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  1. More progress .. actually Im getting pretty close .. Two little planets and the base plate. I might work a bit more base plate Space painting as it looks a bit more like fireworks right now, but Im not sure I can get it better.
  2. Started up a new project.. My inspiration is mainly from the cover art of John Sumrow from a rock band called Monster Magnet. Both for the mini and it's base. Its not gonna be a replica, but just freely inspired by their covers. I wil try to incorporate planets and a small space-craft, the 72243 Kraken from Reapers CAV line. But I will also be looking at this version of the same mini for inspiration (not dublicate), as I really like the dark and gritty look of it, from this thread; and I think it somehow fits into the cover art. So far I've worked on his skintones, and I think I'm almost done with it..!?? I want to keep him fairly dark, as I'm planning to paint some OSL comming from his left hand, from some kind of exploding planet.. I tried to sketch the OSL with white on his skin. Pictures:
  3. Ilva, The Syren of Kaldeth Strait

    This is super beatifull! The Waves are great, very dynamic. You should be proud!
  4. Warlord Games M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

    Really nice, and The weathering is superb!
  5. From The Bottom Up, Part II

    Great work as always! And I agree what you said about the base.. also for me, it is a very important part of the miniature hobby.
  6. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    This is super cool! And great idea with the kitten. I have absolutely no idea how to sculp a kitten.. I think its head is looking fine, but the body and limps should be thinner.
  7. Ocean base

    I like The idea of the big crashing wave. But I would say the one you showed in one of the earlyer pictures is a bit on the big side, compared to the rolling waves you have right now..
  8. Ocean base

    I think it look great. And I Think you should keep the small waves. Is it possible to remove the foam again? I would Think there should be more smaller white tops, especially around The rocks.
  9. Conversion for Odd PC- Bat-Man-Wolf

    Amazing colors! .. and NMM.
  10. Shambling Mound

    Looks good! I would go for the wash. This is a piece of nature, so there should be a lot of colour variation.
  11. Ocean base

    Wow those rocks are amazing. And the water gets better and better .. cant wait to see the waves. And the mini is also amazing!
  12. Pulverizer

    This is super cool!!
  13. More progress.. I made some energy/lightning om his staff. I’m not 100% happy with the placing of them om the front, but dont Think I will change it now. I made the exploding planet brighter, and also the OSL slightly brighter. And I think he is done. The space craft is also very close to finished. But Im not sure about the window .. Any suggestions or should I leave it? Next steps will be ataching him to his planet/astoride-thing. Making a smaller planet for the background, and an attempt at painting cosmic light on a flat base for the hole thing .. plenty to do!
  14. Thank you, I really appreciate it. I Think I will put more white om the little planet, to make it more of a light source. And add a bit more light to his arm. You are very welcome to steal ideas, Im glad to inspire. Steal away!! :0)
  15. Progress.. Horns is done, OSL from The exploding planet in his hand is close to done. Should maybe be more intense.. The top of his staff (Im thinking of it more as a (magic) staff than halberd..!?) is done and the verdigris on his copper parts is done. C&C is as always welcome. -thanks for looking.
  16. Fewmaster Toede, the hobgoblin

    May I present to you; Fewmaster Toede of the Dragon Lance Chronicles. Sorry, the pictures didn't turn out that well. But I'm quite happy with the paintjob. All kinds of C&C is very welcome.
  17. Fewmaster Toede, the hobgoblin

    Thank you for kind words everyone! He is from a Ral Partha boxset with characters from the Dragon Lance stories. But I will have to check for further details.. As I remember from when I read the books he is a hobgoblin, and on the heavy side..
  18. Isabella Von Carstien Diorama - GW

    Ofcourse!! I should have thought of that :0) ..
  19. Isabella Von Carstien Diorama - GW

    This is really great. The stairs, the leaves, the bones of the skeletons, the blood spilling from the goblet, the pose of Isabella, I love it all!! If I should mention one tiny thing, it is the handles of the skeletons spears, they look quite new compared to their (beatifully) rusty armor. All in all, this is beyond great!
  20. Forgeworld Warpfire Dragon

    Wow.. this is really cool!
  21. I could not have said this any better! What an amazing cool scratch build.
  22. Kaladrax on her Mausoleum by Glitterwolf

    So Great! this turned out really cool, very well done.
  23. Water Base

    Startet on this base for a Vermin Tyrant from Avatars of War. It Started out as a test piece for a later project with water effect. But halfway through I found out about the Water Base Competition from Massive Voodoo, and thought 'Why Not'. So I finished the base, and send in pictures. It is my first time using water effects. I chose to use the Vallejo Still Water. Partly because I thought the two-part resin types seemed quite difficult to work with, and this was not supposed to be very deep; aroun 5-10mm. And partly because that was what the local shop had. The water did not turn out that well, there came quite a few 'waves' around the edges and close to the rocks and things. I'm not sure if that would have been better with two-part-resin. I did circa 5-6 pours of the Vallejo Still Water to reach this depth. The painting part I'm very pleased with, not least the marble effect on the white tiles. It is a bit more visible in real life than on these photos. (It will problably still look rather noob-ish in the competition, but what the heck.. there is also random prices -haha). Edit: I should notice that the big rat is an old Ral Partha, the heads on spikes are from Avatars of War (came with the mini), and the two main tiles is from Scibor. The rest is homemade from putty, kitty litter and a piece of bark.
  24. Mouseling Wizard - 77548

    Really nice work! -in one nights work!!?! Cool touch with the cats head in his book..hehe