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  1. The revan have berserkers that have their MAV go up as they are hurt, I don't see why this couldn't be the same sort of thing.
  2. You would need two or three models to keep him engaged, though since he could just retreat for free otherwise. A mage with the invocation tome makes it even easier to overcome
  3. Put it up against a Cruaader's "Unleash the Hounds" list and see how it goes
  4. I am currently building a witch queen with Rauthuros list using the Pain Cage doctrine and was wondering what troops I should use to fill out mybwarlord's unit. I was leaning Goat demons because they are cheap 2 DT models that I can draw on for spellcasting. I can even use them to summon more models. Maybe two archers to get defensive strikes from range. I have about 145 points left to work with for this list
  5. Casting is actually 18 since it's an opposed school, But you are right about Scribe Scroll negating that problem. However they chainged how casting spells you know with a scroll works in the Errata. It treats the casting roll as whatever your failed roll is.
  6. What book is that one in? And what does it do? I'm a sigilist so spells in the summoning school are not the best idea
  7. In my local frostgrave group, I play a sigilist and the top player is a summoner. I started out late but am catching up fast thanks to Create Grimoire. My biggest problem so far has been dealing with Posessed heavily armored warriors. My best solution so far has been Blinding Light, which unfortunately only solves half the problem temporarily. Maybe I could learn Power Word and attempt to make it even harder to undo and easier to cast, any other suggestions? I know that Banish is an option, but I consider that a last resort because of the whole metagaming for a specific opponent kind of puts me off.
  8. I would also like to see more pirates. Preferably with flintlock
  9. Okay, this list is just a shameless exploit of the Reven noghra Doctrine, but do you think that the list is viable. 999pts Squad 1 (102) Dantral Half-orc Goblin Warrior x6 Squad 2 (60) Ogg Goblin Beastrider Goblin Warrior x2 Squad 3 (60) Ogg Goblin Beastrider Goblin Warrior x2 Squad 4 (60) Ogg Goblin Beastrider Goblin Warrior x2 Squad 5 (60) Ogg Goblin Beastrider Goblin Warrior x2 Squad 6 (60) Ogg Goblin Beastrider Goblin Warrior x2 Squad 7 Hill Giant 198 Squad 8 Hill Giant 198 Squad 9 Hill Giant 198 Squad 10 Luck Stone 3
  10. I know it just went down a few weeks ago, and now that I know there are no plans to bring it back up, is there a chance that anyone has an alternative to use? I'm trying to get my friends into the game and it would make things a hell of a lot easier.
  11. I could use some giant frogs/toads. Maybe with their mouths open enough to fit another model inside it. Not totally, just so it's sticking out a bit. I would also like to see the Warlord Incarnation of Flame in a clear plastic
  12. I just got this game and have been getting my friends into it. The simplicity and proxie openness has been useful, although it is a shame that the army builder is down. (Has anyone found/made an alternative yet?) Anyway, The first army I'm making is Mercs and I'd like an opinion from the more experienced players. Are Minotars worth the point cost? I'm taking six in a squad with Sigrid and a Restoration tome caster. Would the points be better spent on units elsewhere or on equipment. I am also using the doctrine that lets me use a datacard of another faction to get the Overlord's incarnation of flame. With the wizard of chaos calling him in I can get off two fireballs in one go and obliterate mobs, but I'd like to know about other options