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  1. Doublesix66

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Posted a thread over on theminiaturepage hopeful it might add a bit more traffic Nice to see some forward momentum again now the Autumn & winter approaches I'll be starting another new painting thread as I paint another themed Cav force from my previous KS, probably an Adon force, still deciding on colour schemes that I'll be using for each force. And continuing the 10mm City buildings thread with more buildings that will be added.
  2. Doublesix66

    Basing your models in CAV

    I personally base mine on some mdf hexes that I ordered that are slightly better than the plastic ones that were provided, (well to me I prefer them a little less pronounced) basic base finished for my themed army I just prefer the flatter bases to the steep sided plastic ones
  3. Doublesix66

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Cavboss Will the freebie from the last KS the enforcer? be available as an addon as I'm sure a lot of people would like a few more of those Cavs?
  4. Doublesix66

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    I like the look of some of the new Cavs that will be in the KS not sure I'll go for the dropship as lovely as it is I'd expect it will be beyond my budget as I will be getting plenty of Cavs. roll on 19th
  5. Doublesix66

    Too many projects?!

    Hi Rat13, Sorry for not posting earlier I've been busy its the start of the outdoor sports season so a lot of preparations needed sorting teams, league dates etc. Right heres my basic basing guide part 2 its done in 3 easy stages + flock etc if you want to add them later. Base colours 1st shade 2nd shade flocking added & finished tabletop ready As you can see its just a basic base but you can add as much or as little extra shading as you wanted Examples of the colours used base 1: Stormbrown, Leperous Brown, Geotan base 2: Flintstone, Mineral Stone, Urban Grey Base 3: Black, Khaki drab, Dark sand As you can see a reasonable base can be achieved without a lot of effort but with a few more steps can look even better, the base 2 you could start with black instead for a darker base and in the case of base 3 you could start with Sand mixed with black for a slightly less dark base than I have done. Hope this helps. regards '66' P.S. what happened to the other 12 subjects?
  6. Thanks, not sure about adding graffiti but I will so a few with makeshift defence positions and a few rubble pile for streets and a completely demolished one to add in
  7. Hi lazylathe, the big decision to make is are you a collector painter or a gaming painter that wants a lot of miniatures on the table which look good but don't take forever to get on the table, I do a mixture for table top games I tend to batch paint large lots, I will do smaller lots for bigger scale miniatures or character figures to add a little more details or my old D&D miniatures. For batch Painting only paint a few units in order to get a production line running but not getting to overwhelmed with how much you need to sort out and you will get a few finished at a time, I tend to have 2 or 3 projects on the go at any one time switching between them depending on the mood I'm in either splashing on base colours or some detail work or drybrushing. Here's My small Dwarf Force that I'll use some units for the LOTR games. All boxed up (they all have magnetic strip on the bottom of the bases and the box is lined with steel paper. This reminds me I must get the Anvil and Gyrocopters finished to complete this Warmaster army off as well. I have a Bretonnian force that I'll substitute as possible Knights of the Dol Amroth, some barbarians and celts that might be good substitutes for Easterlings Regards '66'
  8. Doublesix66

    Too many projects?!

    Hi Rat Heres the beginning of the basing process that I use I'll post another post with them in various stages when I can this week. This is the Sharp sand or builders sand that I use for basing I also have another smaller tub with a lot of the rocks sieved out for a finer grade base. When I get it I put it in the tub and leave to dry out before putting it away, but make sure your cats don't decide it looks like good kitty litter and leave some surprise in there These 3 old Warzone 28mm figures will be used to create 3 different bases just using this method (fields/grassy, rocky, Arid) I've applied some white glue to the bases I find its best to scratch the base with a scalpel to give the glue something to purchase to, for the rockier bases I would place some rocks on 1st then use the scoop to cover the rest of the base from the tray, after its dried I'll use a soft large brush to remove the dust from the edges of the bases. regards '66'
  9. Hello All, I'm starting this thread to show my 10mm Warmaster armies that are currently done and the progress to finish them and the long just sitting there in a box LOTR Warmaster armies. I was inspired to have a look at this project again after seeing Lowylowlycook's 10mm LOTR armies that he's looking at putting together. Currently this is its status Good Evil some eastern figures which I bought (don't think they are available anymore) and 2 boxsets of the original game. as you can see quite a lot to do, but hopefully I can fit some of these units in my painting schedule this year
  10. Doublesix66

    Too many projects?!

    It depends on how much detail you want to put in the base if you wanted a really detailed base like some of the cork ones then yes you would have to do it first then pin the figure to the base rather than a tagged base, this method that I'm proposing will be a little simpler but can look reasonably effective heres what I'm taking about applied to a set of Warmaster 10mm character stands: I won't be able to do it today but I'll try and get an example for Wed
  11. Doublesix66

    Too many projects?!

    One way you could do the bases for rocky effect is to stick some sharp sand (builders sand) with the odd bigger stone on it paint it black & dry brush with greys can get a decent effect this way easily I can do a quick example for you if you would like.
  12. Doublesix66

    Cav UTF painted force Complete (pic heavy)

    Thanks all for the replies, I was pleased the way the Camo Scheme came out and the overall effect of the army, doing the work in progress thread really kept me enthused and motivated with the project and on track. You can see in the thread how I've jumped to some other painting even doing these heres to finishing the net-soviets and starting something else
  13. Doublesix66

    Lord of the Rings in 10mm (pic heavy)

    Yep only a few Good Evil + 2 boxed game sets and an actual warmaster 10mm army I think this is why I've delayed it due to the size of the project in hand
  14. Ok Varnish has dried these are the pictures for the 3rd batch done came out a little darker than I wanted but overall quite happy I'm happier with the slightly thicker stripes that I've done with these I'll be doing this for the rest for sure. Separate crew can be placed in hatches as needed or just for show BTR 160 Sk 'Oko' Drone Carrier (Armies Army now thescene) BTR160 MGS (Armies Army now thescene) BTR 160 Katyusha 300 (Armies Army) BTR 290 PocoMaxa "Wolverine" (Armies Army) with crew in place and last one without to show the difference Thats all for this update I must admit I really liked the way the Wolverine came out its a nice model to paint and looks good on the table. regards '66'
  15. Doublesix66

    Lord of the Rings in 10mm (pic heavy)

    Low this is as far as my project has gotten But seeing some of your ideas has made me think of doing it sometime this year