crane arm, it still need to be chipped and streaked. I have added more blood to the shooting Tau, also made off pva glue. Homemade tyranid also got paint, its carapace is not done. I originally planed on a similar color scheme as the small ones, but I simply could not make the paint work, maybe partly because of the primitive sculpt. In hindsight I should have spent the money on a big tyranid from GW or any other monster. I am really happy with the terrain, but this one is not really that great.. Anyway here is the pictures..
  4. LarsM


    Beyond awsome!!
  5. LarsM

    50113, 59002, 59010: Native Americans

    Wonderfull freehand!
  6. LarsM

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Absolutely lovely eyes..
  7. LarsM

    Crowley's Graveyard

    That roof is amazing.. May one ask how you achieved that result?
  8. LarsM


    Looking forward to this!
  9. LarsM

    Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I really like that fall colors, and you filled the space nicely. Looking forward to the finished piece of art!
  10. LarsM

    Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP

    Looks really good. The smal bases blendes in perfectly.
  11. LarsM

    Frost gigant

  12. LarsM

    Darksword red dragon for Reapercon

    Awsome looking dragon.. He got a really old and cruel look to his face, and the red color and cold blue eyes fits right into this.. I gotta paint a dragon at some point!
  13. LarsM

    A Few Cars for Gaslands

    Theese are really great!