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  1. Updated photos from Photobucket to flickr, I'll post some more with finished painted figures soon will add a few things as crowley said broken bits will also do a couple really broken up... Also handy for trying out a couple of test paint schemes for new forces
  2. Cav UTF painted force (pic heavy)

    I did get a little distracted for a bit and changed from seeing pink by starting some 15mm BTR160s APCs I'm doing for an Neo Soviet futuristic force. who says to many projects on the go
  3. Cav UTF painted force (pic heavy)

    New update on next batch of Cav's I'm painting with a short how I did the scheme with a Starhawk IV Cav I see pink Star hawk IV base colour light pink dry brush then blue/grey 1st camo added Camo red brown added overlaying parts of the blue here & there Khaki Drab added in blotches onto the parts of the camo red brown areas, canopy started Just got the black dots to do and a few missile and lights then I'll be ready for shading as you can see a quick and furious way to paint
  4. Cav UTF painted force (pic heavy)

    Thanks Glitterwolf, I must admit after the first coat of purple then dry brushing I was wondering will this work on these bigger areas. I'll be posting a little more detail of on progress of the next batch will pick one and show how i fudged my way through the scheme the idea was for it to be quick and easy to paint but would still look decent on the tabletop.
  5. Cav UTF painted force (pic heavy)

    A closer view of them sorry for the bad lighting Ronin Archer Raptor Ashigaru Next batch ready to go... watch this space
  6. UTF Possible paint Schemes?

    Finally got this project on the road I've updated the pictures here with the new picture host and have posted it in the correct thread http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78751-cav-utf-painted-force-pic-heavy/
  7. HI all I originally started a thread in the Cav section about painting my UTF (united Terrain Federation) I've had to change from photo bucket to flickr for the images will update the wrecked mech as well soon http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/73358-utf-possible-paint-schemes/&tab=comments#comment-1520048 Well I finally got the project on the road heres my test pieces almost finished just needs the bases finished off Started with an archer, raptor and Ronin Cavs with 2 ashigaru's missile vechiles did a base coat of purple with a dry brush afterwards then added camo scheme as per my other link with tester pieces of paper finished group quite pleased with the result look decent from a distance on the table no unit symbols or markings will decide on these at a later date
  8. Disclaimer : No Cavs were harmed in the making of these tokens Hi David yep I have added a bit of Damage bullet holes to them but maybe a bit more substantial holes need to be added nice idea i have made these as current battle casualties but a few overgrown ones would be nice just to litter the battlefield
  9. UTF Possible paint Schemes?

    just added a thread about some destroyed cav markers I've been making Destroyed Cav's terrain (Image Heavy)
  10. This is a second one I did this time a dictator again painting not finished but look reasonable 3rd one being done this time a different pose also making the gun separate to add to the finished base
  11. Hello All, Newbie here I though Id share a project that I've been working on to use when we play Talon Games Combat assault vehicle (CAV) when being shown the game I wasn't sure about lying the metal figures on there side to show they are destroyed or just removing them from the table I wanted something to represent them on the table as obstacles for troops and vehicles. So here it is as it stands I took a metal unmade Cav and positioned it on some putty added a few rocks and used the Oamaru to made a mould after moulding I painted it up (not finished yet) but you get the idea
  12. UTF Possible paint Schemes?

    Hi all thanks for the replies I'll start a WIP thread on the main Painting threads with a link here. Thanks for the complements on the scheme I was after something different when I came up with the idea originally, yes Savage Coyote they have been done with the dark Purple & blue with brown patches test piece they were the opposing force to my chinese CDSU which are a lot more basic in colour just 2 colours Ok which me luck hopefully it will transfer well onto the larger figures
  13. Wee little dwarves and orcs (10mm)

    Fantastic looking armies I've always had a soft spot for warmaster and the 10mm scale so its nice to see these being painted up how have you found it for KOW now you have a reasonable amount done.
  14. UTF Possible paint Schemes?

    Hello Everyone, newbie here to the game and history. I've finally sat down to start my Cav's from the KS I piggybacked a friends KS and bought a UTF force as I just liked the look of the Cavs basically rather than any force ideas and was wondering on possible paint schemes, I've searched the forum and thanks Cavboss for the recent links to gain some inspiration as to how to proceed. I've done a couple of test colours as i always do when starting off on a new project like this I also write down the colours on the paper for future reference or if I add to the units at a later date I am leaning towards the Purple & blue scheme at the moment that or the dark green with blue. I previously used this scheme on my 6mm brigade games Eurofed for for FutureWar Commader and was wondering if it would work well on the slightly bigger scale figures, will probably try it out on a tank 1st Also on the Stars I won't be buying the fighting piranha ones as it will cost a lot with international postage so I was wondering if I used WWII US white stars and added some blue strips buy hand would be acceptable. Do UTF forces tend to have numbers on there Cavs for recognition? Thanks for any tips/ideas in advance '66'
  15. The United Terran Federation

    Thanks Cavboss will post in appropriate sections now