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  1. Bustedknee

    Zombicide and parenting wins

    Today was an awesome day as a hobby parent. I had surgery to remove a bunch of hardware from my knee this week so I finally had some time to finish up painting the core for Zombicide: Green Horde. My 6 year old has been pushing to play and today when she got home from school, first words out of her mouth were, "Since you're too crippled to do anything else fun, you have to play Zombicide with me." I wasn't real sure how it would go but figured we'd give it a go. It couldn't have gone much better. We've dabbled in a some other miniature games (I'm more of a painter than a gamer) but if anyone is wanting to introduce younger kids, I can't recommend the coop games enough. I liked being able to kind of sandbox things with D&D and skew the rules to fit her needs but this was one of the first times I think I had as much fun as she did. I'm sure we flubbed some rules here or there but I was surprised how well she followed along. I was also extremely surprised how immersed she got. She really got into it, openly wondering if these were decisions that her "character" would make. She even, almost shed a tear over a sacrifice made by my dwarf to save the rest of the party. In the end we actually managed to beat the senario. She immediately wanted me to photograph the occasion. When I asked her if she was gonna smile, she let me know she was still sad about Berin getting eaten but she was proud we won so it's okay if she doesn't smile. Today was an awesome day as a hobby parent.
  2. Bustedknee

    77283: Necromancer

    Yeah I figured the red stand wasn't intended as a final part of the model:) That piece looks awesome. It's always interesting to see techniques carried over from model to model. You've got a ton of talent and I love seeing your stuff, keep up the good work.
  3. Bustedknee

    77503: Froppy the Red-eyed Temple Dragon

    Really cool. Even without the orange feet it reads red-eyed tree frog to me.
  4. Bustedknee

    77283: Necromancer

    As stated the skin looks great. My favorite part/s though are the skulls on the scythe blade. Nice touch adds a ton of "story" to the mini. Might I suggest blacking out or at least darkening the base. The brightness keeps drawing my eyes away from the really interesting parts.
  5. Bustedknee

    77322: Kassandra Of The Staff

    Congrats on taking the plunge, it takes a fair amount of courage to put yourself and your work out there. Even if it's a forum as positive as Reapers;) Nice work on the mini. I like the colors you've chosen, it appears you can place them cleanly where you want them as well and the base fits nicely with your conversion. As far as feedback, I would just suggest you start to push yourself. Either continuing with this mini or on the next one, pick a new technique to try out. Attempt to really push the highlights with some layering or deepen the shadows by experimenting with a wash.
  6. Bustedknee

    Synth-ia (Cordelia from Infinity)

    The lining on the leggings is a really nice touch and the weathering on the 4 is awesome. Great job as always.
  7. Bustedknee

    77292: Giant Wererat

    It's kinda weird but I really love what you did with the fingers, lol. Just that simple bit of reddish/pinkish shading towards the tips adds a ton of realism to the paint job. I see it in the face too but I kept getting drawn back to the fingers. I couldn't figure out why until I bent my own fingers and took a look. Lo and behold the same pinkening(?). Nice job all around but for some reason my brain and eyes really love those little tidbits of realism. They should be so obvious but often get overlooked in a paint job.
  8. Bustedknee

    Hummingbird Swarm....miniature

    Look into the swarm of "flitterfuries" (sp. ?) that came with the games workshop drycha hamadreth. you may be able to make them work, if you can find them from a bits seller. On a side note Wizkids has recently released some pretty nicely pre-painted "wardlings"; one of which could easily pass as a wood elf and comes with a pretty adorable lynx familiar. My 5 yr old has wanted to play d&d (we house rule a lot) constantly since she saw the lynx.
  9. Bustedknee

    77016 BONES Giant Rats

    Love the albinos. Totally wish I had thought of that when I did mine. They all look great but those albinos really stand out. Bravo.
  10. Bustedknee

    Age of Sigmar Liberators

    Really unique take on these guys. Love your color choices/freehand/basing. Great job.
  11. Bustedknee

    Kingdom Death White Speaker

    Every so often I see a paint job that makes me wonder why I bother. Congrats, this is one. I think the choice of going with the more dramatic contrast was a good one. Those muscles are obviously not just for show. Excited to see where you go with the rest of it.
  12. I really like your style with the skin, especially the face. Very well done.
  13. I thought the same thing too at first with her hand. However if you hold something in your own hand and go through a throwing motion, the non-throwing hand naturally turns under. I think it looks weird because most people aren't holding a dagger while throwing stuff.
  14. Bustedknee

    Drizzt and Guenhwyvar - D&D

    The cosmic kitty is awesome. My daughter glanced over, saw it and declared it the greatest mini ever. well done.
  15. Bustedknee

    GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    That's one of the best things about space marines, the possibilities are endless. Picked up the First Strike starter set and my daughter is having a blast shooting up "the gross guys" with her pink marines.