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  1. Wow, Its amazing!
  2. Woarh... everything!!!
  3. This is looking great. Have you thought about icicles? I found they made the snow more convincing on my "the angry wizard and the mad dwarf"-piece, just a thought..
  4. Really awsome conversions!!
  5. Cooool! .. This gonna be interesting..
  6. So much progression in here, and so much talent! This is cool..
  7. What a "Beauty" ;0)
  8. Wow! His face and eyes really show some character.
  9. This has been a long project, but also bit of a side project. Some may remember a short Wip of the OSL Wizard way back on this forum. Alot of new things for me in this one; OSL, snow, icicles. I tried to paint some yellows and reds on the snow as light from the fireball, but it just looked wrong.. because it's a darker color than the white? I'm not intirely happy with everything, but in general I'm quite happy, but dont hesitate with critiqs! Snow is made of crushed kitty-litter mixed with white glue and white paint. Icicles is made of thin strips of clear plastic (from a mini-box), dipped in super-glue and some gloss varnish. The rocks is a pieces of bark. Comments and critiqs are most welcome!
  10. This. Is. Absolutely. Stunning!!
  11. Thank you :-)
  12. Hard to see that is a speedpaint! Very well done.
  13. Hahaha :0)
  14. Thank you! I almost find it "hard" to make single figures, I always imagine them in some kind of duel/ imagination just runs away :-) Therefor I love minis in dynamic poses.
  15. Looking at your work, makes me want to buy an airbrush. They look really great and the griffon is awsome! Is it possible to use an airbrush in a small indoor room, I guess you need some ventilation? And some space around, I imagine it easily beeing a bit of a mess with paint everywhere..?? I use a spraycan for priming, but I do that outside.
  16. Great!! I really like there skin patterns.
  17. Both photo and mousling looks superb, to me!
  18. Thank you about the icicles, I just wish they hang a bit more straight down.. but they were such a hasle to control! Yes, I think youre right, I should have made the hole scene Darker. I am sure he will overcome the magic trick, He is mad after all!! :0)
  19. Thank you.
  20. He is cool, and base is very fitting for his battlefield. the color palette goes great together.. with the black, red and gold.
  21. Nice. I really like the armor.. it looks worn and dirty like he just rose from his grave, and the eyes are great.
  22. Super nice! His hands, feet and face is very realistic animal-like.
  23. Great. And very Nice skintones.