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  1. DSM8046, Hamster Cleric with Mace

    Wow! I need to visit the forums more often! Metalchaos you have done some serious leveling up since I last lurked over here. That is an awesome shield
  2. Spider sizes

    Lol, why yes...
  3. Spider sizes

    Thank you!
  4. Spider sizes

    Wise Reaperpeeps: Quick question regarding the various spider sizes. Which spider would be best to fit on a 40 or 50mm base? Bones would be preferable, but metal works as well. I took a look at the spider models available, but couldn't really tell on most of them what would fill up a larger base well. Thank you! Jabber
  5. Mice and Mystics repaints--Centipede now complete!

    Centipede finished well ahead of schedule . This guy was based off of the reference picture shown, although I punched up the saturation quite a bit in some spots. Probably could have used some more work on the legs, but this at the end of the day is a gaming piece rather than display and more importantly was another experiment in the "sketch style" of painting as well as the use of Daler Rowney inks (in this case Burnt Umber and Sepia as well as RMS Black Ink and Red Ink. I definitely think I will be using inks more in the future for tinting purposes.
  6. Mice and Mystics repaints--Centipede now complete!

    The last bug in the box--the centipede!
  7. Mice and Mystics repaints--Centipede now complete!

    *Blows dust off* Spider, check. Hopefully my next post in this thread won't be in 2018!
  8. what I painted in 2016

    Lovely work as always, Inarah!
  9. Grim Pete

    You would be correct, Nameless; but I suspect you already knew the answer to that. He joins Sergeant Blackknife in the crew.
  10. Grim Pete

    Feels good to have one under my belt this early in the year. Of course, I started it in 2014, but that a minor detail... Pete will be part of a painting fundraiser for our local Children's Hospital later this year, assuming everything goes as planned. As always, questions and comments most welcome!
  11. Help finding a pregnant mini

    Depending on your familiarity with putty and the model, a glob of greenstuff blended in is relatively easy.
  12. Wood Elf Couple

    Fantastic :)
  13. 2961 Angel of Shadow

    She tolerated the necromancy quite well ;). Seriously though, lovely work!
  14. Tale of War--White Fox

    Thank you again, guys! @Chaoswolf--I have a several step recipe for the this. I usually primer the metallic area in black. The basecoat is Gunmetal by Vallejo Model Air. Highlights with Silver from VMA. I will often do a quick wash with Vallejo Model Color Smoke to dirty it up a bit. The rust itself is typically done with pigments. I like that if applied fairly heavily, they can also provide a bit of texture in addition to the color. I have both Secret Weapon Miniatures and Mig Productions pigments and like them a lot. This particular piece was done with Mig Productions' Old Rust and Standard Rust pigments. I then use SWM pigment fixer to lock it in place. I will sometimes go back over it with Smoke if I feel like it has gotten too bright. SWM has also just released a 6 bottle Rust Set that I have just picked up. SWM worked in conjunction with Anne to formulate the product, so you know it will be good. I have played with it just a bit and am liking what I am seeing. I'm not at my home computer at the moment, but will post a picture of a cutlass I tested it on.
  15. Tale of War--White Fox

    Thanks everyone!