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    I can be patient (I think lol). Looks like the stuff will be worth the wait. I really am looking forward to seeing what else will be in it besides the three large ones they've already shown

    I've noticed a few posts in this thread from people saying they're still waiting for their Bones III Kickstarter orders.. There any truth to that? I'd like to think the items would be shipped within a reasonable amount of time once the campaign ends and that one was 2 years ago from what I've seen.
  3. Finished this guy a little over a week ago. Took almost no time compared to my previous figures and I've got a better setup figured out for taking pictures now!
  4. I actually remembered seeing a post about Bones I and found the official post from July 6. It's next month!

    I only just got into painting a few months ago with the core skills learn to paint kit. I'm SO looking forward to this!
  6. Ahh ok I'll keep an eye out. How often do they do the Bones kickstarters?
  7. Thanks! I'm super pleased with how he turned out given how little time he took. I did everything except the hilt of his sword inside of a couple hours on the long weekend Monday 2 weeks ago and needed to borrow the gold for the hilt at the weekly miniature painting social night I go to on Fridays.
  8. That's pretty sweet. I was just looking on the store and was wondering is the ogre clubber only available in pewter? I didn't see a bones version.
  9. That's pretty awesome! How did you do the leather? I have this mini but haven't taken a shot at painting her yet
  10. Oh man did this guy ever take a long time. Between struggling with finding a decent colouring and the fact that unlike most gnolls his body isn't at all furred outside of his mane, I found myself starting over and fixing a bunch of stuff as I went along. But for the most part I think I'm pleased with how he turned out! 4th mini done.
  11. Thanks! The next one is actually almost done too I was just missing the colour I want for the weapon hilt. Hoping to have it done Friday night and then I'll take photos and share them. The organiser of the painting social night I've been going to has been impressed with my progress so far
  12. Hi all. I was having a close look at the Eli Quicknight mini (last month's 25th anniversary model) and I had a friend show me how to properly file mold lines but upon looking at the one on the left arm of this model there isn't a whole lot of space for a file. In addition to that, there's a rivet on the shoulder plate of that arm that's right next to the mold line (see the attached pic). What would be the best way to deal with this particular mold line?
  13. thanks for the info! I think I may have managed to at least smooth out that line though it is still visible. I do have a few wine corks I use to stick minis on while i"m painting. I haven't given a whole lot of thought to putting any of them on bases yet as I'm not really sure where to start on that.
  14. about how large is a #11 blade..? Also a general prep question for the metal minis, is there anything I need to do different to clean them off before priming or do I just use a toothbrush and dishsoap like with the bones?
  15. It's going to be a while before I get to painting this, but I was drawn in by this month's 25th anniversary mini, Eli Quicknight, and ended up ordering some more paint colours and another bones mini. I noticed when looking at Eli in the package that his left hand dagger is bent backward and I'm wondering can I use the same method with boiling water to straighten it out like with the Bones or is there some other thing I should be doing when I do get around to starting in on him? Kinda terrified of snapping the blade clean off.
  16. great thanks! I'm looking forward to using this mini for my rogue character!
  17. This guy has been a work in process for a few weeks and I finally got the time to finish him up! Quite pleased with how my third paint job turned out! Got some tips from a vet painter last night and also an idea that I might do later to have a bit of a glow effect coming from the visor. Will update if I do it
  18. certainly gonna try! next up is a gnoll warrior (axe & buckler). I've already put a base coat on his skin (unlike the other gnolls his body is actually smooth instead of a furred texture). It's already been a challenge figuring out what colour seems to work best as I'm limited to just the 11 paints that came with the kit
  19. I promise I didn't miss any digits there. This was the Core Skills Learn to Paint kit, and this was the third mini in the box. You can see the results with the first two minis in the imgur album here, which also has these two pictures of Mangu Timur. I REALLY took my time with this one, about 4 or 5 painting sessions of a few hours. I had a number of spots on the orc where I got some paint in the wrong places but i"m leaving him as is to compare later on as I get more practice. I wanted to try and do a careful job on this guy and minimize the errors as much as possible
  20. spent this afternoon getting a good start on this guy. Would've liked to do more, but sadly was getting a little too tired to focus on it. So far the trickiest areas have been his left arm right behind the shield
  21. just fishing for a general opinion here, but if I were to paint the design on the front of his loin skirt would the polished silver be the best option? or just do a base of honed steel and dry brush w/ silver? I'm also gonna need to touch up the helmet flourishes. the paint keeps flaking off them while I'm handling it to paint other areas... I think I need to get some wine bottle corks, the pill bottle I had been using to stick the minis to is a bit too large around and makes it hard to get the brush at the underneath areas.
  22. So last week I started in on the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit: Core Skills. got the skeleton done which turned out decently and started in on this guy. Yesterday I finished him. I ended up getting the orc stalker instead of the marauder, and I think this one must be a bit more difficult to paint as it has a lot more differing areas on him. Overall not too bad for starting out I think. the swords took a few coats of base, they were very smooth and untextured so the honed steel paint wasn't taking very well at first, and washing it didn't do much of anything. Painting eyes is going to be a challenge to learn.
  23. thanks for the tip with the stray bristle! I'm sitll wondering if there's a particular brand of brush to look for or will any sable brush pretty much be the best? As for the Layer Up kit, I think I'll hold off and get a bit more practice with the core skills in on a few more minis and then I'll see about ordering that one
  24. Here's my attempt to redo the eyes. when I took the pic I noticed a slight flaw on his right eye (guessing I didn't wait long enough for the white to dry?) but I think it's a VAST improvement over the first try!! it also doesn't look quite so bad when you aren't looking at it magnified like this lol. I'm quite excited! thank you all for the great tips!
  25. I'm actually debating trying to touch up/redo the eyes again at some point. the main thing I was having trouble with was finding the perfect amount of paint on the #0 brush and I just kept getting too much in the eye sockets. Certainly was not expecting anything anywhere near perfection though! I'm sure even a practised hand would often take at least a couple tries with details this small! I was actually logging in to ask if there's a particular brand I should look out for, and whether I can find said brand of brushes in Canada (it's not uncommon when I go looking for a particular brand of something that it's a real task to find here compared to the States). After seeing a video on youtube that mentioned proper posture I've also found I need a lamp with a much longer neck... seems a large part of what was making this more difficult was I was hunching over the table to keep the mini in the light. Hard to keep a steady hand like that! :D