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  1. Congratulations to All the winners! .. So many awsome Minis.
  2. LarsM

    Paedia paints Trista, the White Wolf

    Looks great. NMM is getting g great, I tried a bit of it myself but with not much succes.. So interesting to follow this.
  3. LarsM

    Coal Golem?

    This is genius!
  4. LarsM

    03105 Scorpion Man

    Great, and the NMM is NOT bad at All, I dont think it is too yellow. The blue gems are really great!!
  5. 77616 Fire Giant Warrior, sculpted by Chris Lewis.
  6. LarsM

    'Sleeping beauty'-esque scenic diorama

    Woouw!! This is great.
  7. LarsM

    GW Goblins

    Painted these three little brave fellas for a friends orc army. They are anxious to see some carnage.. :o) Any critiq or comment are apriciated.
  8. LarsM

    Stuffed Fables (Seasoned and Worn)

    Wow! Textures are super Nice, and that girl is truly creepy.
  9. LarsM

    GW Goblins

    Thanks for the kind words. @Glitterwolf I was'nt thinking of Any thing in particular. But always nice to hear what other people think.
  10. LarsM

    10021, Viridius WIP

    Beautifull repair! That dragon is majestic.. Cant wait to see it with antlers.
  11. LarsM

    'Sleeping beauty'-esque scenic diorama

    This is really cool!
  12. LarsM

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Looking good! Now, I dont know, how important composition is for an "army on parade".. But I would put more Minis, or maybe the tank, further into the front of the base. There is a lot of empty space in the front.
  13. LarsM

    The August September Mushrooms

    Awsome! - as always. I really like the first of the big group photo, all those wonderfull weird faces.
  14. Finally got around to take pictures of my Warhammer diorama. I entered it into a local competition, and was lucky enough to win the Warhammer category. Thanks to everyone who wrote a comment in the WIP thread. Link here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81383-warhammer-diorama-pic-heavy/ ..Sorry for the overload of pictures! -could'nt help myself.. Although on these pictures I can see many mistakes, I am quite happy with it. Hope you enjoy it, and as always any comment, critiq or question is welcome.
  15. LarsM

    WOC88361, Ogre Trooper

    Awsome job!
  16. LarsM

    Saturated September!

    If you do some weathering with the Pigment, please show us how.. I want to try those things out, but havent yet tried it. But I like the vibrant colors for it! Would'nt they have a metal ring on the wheels, as a "tyre"?
  17. LarsM

    Saturated September!

    Looks great! I vote for placement on picture 2. Is it possible to put pins in the wheels? , maybe 2 would be enough.. The wagon look like it is parked, so maybe some camping stuff..
  18. LarsM

    Kristof65's next ReaperCon diorama WIP

    I like the smaller base. But I also liked the tightly curved road, and the idea with the bridge.. Maybe those can be combined.
  19. LarsM

    Kristof65's next ReaperCon diorama WIP

    I vote for vehicle no. 1. I like the curved road idea.. Maybe the aggressive salad (and its smaller offspring) have destroyed/overgrown the bridge..
  20. Been working on this project for some time now, and hoping to get it done for a local competition in september. Still a lot to do, but I'm mostly happy with what I have made so far.. I bought a bits-box with loads of Wahammer bits, and decided to try and sculpt a bigger tyranid out those bits, as a maine character for the scene. I find the sculpting as fun as the painting..and well, the Warhammer stuff seems rather expensive. I know nothing of the Warhammer 40K world, so it also been fun reading and researching for stuff. This will be a scene in the Wahmmaer 40K world. Three tau XV25's and one drone (not pictured) are behind enemy lines, and attack some sort of Tyranid base.. First two pictures a finished minis, A Tau XV25 (its a battle-suit with a 'tau-person' inside), and a small tyranid. Next is the big tyranid, grey stuff is from the bits box, light-brown is Fimo sculpting clay and green is green-stuff. It is mostly done, but need a bit of grinding a maybe a few more details. The tail is going to end into next picture, where the tau is in big trouble (or is he?). The tau is painted, but the tail is just sculpted and a few strokes of priming. The part where the tail is shot to pieces is made of small pieces of fishing line, white-glue and sculpting paste. I glued the fishing line more or less randomly in place with super-glue-gel, super glue to hold the two pieces of tail in place. Covered everything with water thinned white-glue. put on some blobs af sculpting paste and covered everything in water-thinned white glue again. Last pictures is the base, mostly just primed. The tau's are attacking from the left side of the first picture, and the small tyranid will be lurking in the cave. Feel free to suggest, critiq and comment on anything, thanks for looking.
  21. LarsM

    Warhammer diorama (Pic heavy)

    The drone is Added, and the piece is 'finished' (does they ever get finished?) for the comp. This comming sunday. Looking forward to it!
  22. LarsM

    Saturated September!

    Really nice fence. I like the flowers at the gate..
  23. LarsM

    Space marine project

    Wow! This beyond amazing!!