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  1. Live

    Definitely liking the skeletal monsters and dragon turtle.
  2. LIVE

    If I back the core set, can I change to completely a la cart in the pledge manager with whatever my final total is, or am I locked into the core set?
  3. Pre-launch

    The scale kills it for me. At half the size for the big creatures I could use these easily in one of my games, but they're just too big for me to justify.
  4. Live

    14 hours left. Now with zombie unicorn, pig, and horses separate from riders for that very special farm.
  5. They are funded now. I may take advantage of singleton dwarves on top of the halflings, but there have been a lot of dwarves in recent kickstarters.
  6. Fulfilling

    I feel like Myth's mechanics had a lot of clever ideas, and the sculpts had a lot of character, but the full polish always seemed to elude them. Would like to think that with a better company managing them, Myth might finally mature into its full potential. This announcement, though, was a really handled poorly, and my worry is how the backlash might sink anything they were close to closing.
  7. RBJ Games most recently had the Infestor Kickstarter, which was delivered on time already. I participated in that one and was happy with the minis I went in for. I like the halfling farmhands best from this current KS.
  8. Science Fiction themed 1 vs many boardgame featuring resin miniatures, 3 factions at present. Creators are apparently partnering with Ninja Division for the miniatures and production, which may give some pause. It's a shorter term campaign - 12 days left, with funding just reached tonight.
  9. Funded

    Can I get add ons if I back at the 1 euro level? Or do I need a full game pledge?