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  1. Neathyrmaul and Obsidian Crypt - thoughts?

    Not sure that it would make it glossy if you look at my UTF force I have finished these with a satin varnish brushed on check out the shiny cockpits are these glossy enough?
  2. Not a lot to update on this project ATM, I've been working on my buildings but these have now been cleaned and undercoated and base colours added also decided not to do the 2s19 in this batch just kept it to 4 vehicles as the repair APC is almost like doing another vehicle as well.
  3. Jordan Nice ideas will look forward to what you find. Time for an Update: Managed to get a bit done during the week its far from ready but ready for tabletop gaming I really want the paint to dry fully before I do anymore work on it so here's build 2 Added a metal railing to the top little room Side by side comparison of this building and one that is yet to be done Found these in the cheap shop today might be handy to make signs from as the plastic is about the right width on sale here Cut some of the beads in half their projection is not as much so will look better now when painted up Hmm Wonder what this could end up as?? Plastic top from a bit of computer packaging All will be revealed, my mad plans for it.. Anyhow thats it for this update catch up soon regards '66'
  4. Jasper paints some German Panzer Mechs

    I like the look of these but then again I love the weird war stuff and Big Stompy Robots
  5. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    I like your thinking defiantly the way to go will be looking at it myself depending on the price it might be back especially as it will be April
  6. Yep I though about this as well, was shopping today and sneaked off to the craft Isle and found these with a little bit of work might be handy they will need a little work to work well but the basic lettering is there, might have to cut a few in half (not a big job) to reduce their projection down a bit on some but theres definitely promise here. regards '66'
  7. Black Plague Zombies

    Noo why did I open this thread, now I'll have to paint my Black Plague minis up now I've seen these done. But seriously nice paint job on the skeleton archers they are nice sculpts looking forward to seeing the rest of them getting finished.
  8. Hi Jordan, We think alike I was thinking the same thing about the corner building adding a downwards part destroyed sign, will have to check out the cheap shops for any children's letters that might be the right size, just started preparing the second building adding some more damage more steel rods etc. The 1st building gave me a good indication of how best to create the damage and in which order was the best way to proceed painting etc. I was wondering about the adding of signs to the outside of the other buildings might make them more like old electronic billboards that are now out of commission due to theres no language / letters on the buildings to make them a little more genetic. I appreciate any feedback especially great ideas like this, or even constructive criticisms if it helps make them better and helps me to push the project onwards. regards '66'
  9. Hello everyone, Right managed to get quite a bit done today heres the floors in place waiting for the front to be added Now after I put it all together, I've painted it and shaded it a bit: I'm quite pleased with the outcome thus far might add a bit more here & there such as a few burn marks where a floor has burnt out or water damage dirty it up a bit but overall it looks a lot better than the 1st picture in this thread as just a plastic grey building the adding of the bars/steel rods the bullet marks and sanding the edges not to be to smooth & regular made a lot of difference to the outcome if I had just painted it flat. I'll make a start on the next building on the list regards '66'
  10. I really like the new mushrooms those two painted one are nicely done I like the colours
  11. Marching On: March 2018 Goals

    my goals for March are: a) finish my UTF Cav force only 9 Cavs, 8 vehicles, 1 aircraft & 48 infantry to do (and update my thread) b) continue to do my 15mm Neo-soviet force at least get 4 more vehicles done (and update my thread) c) finish off the 4 10mm damaged buildings I'm working on (and update my thread) possible other bits I might try & get in d) finish some 15mm squid men cultist that I've undercoated ages ago e) get a few more bretonnians done this time some spearmen & Halberdiers, undercoated just need to start them f) start my Warzone Dark Eden force off & maybe some more cybertronic these are the old Metal ones not the newer plastic ones. All depends of what mood I'm in to which project gets some done to it. Its been helpful starting threads for my projects been testing myself to see if I can get more stuff done if I share it with others.
  12. Ok time for an quick update, I've added some damage to the buildings and a few steel rods exposed I've added a little rubble to each of the inner floors and base coated them will highlight and add some more details such as blacked for fire damage etc then I'll assemble the building again and work on the outside. Inner floors you might be able to make out the bullet holes on the ground floor wall and a few of the exposed steel rods regards '66'
  13. Jordan I know what you mean about the damage but it can easily be changed a little with the help of a scalpel and files. heres a picture of the above building with the central panel in the correct position. As you can see it looks a lot better now Ok heres another one thats come a nice housing block of flats the front panel is a bit off as its only held on by a single clip at the top and not glued in position yet but you get the idea with the front wall removed to show the balconies Heres a nice garage / workshop that I found as well Group shot of the building together as a street Could even work for battle tech miniatures as well Right I've decided to work on the 1st building that came on its own just to figure out the best way to paint these up, to be honest still not 100% on how I want these to turn out modern recent damage like the buildings you see in the middle east or a more rundown street which has been damaged a while ago and nature has started to take hold a bit like the pictures of Chernobyl or the Dropzone commander styled buildings with the growth on the outside. Will probably add some debris inside on the floors for a bit more realism and maybe add a little plastic rods to the outside to make them a little more 3d that just flat faces on each of them, also a few bullet holes wouldn't go a miss at street level and around a few of the windows. Wish me luck I'll try and post ongoing pictures as I make it up regards '66'
  14. Good Spot, yep in my haste to put it together thats flipped the wrong way around i'll be removing it and the one of the front panels to paint the inside with dirt & dust before doing the outside. But with a little work it could be put this way around for a different version of the same building.
  15. Yay the postie has braved the weather and another building has arrived one more to go then I'll do a group picture and start painting them up This one is a nice corner piece could be a panel missing from the top little roof building will fill in with a bit of plastic card when building them After a few minutes putting it together... and a couple of Cavs for scale regards '66'