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  1. Asuranshadow

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    The scale may be the dealbreaker for me. The sculpts are great, but if the humans tower over 32mm scale stuff, most if it becomes unusable for me out of the board game. And my motivation to paint or pay for the plastic drastically decreases.
  2. Asuranshadow

    Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5

    I am also concerned how the split with Mythic Games plays into their production options for this round.
  3. Asuranshadow

    Myth: Journeyman

    My impression is, this does not include the missing minis, which would come in another wave. Given all the delays to date, though, I will pay extra shipping to get the rest of 2.0 cards and the modules sans minis sooner.
  4. Asuranshadow

    Hellboy Boardgame kickstarter by Mantic

    Did they ever repost or modify the scale image?
  5. Asuranshadow

    28mm Amazons - RBJ Game Company [Kickstarter]

    I backed two of their earlier kickstarters. In both cases they were on time, and I was happy with the minis.
  6. Asuranshadow

    Planet Apocalypse - Petersen Games

    Are there any scale photos comparing the base humans to other lines? The 39mm scale comparison they were using for their monsters seemed odd to me, with the 28mm scale claim.
  7. Asuranshadow

    Fantasy RPG Pre-Painted Miniatures

    The mini choices dont cover any new ground for me, even in prepainted land. Not sure why they think a relaunch with no obvious changes can change interest level.
  8. Asuranshadow

    CMON Rising Sun

    Mine arrived tonight, east coast us. Minis and components up to standards I expect from Cmon.
  9. Can't speak to the quality of the gameplay, but I have been very happy with the terrain quality for the past few KS. Now that they have moved past the ramps, the terrain stores very compactly and quality control has been increasing each time. Still have to make adjustments to slots on the accessories, but the majority of the product can be punched out and used as is. I like the firefly theme, so giving the full pledge a try. But I also like the terrain only pledge. Just wish they would return to the fantasy genre soon, as that is what I use the most in practice.
  10. Asuranshadow

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    Aside for the dumpster fire of their SDE Legends campaign, I dont like seeing this parallel to their supposed efforts to bring a prepainted minis line to the same IP. Its a different target audience, but they seem overstretched as it is.....
  11. Asuranshadow

    Tabletop Battlefields Mk.II

    The size of the mat was surprising to me: 48 x 72 inches. I never played Warhammer, more used to 48x48 from Warmachine. Way too big for any use I'd have, on top of the sticker shock, but clearly I'm not the target audience either. Just feel like a modular cardstock or foamcore mounted board of 6x6 sections would give better longterm use and be a lot more cost effective.
  12. Asuranshadow

    Fat Dragon Dragonlock 3 Terrain

    Thanks for the comparison and overview. Too bad about the dimensions, they have some interesting singleton tiles I would have liked to mix with mostly df setups. Does look like there is a supportive community on their boards to help get into 3d printing. I like their work on the papercraft side, still havent gotten into 3d printing.
  13. Asuranshadow

    Fat Dragon Dragonlock 3 Terrain

    How well do the dungeon pieces match up with Dwarven Forge, say KS1 dungeon pieces?
  14. Asuranshadow

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Definitely liking the skeletal monsters and dragon turtle.
  15. Asuranshadow

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    If I back the core set, can I change to completely a la cart in the pledge manager with whatever my final total is, or am I locked into the core set?