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  1. Reaper & Darksword Minis

    Thank you all for the kind comments. Hi Necromancer, I definitely do like the Darksword mini's a lot, but for table top play I think I'm going to be using mostly the reaper mini's. Some of the Dark sword minis like the Roose Bolton & Petry Baelish will probably be just fine for table top. But some of the others, I guess you could say that they are sculpted to have really realistic proportions which makes them great for display mini's, but not very durable for tabletop play. See the images below, I've already primed them black so they are a bit hard to see. In the first picture you can see Damar by Reaper, and a Darksword Sorceress. The mage staff on the sorceress is much thinner, which looks great from a aesthetic point, but would likely get damaged very easily. In the second picture you can compare Lysette by Reaper to a Darksword Fighter, notice that the mini on the right has a very thin lifelike profile blade. Again looks great, but this one will be a display mini also. The Darksword minis are also kinda on the tall side, you can definitely use them with Reaper Minis, but they might not fit in with the old 25mm (actual) minis from the old days.
  2. 77171: Stone Golem

    The golem is really good, but the base is really really awesome! Great job with the shading.
  3. Dwarf Forge Priestess - 77571 (Bones)

    I think the black hair came out very very good, all the highlights look to be in the right places too.
  4. Holy vindicator

    Great Job! Really liking the gold especially.
  5. Hackmaster/Ral Partha ranger and female fighter

    That's some great looking shading I hope to work up to that level ! Also thank you for explaining to us how you did that!
  6. Ellen Stone 80003

    The leather looks quite good, the only C&C is that I would make her eyebrows darker so they match her hair.
  7. Reaper & Darksword Minis

    Hi It's been a while since I've posted. Here are my most recent minis painted in November/December. Also my first two Darksword mini's are in the group. I'll try to get better at photography, I made a Light box, but the results weren't good, so I just placed the mini's on the desk. Can't decide flash or no flash, I feel the flash brings out the highlights more though. Also the mini's have a weird mix of NMM attempts and Metallic paints. Mini's are; Anduriel - Reaper Bjorn - Reaper Maria - Reaper Trista - Reaper Petyr - Darksword Roose - Darksword Thanks for Looking
  8. Inarah's End of Year Clearance

    I have some of those DGS freeblades too!
  9. Zombicide:BP NPC's 1 [Picture heavy]

    Lookin really good, I especially like the eyes, they're awesome! The color schemes work really well too.
  10. Very cool thread, thank you for sharing, your originals look very good for starting out.
  11. I do like the new one a lot, but I'd say I like the original a bit more still. I'll be sure to get this one too though.
  12. The shading looks really good!
  13. The Twilight Order

    Very nice looking conversions!
  14. Zombicide: Green Horde

    I did the late Kickstarter for the Core set and Friends and Foes. This plus my original Black Plgue stuff can all be used for D&D type games also, or maybe a Zombicide campaign...I'm liking this last idea.
  15. Hi Here's a couple of my recent mini's. Both of them are them are metal. I modified Eando to have a Halberd, which I made using weapons from the Crusaders weapons pack. I used a hobby knife to cut his hand away from his thigh, then used epoxy to try to recreate part of his hand. I added a gladius style sword to the Valkyrie, i added it to be back side because I didn't want it interfering with the shield hand, But in retrospect I think I could have added it to her left hip instead.Unfortunately I took the 3rd pic later, and it suffers from poor lighting. I tried to shade both these mini's to have opposing light and dark edges on their weapons, which is kind of visible in the pictures.