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  1. Bustedknee

    adding iridescence to wizkids minis

    @Loth- I did not intend to use it as a wash, it just kind of worked out like one. The folk art color shift paints are a very strange consistency and very translucent. As such I haven't bothered much with thinning them. My initial intent was to paint all over the wings with the color shift (straight out of the bottle) and then "target wash" the recesses. However I noticed the pigment concentrating a bit in the recesses on its own. In the end all I did was paint on a coat, use the brush to reduce the amount of paint on some of the high points, wick a bit out of the recesses and then followed that up with a second application. I wish I had some experience with golden iridescent paint so i could provide a little insight but I've never used it. If I happen to see any while I'm out and about tomorrow I'll pick some up and try to report back if the two are similar or not. I can think of a few things I might wanna try it out on. Just to verify which # iridescent do you have. I see they carry a few different versions (fluid, heavy body, OPEN, high flow and a couple different consistencies).
  2. Bustedknee

    adding iridescence to wizkids minis

    @Pillpeddler - Thanks. It definitely looks better in person. The "color shift"/iridescence is completely lost when photographed. The hope was that the provided picture would get across the idea that when using the color shifts you don't lose the clear effects on the Wizkids minis. I've tried several different "clear" paints, some of the GW technical paints as well as various washes and glazes but I wasn't really happy with the results and usually resorted to just using standard paints on the effects. This was one of the first times I found a paint that really worked well with the clear effects even with a quick and dirty application. Because of the nature of the paint it almost acts like a recess wash with very subtle coloring of the high points while adding an iridescence to the entirety of the surface.
  3. Bustedknee

    adding iridescence to wizkids minis

    amuller33- The iridescence doesn't really show as much in this pic but I think it gives the general idea. This is undiluted paint. 1 or 2 coats. For the amount of effort I was more than pleased. Inarah- agreed. They behave so differently from any other paint I've encountered. They've definitely been fun but frustrating too.
  4. If you're wanting to add a little color and some iridescence to the clear portions of the unpainted wizkids line, the folk art color shift paints do a great job. They are transparent enough that the clear effect isn't "wasted" while at the same time adding little more life/interest to them. I was just messing around with the wings on the Aasimar female and was really happy with the results. Unfortunately don't have a pic (the iridescence would probably be lost in photos anyway) but thought I'd share.
  5. Bustedknee

    Fire Elemental...

    You should be happy, it looks awesome. I love that lighter fire color and the extra hot spot on the face is a nice touch. I have a tendency to frequently go darker than I would like when I do fire. Well done.
  6. Bustedknee

    How to paint scars?

    vince venturella has a hobby cheating video on his youtube channel called bruises and cuts that covers the scars as well, if I remember correctly.
  7. Bustedknee

    Faces are hard

    A bit of advice from someone less than artistically gifted. My skills are still far from exceptional but I'm happy-ish with their current progression. Faces really challenge all of your skills and then some. The battle of face painting followed 4 main stages for me. Now you will still continually progress in all four stages but personally I had to hit kind of a minimum level in each before I felt like I could advance the next stage. Also during these stages you may find yourself convinced that you're doing everything right and either painting is stupid or "I just can't do faces". These feelings pass. First was getting the basic painting skills up to snuff. Brush control, proper thinning of the paint, etc. Getting the paint where you want it, when you want it and how you want it. Judging from your picture I would say you've got this stage. Again you can and will continue to progress but just getting the basic shape of the eyes and lips on a 28mm figure is no small feat. Next is just figuring out where the shadows and highlights should be. This step ended up being much more difficult for me than I initially imagined (this has gone for pretty much all highlighting and shadowing). Frequently painting models shares more similarities with painting on a 2D surface than I realized (Pingos advice here is priceless.) It's funny sometimes how frequently we see things (such as a face) and while our brains will definitely tells us what does and doesn't look like a face, it hiccups when we try to apply that knowledge. Here my best advice is to really study some faces and practice, practice, practice. It was just as helpful to practice on a canvas or a piece of paper as it was to work on models. Also decide where the light is coming from, we're rarely bathed in equal lighting from all directions. The third step is taking shadows/highlights to levels that make you uncomfortable. This isn't necessarily difficult from a skill perspective (blending can be but your blends don't have to be perfect to get a good face) but it's scary (seems strange to describe a painting technique as scary, maybe intimidating is a better choice). Taking shadows deeper and highlight further than you might in think necessary is frequently required to fool the eye on these tiny canvases. Take a look in the mirror and really focus on how significantly the color varies on your face, its pretty extreme. On your figure I don't think you took the highlights too far, rather it's an issue with the previous step. They're just not quite in the right places and the shadows could be deeper in a few spots. Finally (and this is a step I still struggle with) the eyes. You can flub the previous steps quite a bit and your brain will forgive. This doesn't seem to be the case with the eyes. The difference between normal humanoid and recently kicked in the head by a donkey or "eyes by picasso" can be infinitesimally minute. To some degree this can be avoided by having the mini looking off to the side but its still tough. Again I would suggest time in front of a mirror or looking at pictures of eyes and practice on 2D surfaces as well as models. Looking at your figure I would say there is a bit too much sclera (white part). Also be careful going with a super light colored iris unless you plan on adding a pupil. Look at that I've written a novella. Now looking at your pics, I don't think your too far off. Just a few tweeks and I think you'll be at a level your pleased with. I like your idea of practicing faces with the bones figures but maybe not so many and not so fast. With that limited amount of time your bound to develop bad habits and take shortcuts that will leave you disappointed. Better to learn to do it slow but correct and then work on speed. I don't know about you but 50 nights of faces would burn me out and I would be doing helmeted figures until next year. Hope this helps and Good Luck!
  8. Man your work is so epic in the truest sense of the word. The imagination and creativity in every piece is literally awesome. I'm always excited when I see a post of yours pop-up and this may be one of my favorites. Having just read a study on the unappreciated hunting skills of some fungi and their symbiotic relationship with large trees, those gobbos better hope that the fairy door isn't craving a nitrogen fix. I've been meaning to make one of these overly complimentary replies to one of your posts for a while now but I'm usually too quickly inspired to hop up and slop paint on something. Great work and thanks for sharing this world with us.
  9. Bustedknee

    NecroMancer painted a... Necromancer

    I will continue the sword love. That thing is awesome!
  10. Bustedknee

    77536 Female Wraith and Friend

    Like Glitterwolf said, you really knocked it out of the park with the skin tone. They make a neat pair and I love when there's a story attached to the minis. Kudos.
  11. Bustedknee

    Desert Snuggle Rope

    I'm sorry if you were going for snuggle rope but the eyes read much more danger noodle to me. Still a very nice job:)
  12. Bustedknee

    Complaints Department

    Reading some of the posts has led to the surfacing of a semi-repressed flgs experience more than 25 years ago, that kept me out of the hobby until just a couple of years ago. (It continues to keep me from joining in on any social aspects of the hobby.) I was at a bit of a social development fork in the road in the early 90's. I couldn't decide if i wanted to devote my free time to sports (I was rather gifted athletically but did not connect with most of the other athletes) or comics/hobby/gaming (really got along with the people and was extremely interested but it was completely foreign and intimidating to me.) I remember walking into what I knew at the time as our local comic store and being drawn to the shelf or two of GW stuff. In particular there was a box of blood angel space marines that for some reason really called to me (I loved the blank slate of a space marine.} After several weeks of staring at it, convinced my mom to get the starter box for me, asked the sales person for the 40k starter box and was promptly told, "wouldn't you rather do cool stuff like use magic and swords and armor; what you really want is the fantasy starter box". He rang us up and out I walked with a bunch of goblin and elf miniatures I could care less about and a complete disdain for all things comic/hobby related. Happened upon a really great local store a few years ago while my wife was pregnant and got into painting. Still can't shake the distrust enough to take the gaming plunge. Fortunately my daughter has shown a fair bit of interest, so I get to at least dip my toes in some gaming. Weird how such a seemingly small interaction had a rather large impact on my life.
  13. Bustedknee

    Zombicide and parenting wins

    Today was an awesome day as a hobby parent. I had surgery to remove a bunch of hardware from my knee this week so I finally had some time to finish up painting the core for Zombicide: Green Horde. My 6 year old has been pushing to play and today when she got home from school, first words out of her mouth were, "Since you're too crippled to do anything else fun, you have to play Zombicide with me." I wasn't real sure how it would go but figured we'd give it a go. It couldn't have gone much better. We've dabbled in a some other miniature games (I'm more of a painter than a gamer) but if anyone is wanting to introduce younger kids, I can't recommend the coop games enough. I liked being able to kind of sandbox things with D&D and skew the rules to fit her needs but this was one of the first times I think I had as much fun as she did. I'm sure we flubbed some rules here or there but I was surprised how well she followed along. I was also extremely surprised how immersed she got. She really got into it, openly wondering if these were decisions that her "character" would make. She even, almost shed a tear over a sacrifice made by my dwarf to save the rest of the party. In the end we actually managed to beat the senario. She immediately wanted me to photograph the occasion. When I asked her if she was gonna smile, she let me know she was still sad about Berin getting eaten but she was proud we won so it's okay if she doesn't smile. Today was an awesome day as a hobby parent.
  14. Bustedknee

    77283: Necromancer

    Yeah I figured the red stand wasn't intended as a final part of the model:) That piece looks awesome. It's always interesting to see techniques carried over from model to model. You've got a ton of talent and I love seeing your stuff, keep up the good work.
  15. Bustedknee

    77503: Froppy the Red-eyed Temple Dragon

    Really cool. Even without the orange feet it reads red-eyed tree frog to me.