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  1. Somehow I missed @Guindyloo glaze tutorial, but I have just read it now. Thank you very much! It was very good and informative. deffently a few mistakes I have been doing.. I have often used a mix of water and clear varnish to thin the paint, to make it less running/wash-like (the varnish is as thick as paint) because I found it hard to control. But that is because I did not dab most of the glaze off on a papertowel, and I should thin it more than I do.. Thank you!!
  2. What kind of horrific creature do they hide in the wagon??!? super nice wagon!
  3. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    Looks good, and thanks for showing.
  4. HF Sana

  5. 02031: Michelle Dancing Blade

    This is looking really really good! I would say very little to no color in the NMM, beceause I think the light om her face seems quite white. But I am NOT an expert!
  6. That must be nirvana of this hobby.. sculp such a cool mini, and paint it to this level! Im blown away with your skills.. and BOTH in sculpting and painting ..
  7. His Majesty the Dragon King (Kingdom Death)

    Holy Molly .. is this even possible!?
  8. Painting a Kraken - Step By Step

    Absolutely amazing!!
  9. 02599 Frorigh WIP

  10. Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Super work with the GS. .. and that mace is really cool!
  11. 77492: Behir

  12. 77190: Nethyrmaul the Undying Silver Dragon

    Wow! Superb paintjob, and the base is a perfect match.
  13. Really nice! The lava is awsome, and in general the bases gives them life..
  14. Invisible Hobbit

    Hobbit thief with an invisible cloak. This was a really fun little project. A lot of playing with colors and experimenting. It is an old Ral Partha hobbit from my ‘painted-years-ago-box’ that got a repaint. The first picture is from the side that is towards the wall. And the last is from the angle where the illusion (almost) works. Any critiq and comment is welcome. Thanks for looking.
  15. Looking good! I agree, some sort of metal-color, maybe with a slight blue added, to match her dress.. or what about yellow/black stribes, something like warning stribes on some sort of machinery..
  16. Wow! Those eyes .. and everything else..
  17. 1/6th Scale Raptor Action Figure

    Amazing. The eyes are very much alive!
  18. I think youre right; he is a real hidden treasure. And yours fits right into a fairytale with brave nights and magic dragons. He is awsome!
  19. GW-CSM Kharn the Betrayer (classic) w custom basing

    Very Well done! The base really gives him character, and the gritty look fits the hole scene perfectly. The faces on his ‘shoulder-horns’, are they freehand? They are awfull great!
  20. Xanthia

    Those skintones really are amazing! And the hair, I like that you used purple both in hair and the loincloth. Clever use of those clear-colors, and not using the same colors all way through.. I would never have thought of that! She is a beauty!
  21. Invisible Hobbit

    You should :0) .. I base coated the invisible side of the cloak in white first, so it was easy to ‘draw’ lines. Then startet to build up colors. Constantly checking with ‘the right angle’ and taking lots of photos along the way, also to check the view. I attached the mini to the base, before painting the effect. You Can do it!! Thank you to everyone!
  22. GW Vortex Beast

    Love the OSL!
  23. Invisible Hobbit

    Haha.. yeah it might be a ring actually. I did’nt even think of that! Thank you everyone, it was a fun project.