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  1. That OSL is perfectly subtle. And the Blacks are spot on. I just love the drama of the OSL-effekt.
  2. LarsM

    77169: Flesh Golem to Earth Golem

    Indeed the flok is a brillant idea for a earth glem. Great job!
  3. LarsM

    77283: Necromancer

  4. LarsM

    Dungeon Dwellers 07003 Bloodbite Goblins

    Really like that brown-greenish skincolor.. And smooth transitions.
  5. LarsM

    Help with blending? (Not reaper mini)

    There is a lot of good stuff to read in these threads.
  6. LarsM

    Fox Critter group pictures (heavy pics)

    Theese are simply stunning! And I look forward to see them All on a display base.. And your next projekt.
  7. Look Good! Especially the wood is amazing, and bonus points for doing freehand.
  8. LarsM

    Light! 77290: Beekeeper Mousling

  9. LarsM

    Dire Dodo

    Extreemly realistic!.. Actually a bit scary..
  10. LarsM

    77543: Frost Giant Warrior

    Super! Got a really cold feel to him.. Super Nice!
  11. LarsM

    77211: Gauntfield

    Looking really Good.
  12. LarsM


    They are great! I love the rust weapons, very orc'ish.
  13. LarsM

    Kev!'s Descent JitD(1e) - Giant

    He is great. Hes hair and beard are really nice.
  14. Finally got this guy done. I did the base some time ago, for a competition with water bases with no mini (I didn't win anything). Any comment and critic is very welcome. Thanks for looking.
  15. LarsM

    DSM8033, Fox Shaman with Staff and Wand

    I really like how you make every detail pop.. Amazing paint job again!
  16. LarsM

    Warg 77202

    Very realistic looking, well done!
  17. LarsM

    DSM8023, Fox Mage

    This is really great. I like the OSL, only as said before I think its a little too bright on his back. And I really like the bottle hanging at his shoulderbag! Very well painted!
  18. LarsM

    Cuthem and Spire

    Absolutely stunning! Small piece that tells a great story. Just shows how important the right composition is..
  19. LarsM

    03821: Half Orc Merchant

    Wow looking great. And the NMM is superb!
  20. LarsM

    03681 Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire